It’s Baals to the wall in AshvsEvilDead S2E5 Review: Confinement

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Ash vs Evil Dead S2E5: Confinement

Original air date: October 30th, 2016

Warning: Spoilers14859710_657782717736857_9019506568532394171_o


The last episode ended with Baal (Joel Tobeck) escaping hell via the Delta’s trunk. His first stop is to the Elk Lounge. Margie The Police Officer is inspecting the aftermath of the Pink Fuck Soiree and finds the decapitated Amber. After calling it in, she comes face-to-face with Baal. Poor Margie, she was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Naked from his recent escape, Baal takes her clothes and her skin—guess that’s why he has that janky-ass raptor claw.

“Linda, from the moment I saw you, I realized, that you were one of the only Lindas for me.”

Ash is feeling good; he thinks he has saved the world again. He is on the way to see Linda when he is arrested for the murder of Amber and taken into custody–but he is in good company. Chet is there for a DUI and solicitation of a prostitute. Joanie (the prostitute) is in there as well.

Little Sheriff Emery, thinks he has enough on Ash to put him away forever. He thanks “Margie” (uh-oh) for her part. His gloating is interrupted when Linda and Lacey arrive at the station. Linda found Lacey on the shower floor talking about “killer” cars.thtegs3kql

“They call you the Jefe?”

Margie is sent to deal with Ash.  She lets him out to make his phone call and then wanders off.  Ash tries to phone out, but instead receives a call from Baal. Baal throws down the gauntlet. Ash goes to the front of the station as Ruby, Pablo and Kelly come looking for him.

Ruby knows what’s up even before Margie’s skin is flung at Ash. Ruby takes Sheriff Emery’s gun and demands everyone gather into one room. Kelly grabs Chet, Joanie and a homeless guy. Ruby tries to explain what is happening. While hiding amongst them, Baal isolates them, makes them turn on one another and waits for them to destroy each other, picking off anyone that remains. Emery isn’t buying it; he still thinks Ash is behind it all. Even when Lacey supports Ash, he still doesn’t believe. Ruby shoots him in the leg and goes to get the Kandarian Dagger from the evidence locker, leaving Kelly with the gun.

Down in the locker room she stumbles upon one more police officer. She makes the officer open the room that is housing the dagger and then dismisses her. Before the officer can escape, the main door slams shut and locks.

Back upstairs, Pablo has a problem.  He has a rash, and not the kind you get from Joanie. It is nasty and it is spreading. He is afraid Baal is inside him.

Chet wants to leave and Kelly won’t let him. Emery still is stuck on Ash being a killer. Lacey is still on Ash’s side. Emery is getting frustrated and takes it out on Linda. He also reveals to Linda and Lacey that he believes Ash killed Amber. Kelly points out that this is what Baal wants. Chet tries to leave again; he thinks that Ash is the demon and so he’s is siding with Emery.

“Hey toots, long time no see.”

Ruby is trying to escape the evidence locker when she has a moment with the officer. Turns out the officer is Baal. He peels off the skin he was wearing and reveals himself. He manages to get some clothes on (good, I was afraid he would get cold). He gets the knife from Ruby, but she still vows to send him back to hell. He tells her he is going to break Ash and then knocks her out.

Emery gets the gun back from Kelly, and plans on shooting Pablo, in case he is the demon. He then snaps at Linda and turns the gun on her. Ash rushes him and fights for the gun, but the real Margie interrupts.thxi63se8j

“Joanie! No! Oh, god. You were so giving.”

Margie is now a skinless deadite and is going after the bunch. She rips off Joanie’s arm and throws her through a window. Linda and Margie disappear. Ash goes looking and finds Linda locked in a cell. Margie attacks him as Emery walks in. Emery just screams and runs away. Ruby comes in and blows Margie’s head off and tosses Ash’s chainsaw to him. Margie’s body keeps fighting and Ash finishes her off.

Emery tries to apologize to Linda but she is done with him. Ash is there to swoop in. Screams erupt and they run out to see Pablo throwing up and writhing in pain. He still thinks Baal is inside him. Nope, the rash is becoming Sumerian lettering (what the Necronomicon is written in). Ruby assures him, he is not Baal. In fact, he may be their one chance to stop him.

Linda went missing–anyone think she is Baal now? Maybe not. That could be too obvious. It could be the homeless guy. We saw him in the first episode and he prompted Pablo to have visions, but it seemed like he was sitting there the whole time. Maybe Baal is done playing dress-up and won’t disguise himself anymore. I am excited to see where the Pablo rash leads. I assume he is becoming the book, but not actually a book. I wonder if he will know all the spells and how to use them. So many plot points were introduced in this episode and I can’t wait until next week’s.

Baal spoke of Ruby “hiding her mortality.”Does this mean she is not as strong as she was in season one? What changed that? Was it her spawn or that the Necronomicon is in a different realm? She has been hesitant to fight him; does he somehow control her power? If Pablo “becomes” the Necronomicon, will Ruby set her sights on Pablo after Baal is defeated and try to regain her power? Did I just guess the storyline for season three?screen-shot-2016-10-24-at-11-41-25-am

This episode made me wish that it were an hour long rather than thirty minutes. There was the usual amount of splatter and mayhem, but the scenes with them turning and suspecting one another were the highlight of the episode. The tension between Emery and Ash still hasn’t reached its breaking point. I could see Emery trying to explain away what he saw and try to rationalize the whole thing. I doubt he has reached the point of considering Ash a “good guy.” Linda and Lacey seem to be on Ash’s side, so I can see this adding to Emery’s anger. Will Baal play with all of their minds more?  Alas, I must wait a week until I have some answers.

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