Pull up your leg warmers, #AshvsEvilDead is going back in time. S2E9 review: Home Again

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Ash vs Evil Dead: Home Again

Original air date: December 4th, 2016

Warning: Spoilers


I don’t know about you, but I am still reeling over the death of Pablo. Our little Pablito, our Honduran-Mexican buddy is dead and cut in half. We see Pablo propped up in the Delta, lower torso ducted taped to the upper body and as sad as it is—seeing the legs framing Pablo’s face is hysterical (or is that just me?). Hey, at least I’m handling his death better than Ash; he’s drowning his grief in booze, marijuana, and angel dust (I chose one of the three—but not saying which one.)  Spinning in circles (literally), behind the wheel of the Delta, Ash decides to not accept Pablo’s death. Which stage of grief is that? Unlike most people, Ash can do something about it—he is going back in time. He did it once before, why not again?15326170_677068265808302_1971171214441346292_o

The year is 1982, Journey is playing on the radio, and tube socks are everywhere– it is right before Ash went to the cabin and encountered the Necronomicon for the first time. Present day Ash is going to stop past Ash from reading the book aloud, thus keeping Pablo from becoming the book and, you know, dying. While he is at it, Ash may want to change a few things—place some bets, go see dad, etc. However, Ruby warns against interfering with the past too much; the repercussions could be huge—just look at the guy Ash gives a drink to– in present day he is the town bum.

Ash, Ruby, Kelly, and Pablo’s body make it to the cabin and evil is already stalking them. They are separated, but Ash makes it to the cabin. This episode truly is a blast from the past—he steps on a nail and his leg starts to turn bad. Instead of sawing it off (like his hand), he tries to suck the “evil” out like a snake bite. This results in something growing inside him.  In a mash-up of Evil Dead 2 and Army of Darkness, Ash tries to heat things up for the growing, evil, stomach monster. It works and the evil is expelled.

“Fuck you Ash, fuck you!”

This made me laugh so freaking hard. The little leg sticking out of Ash’s mouth, the little deformed demon yelling at him, the “splat” of the frying pan—I re-watched the scene a couple times. The Evil Dead series is best when it is working the physical comedy angle and this scene was my favorite one for this episode.  Equal probably to the butt scene in the Morgue episode—but it gets extra points for nostalgia.

In the woods, Ruby and Kelly are looking for the cabin and Ash. I am not sure how they get so lost, but I suppose it is evil at play that keeps them from finding what they are looking for—or maybe they are just directionally-challenged. The two are being stalked by something—and much like the first Evil Dead, they are attacked by a tree. Unlike Cheryl, Ruby and Kelly kill the tree demon before any eating or sexual assault can take place. I am so very glad this did not play out the way it did for Cheryl. First—Ruby and Kelly are way too kickass to be taken down by a tree; second and more importantly—I don’t think a rape scene is anything that should be made to be funny or taken lightly. I am proud of the writers—good job.

“Someone is in my fruit cellar.”

Okay, so this line wasn’t said in this episode—but we were all thinking it. Ash is at the cabin before his past self is there, but not before Professor Knowby read from the Necronomicon and a Kandarian demon possessed his wife. Henrietta is chained up in the fruit cellar, Knowby comes back with a student to transfer the demon into, but Ash sort of unchains Henrietta. So Knowby escapes with the book, Ash and the student (Tanya) get locked down there with Henrietta.  She morphs into full demon mode and we are gifted another dose of nostalgia. Ted Raimi reprises his role as the Kandarian demon/Henrietta hybrid. I was hoping for this as soon as they said they were going back in time. (Yeah, I’m weird, I know.) This is my second favorite scene—I am reserving the right to name it my favorite scene for next week; as the episode ends on the cliffhanger of Ash and the demon squaring off.aved-210

I can’t believe there is only one more episode left! I don’t want it to be over—I mean I will totally watch all these episodes again, but still there is some sadness in my heart. Nothing a couple pink fucks won’t cure. I have loved this season, maybe more than last season, which is saying a lot considering Pablo. I just have a feeling he will be back. In that case I would like to see some more of Lee Majors as well, let’s bring him back for next season. If we are rewriting history, will Cheryl maybe have a better fate than before? Maybe they will all end up in Jacksonville.

A few things I want to point out for any of the impressionable viewers: don’t drink and drive—should be a given, but saying it anyway. Please don’t drink, smoke marijuana laced angel dust and drive—probably also a given. If a snake bites you or you step on a rusty nail, don’t suck the toxins out, unless deadites are after you: please seek medical attention. Finally, if a creepy professor asks you to his cabin in the woods—just say no.

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