#TheLibrarians are set to chill in S3E3 review: And the Renunion of Evil

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The Librarians: And the Reunion of Evil

Original air date: December 4th, 2016

Warning: Spoilers2016-12-06-2

This episode of The Librarians has ICE GIANTS! We step away from Apep and Egyptian mythology and get frosty with some Norse lore. I love me some good Norse mythology. I know I said that about Egyptian mythology—what can I say? I am a sucker for mythology. That’s probably why I like this show. So, this episode has Jake and Cassandra on an artifact retrieval expedition only to end up in a magic hotel hosting a reunion to ice giants (disguised in flesh bags). The ice giants get together to consume the Angrboda Crystal– which happened to be inside Cassandra due to a spell gone awry.  Jake fits in perfectly, pretending to be an ice giant himself, and all is well until the ice giant he is pretending to be shows up. With a little help from magic and the Library, the two escape and the crystal shall pass naturally from Cassandra in a couple days (Ouch). While that was going on, the Library was playing nursery to Nessie’s (as in Loch Ness Monster) egg. Ezekiel plays reluctant nursemaid and the egg hatches. A little Nessie junior is now swimming around in an aquarium, in the Library.2016-12-06-18

Flynn is still off looking for Charlene, probably because Noah Wyle stepped behind the camera to direct this episode (he previously directed two other episodes), and I think he did very well. This season’s first two episodes set the stage for the ultimate war between good and evil and were about as serious as this show gets. We aren’t talking about heavy drama here, the reason I like The Librarians is because it is a light, fun romp. Between The Walking Dead and Westworld on Sunday nights, I need a little levity. This episode is a lot of fun and had a few laugh out loud moments for me. The best scene is with Jake drinking and playing Kubb with the ice giants. When Jake says his favorite natural disaster is “global warming”, that is when I lost it.2016-12-06-19

Cassandra has some great moments as well, especially when she commiserates with a female ice giant about men (apparently, they are the same human or not). I love her awkwardness and need for escape. Lindy Booth (Cassandra) has such great facial expressions and they are really highlighted in this episode. Lindy Booth and Christian Kane (Jake) seem to play off each other well, and this episode really played to their strengths as actors and characters.

At the heart of the episode there is conflict between Jake and Cassandra over the use of magic. There is always a consequence to using magic and Jake thinks it is reckless to use magic all willy-nilly (I’m paraphrasing for him, but I could see him using those words). Cassandra thinks they already use it some (hello—the Library), and that they could use it more. I doubt Cassandra is going to listen to Jake and even after having to pass a crystal isn’t going to make her stop. I am afraid this might turn into a Willow situation, from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. If you don’t know—Willow abused magic, turned evil, flayed a guy, and almost destroyed the world. I hope that isn’t case, but we will see.2016-12-06-32

Now to the other storyline in this episode. I think Ezekiel is right; Eve doesn’t fully trust him. If she wants him to live up to the potential she saw in her Prospero vision, she needs to trust and not force things. If they become the super-Librarians she saw, I don’t think it will be by forcing the issues. Just like in the first season, she still needs to learn they are not soldiers, and she needs to change her tactics. I know she is the Guardian, but maybe chill, just a little. I know the Librarians are learning as they go, I think they a growing and becoming better. Eve needs to do the same, live up to her potential.

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