Interviews with Creator and Cast of IFC’s Stan Against Evil at NYCC ’16

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Creator Dana Gould 

Dana Gould (creator) of IFC’s Stan against Evil discuss what it was like creating the show–based on his father, wanting to work with practical effects, and trying to balance comedy with horror. Dana discusses how the initial idea came from how his father would react in a horror movie situation, and expanded from there. From that, he wanted the characters to act natural, without being strictly ‘comedy’ characters. Originally it was set to be a digital series, but was picked up by IFC. Dana also speaks again on how important it was to use real monsters, real practical effects, to settle things in this world. “Stop motion looks fake but feels real, while CGI looks real but feels fake,” Dana says this applies to special effects/practical effects as well, and was so important going forward–it helps things feel timeless and real.

Janet Varney (Evie Barret)

Janet Varney (Evie Barret) talks about IFC’s Stan against Evil, doing comedy vs horror, and being able to be the strong woman in a television show. She also discusses doing the action work, and how much fun it was to be physical. Evie never thought that she would be offered this role, but is so excited she has the chance to play someone she describes as the, “female Harrison Ford.” She also enjoyed doing the physical work, which luckily didn’t involve as much as much intensive work like other roles. “It isn’t like my character is Lara Croft,” she mentioned; but luckily she was already in good shape, so it helped prepare her for the role.

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