#AmericanHorrorStory S6E9 Review: Chapter 9

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American Horror Story: Chapter 9 (Return to Roanoke: Three Days in Hell)

Original Air Date: November 9th. 2016

Warning: Spoilers


This episode is last of the “found footage” episodes from Return to Roanoke: Three Days in Hell. We will soon find out which one of the four remaining Roanoke cast members will survive.

“Yeah, Milo, racism is scary. The Patriarchy is scary.”


It is the last day of the Blood Moon, and three obsessed fans, Sophie, Milo and Todd (Taissa Farmiga, Jon Bass and Jacob Artist) are hiking, looking for the farm house. (Uh-oh, fresh meat). They have studied season one, over and over, frame by frame, and they blog about it. They critique and dissect each episode. (OH MY GOD—that could be me!) Looking to gain a bigger media following, they make the super great idea to find the farmhouse and record their journey. They find the tree where Flora’s hoodie was found and know they are on the right track, but before they can go on, they find a bloody and confused Diana (Sidney’s assistant). She leads them back to her car; where they find her dead body, and are completely freaked out.

At the farmhouse, Dylan explains he had a pre-set call time. Even though he couldn’t get in touch with Sidney, he showed up and followed the rules. He took an Uber there and left his cell phone. (There goes any hope of a speedy getaway or a call for help.)

Audrey and Lee tell Dylan that all the stories are real. They have been attacked by ghosts and the Polks. Dylan takes all this in stride. Seeing the bodies of Dominic and Shelby, he believes them and never questions their story. (He’s level headed, that means he won’t last.)2016-11-10-13

“Stay close to me, everything will be fine.”

Somehow I doubt it.

Dylan, it turns out, is an ex-navy seal. His plan is to make a stretcher for Lee, and they hoof it out of there. (They probably should’ve followed this plan.) Lee is still adamant about going to the Polks and retrieving the video footage– she points out they have a truck, and that could expedite their departure. Also, Monet still could be there. Dylan isn’t about to leave a man behind, and acquiesces to Lee’s plan.

“This is exactly how every horror movie works. God, the cops don’t believe it, until it is too late.”


Sophie, Milo, and Todd are at the police station being questioned. It seems after they found the body, Todd freaked out and wanted to leave, but Sophie and Milo convinced him to stay—they were about to go viral. They go to the police, but the police don’t believe them. This isn’t the first time they have had to deal with fans, and the police think it is just a publicity stunt, specially since when they went to investigate the car crash, they didn’t find a body. The police tell them not to go back: if they do, they’ll be arrested. (That will probably be the least of their worries if they go back.)

Dylan, Audrey, and Lee arrive at the Polks right before sun down. (How short are the days in North Carolina?) The plan is for Dylan to hot-wire the truck,while Lee and Audrey split up to find Monet and the video cameras.  Audrey finds gun and then a tied-up Monet. Lee finds the camera right as Dylan gets the truck started. Audrey shoots Ishmael to escape. Lot is attacking Dylan as Lee arrives; she threatens to film him and Lot stops, not because of Lee, but the ghost mob is approaching. Lot takes the truck a flees, while Lee drops the camera and runs. Monet and Audrey come out and see the truck is gone and Dylan appears to be dead. Audrey takes the camera and the two run off.2016-11-10-23

Audrey and Monet make it back to the farmhouse; Audrey thinks Lee is dead and that is why she left the camera behind. They watch the camera’s playback and see Lee’s confession.  Lee is not dead, but instead is crawling through the woods. The Witch of the Woods approaches her and offers her a heart, Lee needs to surrender to her. Lee accepts and bites into the heart.

Sophie, Milo, and Todd are back in the woods. (Hey Milo, isn’t this how most horror movies work?) They want to prove to the Police,and their fans, that they are not liars. They find Lee, and when Todd approaches her, she takes a cleaver to him.  Milo and Sophie run, and end up at the production trailer. Dylan is still alive and pops out and scares them, as they push him away and barricade themselves in the trailer, they find out the monitors are still working and they see most of the cast is dead. Audrey and Monet are still alive. and Lee is coming for them. Sophie tries to call the police, but they aren’t coming. Sophie decides it is up to them to help Monet and Audrey.  They leave the production trailer to make their way to the farm.2016-11-10-34

Monet and Audrey are in the master bedroom of the farm house, drinking. They hear a crash and go to investigate. Okay, so maybe I am a coward, but I think I would go hide. They see Lee outside the room; Monet confronts her and Lee starts talking a lot like Agnes or The Butcher. She thinks Monet and Audrey presence, “defiles the sacred land”.  Monet calls bullshit and Lee pushes her over the railing. Monet lands, impaled on the fallen chandelier at the bottom of the foyer.  Audrey finds a knife and the two exchange a few slices before Audrey runs out of the house.2016-11-10-43

Sophie and Milo are still searching for the house, filming everything as they go. Sophie proclaims that Lee is a murder and she just killed their friend. They find the house and Sophie runs to it as Audrey is running out. Audrey makes a beeline to the fruit cellar and starts to crawl down. Lee suddenly appears and hacks Audrey’s shoulder with the cleaver; however she kicks her down the ladder to the cellar and shuts the door. Sophie and Milo see Lee standing by the cellar but their attention is diverted by The Butcher and Mob. The have Dylan, and The Butcher disposes of him the same way she did Cricket. Dylan is disemboweled by Ambrose…and as Dylan played Ambrose and acted out the disemboweling scene with Cricket, it is a strange circle of life. The two try to run, but Lee is right behind them.


“Present yourself for slaughter.”

Milo and Sophie are grabbed by the mob and are impaled on giant, wooden spikes in front of the farm house. Lee presides over the ritual, repeating the line about, “the tree and the lightening that strikes it.” The two are doused with accelerant and are then set on fire.  They were the blood sacrifice for the final night of the blood moon.2016-11-10-55

When morning comes, the police arrive, where they find the charred remains of Milo and Sophie, the bloody cleaver, the body of Dylan… and inside the house, the body of Monet and Dominic. Lee is nearby regaining consciousness. She appears to be in shock and the officers help her to their car. Audrey emerges from the cellar and is helped by an officer. When she sees Lee, she grabs the officer’s gun and points it at Lee. Before she can fire a shot, the Police shoot her, Lee as the sole survivor.

The preview for the final episode looks to tie this season with season two. Lee is still in the spotlight and Lana Winters (Sarah Paulson’s character from season two) will be interviewing her. What repercussions will Lee face? Will she go to jail? Will she plead insanity? Will we see Flora and how this has affected her?

The beginning of this season started off very much like Paranormal Witness, and it then shifted gears into a different reality genre: going behind the scenes, recording everything and this past episode reminded me of the last Scream movie. We are looking more at a critique of society within the horror genre. Paranormal Witness is spooky. Horror films are scary. What people are willing to do to be “Insta-Famous” or to be a “reality” star—that is truly terrifying.

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