#AmericanHorrorStory S6E7 Review: Chapter 7

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American Horror Story, Chapter 7 (Return to Roanoke: Three Days in Hell)

Original Air Date: October 23rd, 2016

Warning: Spoilers2016-10-27-1


“I am the tree and the lightening that strikes it.”

Last week ended with poor Rory getting done in by the Nurses. We know only one survives the three days of hell, we just don’t know who. The Players left on the field are Sidney, his assistant Alissa, the cameraman, Shelby, Matt, Audrey, Dominic, Lee, Monet, and, lurking around somewhere, Agnes.

Sidney is salivating over the fight between Matt and Dominic–he knows America will be hooked. The cameraman sees Rory get killed, but before they can investigate that any further, there is a scream from outside the production trailer. Sidney sees Alissa laying there and grabs the cameraman to film. Alissa is bleeding out from a slit throat. Sidney and the cameraman get attacked and killed soon after. The Butcher got them. Not the ghost, but Agnes. Agnes has gone off the deep end (and probably her meds) and thinks she is The Butcher. (I told Sidney not to upset her, but do the people on TV ever listen to me? No.)

At the farm house, Audrey can’t find Rory. The group look for him in the house. Matt thinks it is a lost cause, Rory must be dead. Monet asks Matt why he even bothered to come back if he thought it was so dangerous—and that is the million-dollar question. Matt never answers.

As they look about the house, Lee is filming everything on her camera to show her side of the story. She is worried that the footage will be edited to make her look bad—her and every real housewife.

Dominic finds a large pool of blood, but no Rory. Audrey thinks this was just a way to remove Rory for his gig in LA. She thinks Sidney did it to get a scare out of them. She also thinks that Rory left her because she is older and he already grew tired of her. (Can we say issues?)2016-10-27-17

Agnes is in the fruit cellar with the pilfered camera and is weaving in and out of character. In brief moments of lucidity, she realizes that she did some bad shit, but then she’s back to being The Butcher. She hears chanting and all the lights go out. When they come back on, there are the stick figures hanging everywhere.

Morning has come and Monet is getting her drink on; Lee is all judge-y and Dominic is instigating.  Dominic finds Shelby and flirts. Shelby shuts him down. She is there for Matt and that’s it. Dominic thinks that is all well and good, but Matt is not there for her. I think major traumatic events can either destroy a marriage or make it stronger. The fact that Shelby even felt the need to have a fling with Dominic says the marriage was destroyed. I don’t think Matt and Shelby will be getting back together–and, well, they probably aren’t going to live much longer, so it is a moot point.2016-10-27-31

Dominic is loving playing the “bad guy.” He compares himself to, “Puck. Omarosa. The crazy bitch with the fake leg.” (All are from reality TV: The Real World, The Apprentice and Real Housewives of New York). The bad guys get the most screen time and Sidney helped Dominic out by providing a hidden body cam.2016-10-27-37

Shelby goes to the bedroom to be alone and have a good cry. She is not alone–Agnes is there. She just wanted to be on the show. She takes a butcher knife to Shelby’s back and, before she can finish the job, Dominic tackles her. They fight, and he smashes her head into the mirror and knocks her out. He runs to Shelby and when he looks back to Agnes, she is gone. Typical bad guy move. I am sure she will be back stronger than ever.

Audrey tends to Shelby’s wounds and they ask the cameras to send an ambulance. After an hour passes and they have no response, they decide to go to the production trailer for help. Lee is ready to go–she brought a gun and isn’t afraid to use it. Audrey, Lee and Monet travel via underground tunnel. Seems like a good idea until they run into the “real” Edward Mott. He isn’t nearly as friendly as he was in the re-enactment. They make their way out of the tunnel and Audrey and Monet are now believers.

Matt watches over Shelby. He confesses that he did love Shelby, but their marriage was over the day they moved into the house. He hadn’t felt human for two years–something was taken from him when they lived there.

The Blood Moon is rising and Lee, Monet and Shelby are still looking for the trailer. As the sun sets, they find it and inside, the dead bodies of Sidney, Alissa, and the cameraman. The car is dead and there are no phones or radios; nothing to help them contact the outside world.2016-10-27-59

Agnes charges out of the bushes and Lee shoots her and films it. Again, she is probably not dead–that is just how it works. They run into the woods (great idea) and see the angry ghost mob. They get off of the road they were following and hide. Audrey records a last message to Rory and finds that she was filming right under the body of a disemboweled and strung up Rory. (What are the odds?) They see more lights coming their way and continue to run. It isn’t the angry mob that finds them this time, but the “real” Polks. Ishmael Polk cattle-prods Audrey and Lee, as Jether Polk (Finn!) nabs Monet.  Seems that there is one more Polk son, one we haven’t seen until now. (Remember, Cain was shot by Matt.)

Agnes is still not dead–it seems the corset she is wearing helped to slow the bullet down. She thinks she is “imbued with power from the Blood Moon,” feeding more into her psychosis.

Back at the farm house, Matt wakes up in a trance and heads to the basement. The Witch of the Woods has called him down and they proceed to, rather roughly, get it on. Dominic follows Matt down there and when he sees what’s happening, he runs to get Shelby. Shelby sees the familiar scene and picks up a crowbar and hits the Witch. Shelby thinks that she’s saving Matt. Turns out, the Witch is why he agreed to come back–he is in love with her.

Wow. Shelby snaps. She takes the crow bar and turns Negan on his ass (technically his head). She kills Matt and works out some pent-up anger issues. Dominic stops her, but way too late.2016-10-27-72

Jether, Lot and Ishmael Polk are toying with Lee when Mama Polk comes in and starts to marinade Lee with spices and peanut oil. Then Mama proceeds to tenderize the meat.

Shelby is freaking out. She wants Dominic to help her but, as he points out, there are cameras everywhere. The best thing she can do is turn herself in. He thinks the others have returned, but when he looks out the window he sees Agnes with some gas cans building a bonfire. (I think we both said “oh shit” at the same moment.)

Monet and Audrey are tied up and the Polks are now just messing with them. Lot is snorting Monet’s cocaine and Jether is filming. Mama Polk enters and offers the ladies something to eat—Lee. After some prodding (literally), they accept.2016-10-27-74

Agnes is in full Butcher-mode, yelling at Dominic and Shelby. Dominic is recording the whole thing. He sees the ghost mob approaching and wants to know how they will keep them out, and Shelby says they can’t. The ghost mob surrounds Agnes and she comes face-to-face with the “real” Butcher. Agnes kneels in front of her “maker” and is in awe. The Butcher doesn’t feel the same way and kills Agnes with a butcher knife to the head. I don’t think Agnes is coming back from that one.  (Again, Dominic and I shared an “oh shit” moment.)

I feel an opportunity was missed. This could just be me, but how incredibly awesome would it have been if Jessica Lange came back for this one episode to play The Butcher? Not that Susan Berger wasn’t super creepy; it just would have been great.

So, two of the three that I predicted might live, died. (I am not going to Vegas anytime soon.) Monet is still alive, however, she is probably not Ramona Royale. Either that or she is the best actress ever.  Who do we have left? Dominic, Shelby, Monet, Lee (well most of her) and Audrey. I honestly haven’t a clue who will survive. Audrey seems to be the most likely to live through the ordeal simply because she usually does make it out alive each season. If Shelby lives, she is going to be locked up, either in prison or a mental health facility. Lee is going to have some issues–maybe she will live long enough to kill Shelby for what she did.

Just a thought, but what if Lee is the one survivor? The Polks keep her alive, minus limbs, to breed with her. Like the X-Files episode, Home, mixed with Boxing Helena. That would be twisted enough for AHS. There were those two younger boys that were taken away. Who was the mother? Mama Polk could be the mother to all of them, but she is getting up there in age. (Or not, maybe hillbilly life ages a person.)

Another thought: Matt and the Witch of the Woods have been intimate a few times now—though they keep getting interrupted–will something come of this? Like another spirit/human baby?

All in all, the episode might have been my favorite so far. This plays out just like any slasher movie. I had three “oh shit” moments, I was never bored, and the feel was more frantic than the Chapter Five episode. The Polks were creepy before, but in the re-enactment, there never was that feverish insanity that they have now. The filming, as well, has changed. The grittiness of “recovered” footage and low resolution adds to the feel of the episode. I am thankful (so is my stomach) that they did not make it all shaky-cam like The Blair Witch Project.

We have three episodes left. At the rate people are dying, I can’t see Three Days in Hell lasting more than one more episode. Will we see repercussions from the filming? Or how they got this footage? In season one of AHS, Billie Dean Howard spoke of Roanoke and the clearing of spirits. Speaking of season one, the legend of Piggy-Man—any connection?

“Here Piggy-pig.”

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