Arrow S05E06 “So It Begins” Review

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“So It Begins”

Warning Contains Spoilers

This week’s episode of Arrow was pretty solid. They are definitely getting somewhere this season, in terms of correcting the mistakes they have made over the past two seasons. I become more and more entertained with each episode and I am starting to fall for these characters once more.

The episode begins with Spartan and The Green Arrow off on their own reconnaissance mission to get more information on Prometheus–without telling the recruits. Felicity begs Oliver to tell the recruits what is going on, but he says yet another thing about them not needing to know until he has more information. He at least is letting Diggle help him. but seriously Oliver– delegate! He goes back and forth on trusting them, and doesn’t think they are serious enough about helping save the city. They have no idea Prometheus even exists; how are they supposed to help save the city when they don’t even know a crazed serial killer is on the loose?

The recruits eventually find out by seeing that there’s a serial killer–the “Star Throwing Killer”–on the news in a story led by the sleazy reporter Susan; they are understandably annoyed. A few seemingly random killings are discovered by the Team. Felicity and Curtis take the names of Prometheus’s victims and realize that a few of them are anagrams for names that are on Oliver’s “To-Kill” list from season one. This is an awesome discovery because it’s bringing the show back to it’s roots; it’s tying the seasons together. The recruits are not too happy to discover that Oliver was basically a serial killer. Evelyn calls Oliver out on his hypocrisy, bringing up that he told her not to take revenge on Ruve Darhk last season– and here he is having a list of revenge killings. I loved that she called him out on this; something that has always annoyed me about Oliver is that he berates people for killing out of revenge, when he does the same thing himself. I guess he’s trying to keep them from making the same mistakes he did, but at least let them in on that secret!


In the Mayoral world, Thea is still chief of staff and proposes that Star City have a music festival. She says she still has vendors that owe her favors from her club owning days, and that this would be great for revenue, morale, and tourism. Oliver loves the idea and Thea gets to work. Nothing could possibly go wrong at a music festival in Star City, of course not. This seems like the perfect place for a complete showdown with Prometheus. It doesn’t happen in this episode, but hopefully we see something go down with that–. I will be mad if the music festival goes off without a hitch.

After Susan revealed there was a serial killer on the loose, it caused panic all around the city. The team had to work together to stop shooters at a farmers market who thought they were taking down the killer. Oliver gave orders for Ragman to take down the shooters while everyone else helped the civilians to safety. Wild Dog made a comment about Ragman getting to do that and not him, but he still followed orders. Wild Dog followed orders everyone; he is growing. The team working together like this showed Oliver that the recruits are serious about the Vigilante job.


There was panic on the streets and also at the Mayor’s office as Thea tried to keep everything under control. She was completely by herself because Oliver was off being The Green Arrow and Quentin…well Quentin was indisposed. Thea found a bottle of whiskey in his office and quickly went to his apartment to find him. When she did, she saw a mess of an apartment covered in empty liquor bottles. It was revealed that he never got sober in the first place, and has been drinking this entire time. Quentin was right in saying you can’t help someone who doesn’t want to be helped. In the end he has to want to get better. Thea will not give up on him though, because she still believes he can get better; once again I was very moved. I really hope he can get better, but he has to want it. Thea is still keeping her promise to Laurel and that makes me very happy that her memory is still alive.

In the flashbacks, Oliver finally met Kovar and it was glorious. It had been talked about for a while now. so I’m glad it actually paid off. I’m excited to see Kovar’s eventual take down and the beginning of Oliver’s return to Star City. I just want the flashbacks to be over and I believe this is the beginning of the end.

Felicity finally came clean and told her boyfriend, Detective Billy Malone, that she is working for The Green Arrow. Up until then she would make up dumb excuses as to why she needs evidence like, ‘I knew the victim, he’s a friend of a friend of a friend.’ etc. His reaction was rather surprising–he was happy that she was fighting the good fight. He wasn’t mad, and Felicity was shocked he felt this way; she is so used to people being mad that secrets are kept. I don’t think he’ll be singing this happy tune once he finds out that The Green Arrow is actually Oliver Queen and that Felicity almost married him. We shall see how that goes down.

Felicity finds six people that could Prometheus’s next targets according to Oliver’s book from season one and the anagram search she did. The team splits up to each follow one of the six to protect them. Evelyn ends up on a train with Prometheus– who tries to kill the conductor. She ends up getting in a bad way with him, and Oliver arrives to save her; Prometheus gets away, leaving them on the train with a bomb. Of course Oliver has an arrow with a parachute in it because why not he has every other type of arrow; using this, they narrowly escape.. Evelyn and Oliver seem to mend their ways after this mission. He uses his mayor connections to get all six potential victims into witness protection, so they are safe for now (hypothetically).

The episode ends at the festival venue, with the team all there together hanging out. I don’t think Oliver is going to keep any more secrets from them. Felicity stops Oliver to tell him that she analyzed one of the throwing stars they found; they were made from old arrows of Oliver’s. So whomever Prometheus is, he must have access to the SCPD evidence lockup; so he is someone in the SCPD. At the very end Quentin wakes up from a bender with blood on him and finds one of the bloody throwing stars on his coffee table– this all points to him being Prometheus. I don’t buy that for one second. Quentin is being set up by someone. Maybe it’s Billy Malone: that would be a cool twist, or maybe it’s someone that wouldn’t be a cool twist (like Malcolm Merlyn). I hope it’s not the latter– that would be so backwards, but also he hasn’t shown his face yet, so who knows. I hope it’s a huge blast from the past character.

Arrow keeps surprising me with the quality it’s bringing this season. I’m happy with where it’s going and hope it continues. I love that the big bad this season is using old stories of Oliver’s season one days to mess with him. It adds an awesome feeling of unknown. What is Prometheus going to do next?! It brings a sense of excitement and intrigue that I haven’t felt in awhile watching Arrow. I may be back on the Arrow train completely. And so it begins.


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