Ash is a real Baal buster in the season finale of #AshvsEvilDead S2E10 review: Second Coming

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Ash Vs Evil Dead: Second Coming

Original air date: December 11, 2016

Warning: Spoilers

Well, here we are at the end of the second season. It’s been a gag-inducing, pee-your-pants-laughing, zany adventure, to say the least. The final episode holds nothing back—it’s playing by prison rules. Ash once again squares off against the Kandarian/Henrietta demon and just like in Evil Dead 2, finishes the demon off with a chainsaw to the neck. Before its demise, we even get to see the demon morph into the long-necked demon of Evil Dead 2, a nice throw-back and a good reminder too—never buy a house with a fruit cellar.

Once out of the cellar, Ash encounters 80s Ruby—she’s a blonde (kind of like it better) and a way eviler. Present-day Ruby tries to talk to her, explain what is going on, but past Ruby doesn’t want to listen. Instead she takes the Kandarian Dagger and stabs present-day Ruby (talk about self-loathing). Present-day Ruby doesn’t die right away, but tries to hold past Ruby at bay so that Ash and Kelly can get away.

The whole traveling back to the 80s idea seems to be working out—minus Ruby dying—Ash’s hand grows back and Pablo is back with the living. Ash and Kelly are ready to go back to the future (sorry, I couldn’t resist). There is just one little snafu—Pablo isn’t Pablo. He is that no good, dirty rat: Bill or Baal (I’ve heard it both ways). Baal was hiding out in dead Pablo and he is the one that suggested to Ash to go back in time. It wasn’t an acid/marijuana/alcohol induced vision.  Ugh, I was so excited for a couple minutes—Pablo was back! Then he was ripped from us once again. Why must they play with my emotions?

So once again Ash and Kelly are back in the cabin. Ruby is making her babies again—not the normal way, though– they are being spit out from the Necronomicon. Ash challenges Baal to a fight, one with no demon powers. If Ash wins, Baal, Ruby and their spawn go away forever and Pablo gets to come back. If Ash loses, then “all kinds of bad crap’s goin’ to happen for a long time”. Baal accepts and cheats—because duh, if you had demon powers wouldn’t you use them as well? While Ash and Baal fight it out, Ruby tries to sway Kelly to the dark side. That’s a no-go for Kelly. Good call Kelly, if Ruby is willing to kill her future self, she won’t think twice about killing anyone else.

Brock makes an appearance trying to tell Ash something, but Ash thinks he is Baal and drowns him. So we still don’t know what Brock is trying to tell Ash—I’m guessing it will be something very important to season three. Okay, just for any ghosts reading this: if you have something important to say—just say it and maybe pick a time that isn’t fraught with danger.

Just when it seems Ash is going to lose—he does lose his freshly grown back hand—he defeats Baal, using Baal’s own janky-ass claw to cut him in half. Once Baal is defeated, the earth opens and swallows up Baal, Ruby, their spawn and the cabin. From the remains, Pablo (minus the Sumerian writings) crawls out. The final scene has the gang back in Elk grove and they are the heroes of the town, and all seems perfect—too perfect and the shot of past Ruby in the crowd suggests that not all is what it seems.

I am guessing they are in some sort of parallel dimension or in a dream.  We don’t know how they got back to present day, or why the town would know anything about what happened. If Ash was successful, then the cabin was destroyed and past Ash wouldn’t have read the Necronomicon. Meaning all the bad stuff that did happen, shouldn’t have happened. In any case, we know that all the happiness and good cheer will last for about five minutes into season three, episode one.

This season—wow. I can’t wait to watch it all over again. My only concern—how are they going to top this season. The throw-backs to original movies, the butthole scene, Henrietta—what will they do next? More time travel? That could be fun.  We could go back farther in time, like in Army of Darkness.  Will Ruby join forces with Ash again? Can we not kill Pablo again? However, season three shapes up, I can’t wait—October seems super far away.

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