Baal’s deep inside Ash’s head in #AshvsEvilDead S2E8 review: Ashy Slashy

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Ash vs Evil Dead: Ashy Slashy

Original Air Date: November 20th, 2016

Warning: Spoilers


“If we actually do find him, no one can tell him it was because of that stupid pet-tracker.”

This episode picks up outside of the abandoned Kenward County Asylum. The Ghost Beater gang (Ruby, Pablo and Kelly) located Ash using Eli’s pet-tracker. Inside the asylum all is quiet, too quiet, which gives Pablo a bad feeling about the whole situation. (Well, duh. Like abandoned asylums are ever a good idea?) Kelly tells him everything is going to work out, while Ruby says it won’t if they underestimate Baal’s Power.

Linda, it turns out, wasn’t a delusion conjured up by Baal. She instead lied to Ash in order to get her daughter (Lacey) back from Baal. Her husband(Sheriff Emery) brought both of them there at Baal’s command, and he asks Baal to hold up his end of the deal (letting them go), but Baal decides it will be more fun no to. (Surprise, surprise.)

“Now honey, we can fix this.”

The gang run into Sheriff Emery, and while Ruby ignores him and keeps going, Pablo and Kelly stay to chat. Kelly kind of wants to kill him (can’t fault her on that). He tells them that none of this is his fault; Baal messed with his mind. Lacey comes wandering out and Pablo asks if she is “okay.” She isn’t– turns out dying totally sucks. She turns into a deadite and attacks Pablo, throws him around a bit, and then attacks an entering security guard. She kills him with his walky-talky, and Kelly tries to shoot her, but Sheriff Emery knocks the gun away.  Lacey escapes while Emery and Kelly follow.

Emery catches up with Lacey, who is looking normal (we know deadites love this trick). Kelly follows in shortly after and tells Emery to move. She wants to kill the Lacey deadite, but thinks he can save her. Kelly pleas with him to trust her, but he doesn’t–so he gets his head ripped off and the deadite runs off. Kelly catches up with her and after some struggle, Kelly kills her. Kelly continues on, thinking she is alone. However, following behind her is creeper Ash, being all Michael Myers-esque with his lurking.

“I have one idea for a Honduran food truck, that also fixes electronics: Pablito’s Fish and Chips.”

Linda is looking for Lacey, but stumbles onto the remains of her husband.  Pablo is also alone and having some issues; apparently more spells are showing up on his skin. Ruby finds him and they continue on, and they find another security guard (hanged in a closet). The security guard is Reg (Ash’s Pablo from last week). Ruby knows that Reg is Baal’s handiwork and reiterates the need to find Ash before Baal completely scrambles his brain. Pablo looks to Ruby for reassurance, that everything is going to be okay, but Ruby isn’t going to sugar coat it. Even if everything goes well, Pablo might not live. (Is this for Pablo, or for us the audience?)

Kelly is wandering down another pitch-black hallway and finds Amanda (Ash’s Kelly). Amanda is shooting up and not really with it, but Kelly get some information out of her.  She explains that Ash is probably with his little friend, but no, he isn’t. Ash finds Ruby and Pablo and starts chasing after them. Meanwhile, Kelly finds Ash’s room and finds the adorable Ashy Slashy puppet. She finds he’s not as cute as he looks, as he locks her in the room.ash-vs-evil-dead-e208-dana-delorenzo-02-530x795

“Always bring a gun to a puppet fight.”

Kelly has to fight Ashy Slashy. There is a used bedpan involved, and lots of hitting and biting. The scene is full of physical humor and one of the best this season. The fight ends when Kelly shoots Ashy Slashy’s head off. While Kelly is locked in the room, Ash leads Ruby and Pablo to a dead end. Ruby hides them in a closet, as she needs Pablo alive to destroy Baal.

Linda finds Kelly, and Kelly punches her to make sure she isn’t Baal. Kelly tells her she will help find Lacey after they destroy Baal. Linda knows Kelly is hiding something.ash-vs-evil-dead-ashy-slashy

“Having a heart to heart?”

In the closet, Ruby wants to distract Ash while Pablo makes a run for it. Before they can argue about the plan, they see there is a dead body in the closet with them. It falls over and Ash starts to chainsaw through the wall– and the body– to get to them. Ruby wants to kill Ash and Pablo says no, he is not giving up on Ash. This is when Ash grabs him and runs away with him.cxlemvvusaexcvt

Linda confronts Kelly who wants the truth. Kelly promptly tells her, and they continue on. They come across a room with Pablo chained to the ceiling, Pablo says Baal is controlling Ash’s mind.  Baal shows up to see Ash destroy his delusions. Instead, Ash frees Pablo.

It all went as planned.

“That’s a pet-tracker all I have to do is find Baal once, I shove this down his throat and we get Pablo right up close, he does his voodoo and the rest falls into place.”

So, Ash was faking it once he saw the gang get out of the Delta (told ya!)  Pablo rips off his medallion (From his uncle’s necklace) and starts to do his voodoo, but Baal knocks him down. Ruby makes a grand entrance and uses the medallion to weaken Baal, and once again Pablo starts a spell.  Things get crazy; windows break, lights explode and Baal fights Pablo all the way. Pablo keeps chanting even when Baal cuts him with his Raptor claw. It finally works, though, and leaves Baal nothing more than a puddle of black ooze. Pablo did it, but Baal’s claw left him dead and in two pieces.

Ruby basically spelled out what was going to happen from the beginning of the episode; so yeah Pablo’s death wasn’t a surprise, but it doesn’t make it sting less. Maybe because of TWD, I am still emotionally raw, but I am little tired of my favorite characters dying. I know no one is safe in the Evil Dead series, but still–this is Pablo we are talking about. That smile he had on his face that morphed into shock, that destroyed me and proved how great Ray Santiago was in his portrayal of Pablo.  

I hope this isn’t the last we see of Pablo, but as he said at the beginning of the episode, “The book of the dead never lets anyone off easy.” I wonder how the death of Pablo is going to affect the rest of the gang and what does this mean for the book of the dead? Is it gone?  The previews show them back at the cabin. In season one, Ash’s spirit journey told him to bury the book where it all started. Will burying Pablo count?  On the positive side; woohoo–no more Baal, humanity is safe for now. Ash never fell for Baal’s shtick and Linda is now single.

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