WNA talks to SyFy’s The Expanse at NYCC

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Steven Strait (Holden) discusses what is in store for his character in season 2, how trauma can change a man, and how Holden is becoming harder over time.

Steven discusses how Holden struggles with how damaged he is, and the hero he is becoming. He also discusses how his morality becomes more gray over time, as his arc mirrors Millers, but in the opposite way. He also discusses being able to mix a political thriller with an action story, and how that has to be balanced. Steven also gives an excellent response to how trauma effects people, and the ‘survivor effect’ –how seeing things that are truly horrible can change someone, especially if they were unable to change the outcome.


Executive Producer Mark Fergus about the expansion of SyFy’s The Expanse into season 2, working from a book series into a television show, and how characters have changed throughout the series.

Mark discusses the challenges with adaptation, and how easy it was to adapt things given how well the books were written. He also discusses the pros and cons of using practical effects, and why it is important to try and have that realistic, tactile experience for the actors and the viewer. “We actually have objects there,” Mark says; it matters, and it is within the vibe of the show to feel as real as possible.

Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck, the writers behind The Expanse (known as James S A Corey) talk about their work being translated into a tv show, and other things they enjoy.

The collective minds behind The Expanse (under the pseudonyms of James S A Corey) discuss how the books are different from the show, but how they enjoy both. They state that they are very involved in the show. They also discuss how research is something they both love to do–but each in different ways. Daniel and Ty both discuss why they wanted to deal with the ‘grunts’, which was so important to them; it is why they like Alien so much. It is important to see people who aren’t at the highest levels doing their work.

The Expanse returns on SyFy in January of 2017!!

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