The lunatics are taking over the asylum in #AshvsEvilDead S2E7 Review: Delusion

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Ash Vs Evil Dead: Delusion

Original air date: November 13th, 2016

Warning: Spoilers


“You can suck my saggy bills—Baal.”

I don’t know, maybe it is my marathon bouts of Outlast, maybe it was the Buffy the Vampire Slayer Episode, Normal Again, but I am just not a fan of insane asylum episodes in TV shows, or whole seasons—yeah I’m looking at you American Horror Story. What’s next, Ash gets amnesia? In a series that brings so much originality, this idea seemed a little old hat. Having said that, there is an Ashy-Slashy puppet and enough one-liners to keep this episode entertaining.

“Now I’m going to kill you, just like I killed your father! I didn’t really kill your father, that just sounded kinda cool.”

Delusion starts off with Ash waking up in a terribly rundown, yet clinical looking room. Dr. Peacock (Baal—or is it?) appears and asks how Ash is feeling. He has (allegedly) been Ash’s doctor for thirty years, ever since Ash’s psychotic break, when he killed his sister and friends; Ash isn’t buying it. He knows this is Baal and attacks him, but Dr. Peacock tranquilizes Ash and once again he wakes up in bed.

Dr. Peacock is telling Ash that this is ‘reality’. Ruby (but not Ruby) is a nurse; she walks in and Ash asks for her help. She looks at him like he is crazy (hehehe…) and leaves. Ash thinks Baal did something to her, and tells him he better not have hurt Pablo or Kelly.  Dr. Peacock informs Ash that Kelly and Pablo are figments of his imagination, just like the Necronomicon. Ash needs to destroy the book and come to terms with what he has done. To help Ash, Dr. Peacock brought in a friend, the puppet Ashy-Slashy. (Is it too early to put this on my Christmas list?)2016-11-14-8

Ashy-Slashy (voiced by Jeremy Dillon) talks to Ash: we find out he is the part of Ash that listens to Dr. Peacock. He reiterates that there is no Pablo or Kelly, and he needs to destroy the Necronomicon. Ash throws Ashy-Slashy against the wall and the puppet leaves a blood trail as he slides down—not normal puppet behavior. Ash flees from both and into the hallway, where things start to get all Inception-y and weird; more proof this isn’t a normal institution. You know, in case a talking puppet didn’t give it away.

Ash hides in a room where he finds Kelly, but it isn’t Kelly. It is Amanda, and she has apparently been there for over six years. She informs him that he’s been there longer. Kelly/Amanda starts to break her fingers and Ash runs out. He runs into Pablo, who is Reg the orderly. Pablo/Reg shocks Ash and he wakes up in a room alone with Dr. Peacock.

It is time for Ash to undergo some electro-therapy, as Dr. Peacock wants to break Ash from his delusions. While he is getting shocked, Ash hears (Baal/Peacock) talking to him in his head. He is not the Jefe– he needs to destroy the book and be Baal’s slaughter man, his henchman. Chet appears as a patient next to him. They both go another round of shock treatment, but Chet doesn’t survive. Ash gets one more round after that.15025658_664107060437756_3831882581290079151_o

“Maybe Nurse Ratchet needs a little injection from Dr. Groovy.”

Time passes and Ash drifts along in front of the television. Nurse Ruby shows up again and Ash tries to get her to help, but Nurse Ruby wants nothing to do with him and leaves. Kelly/Amanda approaches Ash saying they’re locked up because they know the “truth” and are being taking out one by one. Ash hatches a plan to get them out of there. He riles the other patients up and when the orderlies come to subdue him, he steals one of their keycards.2016-11-14-9

“Wakey-wakey, hands off your snakey.”

Ash wakes up in his room, where Ashy-Slashy is with him and he still has the keycard. Ashy-Slashy thinks Ash is going to get them in trouble, but Ash says he will get him a Lil’ Lori doll (the doll from season one) to have fun with when they get out of there. Ashy-Slashy agrees and they go to find Kelly/Amanda.

“Don’t you mean bloodite?”

They free her from her room and make their way to the exit. Their escape route is guarded by Pablo/Reg. Kelly/Amanda lures him away with noise created by throwing pills, as Ash uses the keycard on the exit–it doesn’t work. Alarms start to blare and he hears sounds of a struggle behind him. Kelly/Amanda killed Pablo/Reg. Ash is confused, this isn’t right; Kelly/Amanda shouldn’t have killed Pablo/Reg, as he was their friend. Kelly/Amanda starts hitting Ash and then in the next moment she is dead. Ashy-Slashy tells Ash that he did it, he was a killer. (Sure, trust a talking puppet) Ash is once again knocked out.

Ash is now in a straitjacket; Dr. Peacock is playing video feedback of Ash killing Kelly/Amanda and Pablo/Reg. Dr. Peacock says he plans to transfer Ash to a different institution, one less progressive, as he has become too violent. Ash still isn’t a believer.2016-11-14-1

Ash has one more visitor, Linda. She says she’s been visiting him for the last thirty years. Ash gets up and walks to the window, where he sees the Delta and Ruby– Pablo and Kelly get out of it.  He tells Linda he won’t see her again, because he realizes now, he is a killer. He tells Dr. Peacock he now believes that all of it wasn’t real. He is the only one at blame. Dr. Peacock tells Ash he must destroy the Necronomicon and releases Ash to do just that.


In the preview for next week, it looks like Ash is going after the gang, and that he’s under Baal’s control. I wonder, just based on the last scene, when he looks out the window, is he faking it? Did looking at the Delta, make Ash think he did lose it, or did it give him the idea to play along with Baal? This is Ash, not most clever light bulb. Still, maybe? Why at the last minute did Ash give in to Baal?

I will say I went into this episode dreading it. I thought the writers would pull the whole “everything you know about the story is wrong” approach. They didn’t. I never doubted that what Ash is going through, was caused by Baal. This episode was about the isolation of Ash’ taking away his weapons and his friends left him in a vulnerable position and maybe he finally broke. I guess time will tell, and I need to sit tight until next week. I will pass the time looking on Etsy for a Slashy-Ashy puppet.

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