Teen Wolf S6E1, Review – Memory Lost

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All good things must come to an end. It’s the first ‘last’ episode of the series with the most at stake this season. Scott has made it to the end of his senior year with his pack somewhat in tact. From the previews alone, it doesn’t look good for them, or anyone in Beacon Hills (though, really, when do things ever look up for Beacon Hills?).

It’s six months since we last left the McCall pack and Beacon Hills. It’s not immediately noticeable, but we are missing a couple of notable faces from last year. After a quick introduction to who is still with us, we dive head first into the latest supernatural being descending upon Beacon Hills. Hayden and Liam discover a driverless car rolling forward, carrying a terrified boy named Alex in the backseat. He has no idea where his parents are, who his parents are, or what could have happened to damage the car he was in. With a little help from Scott, we see through Alex that a man on a horse came by and dragged his parents off to the unknown. It’s a memory neither Scott nor Alex can hold on to. The whole mystery has Stiles itching to jump right into detective work, a sentiment not felt by either Malia or Lydia, who are perfectly content to write it off. Thankfully, despite Scott’s initial skepticism, he agrees with Stiles that the entire story is fishy to a supernal level.


It’s a battle between leading a normal life and admitting life is just not normal. Even with graduation looming over their heads, Stiles is ready to throw it away to jump into the latest mystery. His enthusiasm has not changed since season one, and is exactly why they’re entangled in all of this in the first place. It’s a nice throwback to their earlier adventures when they were getting the hang of things. I’ve learned these little treats are usually because we’re about to have it ripped from us, but I can remain blissfully unaware for now.

The pack is not united in uncovering the mystery at first, but are slowly drawn into it one by one. Liam and Mason notice during class that their geo-tagging is way off. Even their compass can’t give them the proper direction for north and leads them on a chase. Unbeknownst to them, they are led to the same abandon house Stiles and Scott are investigating. Alex claimed it to be where he lived. While it first it seemed emptied, a packed room with his personal items says otherwise. An innocent wind draws Stiles to the bed as Scott wanders off, leaving Stiles to catch sight of the horse on the other side, which drives him out of the room to the horseman. After being shot, the horseman disappears, leaving the room bare just like the rest of the house. Was Stiles just marked? Leave his curiosity to get the best of him, again.


All the while, Lydia is slowly being drawn into the mystery as well. No matter how long she may want to fight it, trouble always finds her. It’s difficult to determine what is her reality; from time bending to light throwing her across the room, she seems unphased, yet a little perturbed. It’s when she assists Stiles is the biggest clue revealed, giving the most heart warming scenes to date. Stiles is able to steal a kiss from her, something I completely believe she let him do.


At the Sheriff’s station where Alex is holed up, his panic becomes worse as the day draws on. It comes to the point where he begs to be locked up where the horseman can’t get him. We all know what is going to happen– there is no way a cell can keep out something like a horseman stealing people. When it happens, it’s like the horseman can bend time and space to open up a hole in the ceiling of the cell and drag Alex out. Successfully wiping his impact clean from anyone who met with him.

This is when it all goes downhill for Stiles, which leaves us wondering what would have happened if he had left it alone. Would he still be marked? A storm is coming, and every interaction he has is cluing us into his fate. Liam, Hayden and Mason have no idea who he is, neither does Scott nor Malia. The biggest heart break is the Sheriff, who sees Stiles as just a scared teen.


Through it all, Lydia remembers him. However, as the storm gets stronger and the horsemen draw closer for Stiles, reality sets in. She can’t see them, but the fear is still there as they try to run away. However, they can’t outrun this. To see Stiles resign to his fate and say his last goodbyes to Lydia is heartbreaking. As the leaves settle, Lydia cannot remember Stiles at all, like the rest of Beacon Hills.

We went from a hopeful high to a hollow low. The spark that Stiles brings is going to be gone, and the worst that can happen is no one noticing that something is missing. While I enjoyed the episode, I’m bitter Kira did not even receive a throwaway    line to her absence. I shouldn’t be surprised, as precedence has shown this to be common, but her impact on Scott was strong, she deserved something. I will hold strong to see how the McCall pack deals with this blow, and how we say goodbye to them all when the end comes.

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