Supernatural S12E8: “LOTUS”

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With the episode that aired right after the election, and now last night’s midseason finale, the eerie relevance to current events coming from Supernatural’s storylines has been, well, supernatural (I’m sorry, I’ll see myself out).

In all seriousness, though: Lucifer possessing the president couldn’t be much more relevant to many people than it is right now, and that’s exactly what Team Free Will (plus Crowley and Rowena) have to face in “LOTUS.”

Get it? Lucifer of the United States?

After jumping from vessel to vessel–all of whom are in prominent places of power–Lucifer finally finds someone he feels invincible in: Jeff Rooney, the President of the United States. There’s no way Sam and Dean can get to the president, so he’s practically bulletproof. Lucifer even goes so far as to tell one of his aides that two cult members have plans to assassinate him, and to take care of it, stacking yet another obstacle up against the Winchesters.

After some super obvious strategic choices of having the president sit in front of an oversized fireplace, we learn that Jeff is also having an affair with one of his aides, Kelly. Despite the obvious scandal of a president being involved with his aide, Jeff is also a widower. Despite all this, Kelly shares her hopes of them one day becoming a real, regular couple, especially because she, “just know[s] you’d make an amazing father.” All it takes is a little smirk from Jeff at that suggestion to know that we’re pretty much screwed.

Sure enough, the next time Kelly and Jeff are seen in bed together, Cas gets an overflow of signals from Angel Radio, alerting him to the fact that a nephilim (the offspring of an angel and a human) had been conceived. When he alerts Sam and Dean to the situation, Dean offers some much-needed humor with a response of, “I didn’t know he was dating.”

Despite the wisecracks, Team Free Will heads to one of Jeff’s rallies to try and nip this issue in the bud before it can get any worse. On the way, though, they’re pulled over by Secret Service members and are seemingly about to be shot and killed when a mysterious man shows up, kicks some ass, blows up the Secret Service car with a grenade launcher (much to Dean’s chagrin), and then introduces himself as Arthur Ketch.

We recognize him by the tattoo on his hand as the assassin the British Men of Letters had hired to keep the Winchesters in line and clean up their messes, but this is the first time Sam, Dean, and Cas are meeting him… and they’re understandably concerned. He explains his role to the group, and that his, “instructions are to strongly encourage a yes” in regards to them working with the British Men of Letters to clear the United States of all things supernatural. As a way to entice them, Ketch shows off some of the fanciest gadgets the British Men of Letters has to offer, including a weird egg-shaped thing that can drive a demon (or an angel) from its vessel.

Cue the lightbulb going off.

After teleporting Kelly to their motel room where Rowena and Crowley are already waiting, they explain what’s going on to the shellshocked aide and devise a plan to get Lucifer to them. Long story short, Kelly calls Lucifer and tells him they need to meet about the baby, agents come and sweep the room, declaring it clear after Cas does a mind-wiping trick, and Lucifer arrives. By combining the powers of the Mystery Egg and a spell from Rowena, Sam manages to cast Lucifer out of Jeff; it’s not clear whether Lucifer is sent back to Hell or just into the grate in the motel room floor, but my hunch is that it’s not that easy to send Lucifer back to Hell.

The episode ends in a bit of a whirlwind of questionable, very out-of-character decisions. Dean has Cas take Kelly out of the motel while he and Sam wait with the unconscious president for Secret Service to arrive. They end up being arrested, and Kelly ditches Cas at a diner, telling him that she doesn’t care that they’ve got a total Rosemary’s Baby situation on their hands–she wants that baby.

Roll credits.

Okay. Despite a few quality one-liners, this episode didn’t do anything for me but prompt eyerolls and raise questions. First of all, why didn’t Cas stay and do his mind-wipe trick on the Secret Service agents? Why did Buckleming (far and away my, and most of fandom’s, least favorite writing team) suddenly make Cas clueless when it came to realizing he was being ditched at the diner? Why did Sam and Dean take the fall for this, something I really doubt they have a plan for getting out of? Where the hell are they that by the time Supernatural returns in January, they’ve been missing for six weeks and counting, and no one–Cas, Crowley, Rowena, no one–has been able to find them? How is Mary going to react to her sons being captured? Did Lucifer really just disappear into the grate, or is he planning on possessing the Pope next?

We’ve got too many questions that need answers, and too much time to wait for them, so my only solution is this: time to break out the hellatus fic.

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