#AmericanHorrorStory S6E8 Review: Chapter 8

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American Horror Story: Chapter 8

Original Air Date: November 2nd, 2016

Warning: Spoilers2016-10-27-10

“I did not sign up for this shit.”

Last we saw Agnes was getting butchered by The Butcher. Dominic witnessed the whole thing and sees the mob has set its sight on the house. Shelby’s plan is for them to escape via the tunnels like before. Unfortunately, they run into the Spider-Chens and not Edward.ahs-roanoke-american-horror-story-roanoke

“You ain’t Polk, you ain’t people.”

At the Polk homestead, Mama Polk is trying to teach Jether Polk the family business (not the Marijuana growing part). Lee is his training meat. Mama reminisces about the first cannibal Polk– it all started during the depression when vagrants stole the last Polk pig. The Polks were out of food and decided to put meat back on the menu. The story ends with a little Hannibal Lector “slurp, slurp, slurp”. (Anyone in the mood for Fava beans and a nice Chianti?) Lee thinks the police will catch them, but Mama Polk lets her know the police have been in their pockets for years. (Guess that is good use of their money, I might have splurge on dental and personal hygiene products.)

Jether is alone with Lee and tells her of their quaint Christmas traditions. Each year they get, “a pickled ear, a bag of mentho-lyptus, a jar of black-strap molasses, more ammo.” (You know—the basics). Lee tells Jether how she wants one more Christmas with her daughter because she loves her. This brings up some mommy-issues with Jether. Seems he wanted to be on TV like his brothers, but Mama wouldn’t allow it.

“We are part of the United States. We get TV.”

Lee is surprised to find out they knew about the show. (I also love how they have cell phones.) Lee says if he lets her go, he could be famous. Lee seems amenable to idea as he recounts the most famous of his family—Kincaid Polk. After the World’s Fair in the 1800s he decided to don a slaughtered pig’s head (inspired by Mr. Piggy) and kill people. It was the birth of the Piggy-Man. (What did I tell you!) If you want to know about The Piggy-Man re-watch season one, episode six.

Lee says he could be bigger: he could be a hero. That was the step too far– no one will be bigger than Piggy-Man. Jether leaves her for a while and comes back to give her drugs (for the pain) before Mama comes to take some of her shoulder. (So—my bad. Apparently, it is crushed up Oxycodone that they are snorting, not cocaine. I just am not up on my drug usage, I do apologize.) Lee figures that she won’t be around much longer and takes the drugs.

Back at the Farmhouse, Shelby and Dominic are running from the Spider-Chens and go back through the house. Dominic gets attacked by Mr. Piggy, and Shelby stabs him and they run. The mob is trying to get in the front door, and the nurses, Mr. Piggy and Chens are flanking them, but then the Chandelier falls on Shelby’s ankle. The two run upstairs and are back in the bathroom. Shelby has lost it now—I mean she was off her rocker when she killed Matt, but now, she has given up. She kills herself.

Going back to the Lee, she requests to see Flora one more time. She also wants to record a final message for her. What is that message;  that she killed Mason. Mason was killed before the Blood Moon cycle: that was the one part of the show that never added up. She did it for the reason everyone thought: because he was going to take Flora from her. Lee confessed, wanting to give Flora certainty so she could move on with her life (and straight into therapy).

Jether admits that he has never killed anyone before, Lee is to be his first. Jether doesn’t want to hurt her, as he likes her. Lee tells him she likes him too. Lee flirts and gets Jether to come in for a touch. When he does and releases one of her arms, she chokes him out.  Lee finishes him off by stabbing him in the head.

Audrey and Monet are being tormented by Ishmael Polk. Lot is trying to make a necklace out of teeth to protect themselves from The Butcher. He doesn’t have enough teeth and tries to take one from Monet. The tooth extraction fails, as Monet’s chair breaks and the pliers in her mouth break as well. (Hmmm…. Could my theory about her being Ramona be correct?) Monet gets free, knocks down Ishmael, and tries to free Audrey but the Polks are coming back. She runs away, promising to return for Audrey.

“We do not have relations with our animals.”

Well, there’s that.

Mama sends Lot and Ishmael to retrieve Monet as she removes a tooth from Audrey. She would have removed more, but Lee interrupted and knocked her out. Lee frees Audrey and Mama starts to get up. Audrey finishes Mama off with a hammer to the head. (After watching this, The Walking Dead and Ash vs Evil Dead—I beginning to wonder if there was a sale on headless corpses at the FX store.)

“Oh my god poor Shelby. I feel like part of me died with her.”

Audrey and Lee used the tunnel to get back into the house where they run into the remains of Matt. Lee has little time to grieve as Audrey points out, who or whatever did this may still be in the house. They go to the first floor and see the shattered chandelier, but none of the ghosts or anyone else. They get to the bedroom and Audrey plies Lee with more drugs (her leg is missing chunks; I think she is allowed). Audrey goes into bathroom and finds Shelby.img_0430

Dominic is still in the bathroom; he tells them what happened and they don’t believe him. Lee forces Dominic out of the room and locks him out. Mr. Piggy is waiting for him and finishes him off. Audrey films what she believes will be her final words: she loves her fans and had so many more performances to give.ahs2

Morning comes: Audrey and Lee are still alive. Lee wants to go back to the Polk Farm. She tells Lee she wants to get the footage of them killing Jether and Mama. (Really she probably wants to get her confession of Mason’s murder.) Audrey is convinced and they head out the front door—only to be face-to-face with Mr. Piggy—but wait, it isn’t the real Mr. Piggy. It is Dylan, who you might recognize as the Ambrose White (The Butcher’s son) re-enactor.

Just a brief time-out. Wes Bentley as Dylan, dressed as Mr. Piggy is—wait for it— “the dude playin’ the dude, disguised as another dude!” Okay, game-on.

So, there is a least one new player on the field. If Dylan came late, did he bring other actors with him? Maybe, Lady Gaga? What if he brought another psychic? Billie Dean Howard? (I just want to see Sarah Paulson play both roles at the same time.)

I am still on Monet being Ramona Royale. She is just waiting until she thinks there are no cameras around and then she will kill Lot and Ishmael. If this were the case, or if she makes it look like luck, she will be a big-time celebrity. As Monet, she could eclipse Ramona’s fame.

We are seeing the footage that was “found” so I guess Lee’s plan to get the footage fails, probably because she gets killed. Audrey has a slim chance of being the remaining survivor. I am rooting for her, mostly as she is the comic relief of the group. How Audrey can still be so self-centered as this is happening is just, well, hilarious. Her final words are for her fans; she’ll miss Dominic because he brought so much out of her when they acted together—I love it. If she lives I would like to see how she deals with the aftermath of the ordeal.

I have a new theory as to who might live– all of them. What if this is all staged? This “found” footage is put out there to make people believe it happened, like how some thought The Blair Witch was real. Or it could be more akin to April Fool’s Day and the be reveal is all the “re-enactors” and “real” people get together for a reunion episode. That would be very different than anything AHS has done. Then afterwards the cast gets together for a wrap party at the Cortez and are all killed! Okay, probably not. With only two more episodes left of this season, I am excited to see where the story goes and already sad it is coming to an end.

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