#AshvsEvilDead S2E4 Review: DUI

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Ash Vs Evil Dead, S2E4: DUI

Original air date: October 23, 2016

Warning: Spoilers


“Everyone I’ve ever loved has been taken from me.”

Last we saw, the Delta had killed Brock. Ash is in the middle of the street literally picking up the pieces of his father.  His take-away from this: being around him shortens life-spans. Pablo isn’t having it and is ready to “grab the bull by the horns”. Being fed up is probably going to lead to him doing something stupid, and I hope it doesn’t get him killed.

“Pablo, you don’t see another eyeball around here?”

The Delta has it. Pablo and Ash think the kids that stole it are still inside it, and as Pablo nears the Delta it grabs him. Before he is completely engulfed by the car, Pablo yells at Ash, “The Delta, it’s Possessed!” The car tries to run over Ash and drives off with Pablo and Lacey.

“As long as we’re going down Mammary Lane.”

Ash needs a ride and finds a drunk Chet and his Gremlin. Chet wants to go to a “titty bar”, the one with the great lighting, and Ash says he will take him. Chet is so happy Ash is back; Ash can drive and Chet can keep drinking beers to stay hydrated. (Hydration is key for marathon partying, remember that folks.)

Inside the Delta, Pablo and Lacey formally introduce themselves. Lacey thinks they will die and wonders why this is happening to her—maybe this is a lesson not to steal other people’s stuff. If she lives, I think her sneaking out at night will come to an end.

“Chicks were getting rashes on their Hoochie-ma-kahooters.”

I might have laughed harder at that one line, than I should have.

As Ash and Chet drive, Chet gets curious about Ash’s chainsaw and gun. Ash explains the chainsaw is for ice sculpting and the gun is for if people that don’t pay for their sculptures. Chet buys it, but is more concerned that they are not going the right way to the bar. Ash tells Chet it is shut down; he knows a better place.ash-vs-evil-dead-2x04-2

While all this is going down, Kelly and Ruby are at Ash’s trailer to get guns for their plan (to kill Ruby’s spawn). Ruby fears her spawn may have already used the Necronomicon to summon Baal (Ruby’s ex).  Kelly presses Ruby about Baal. Baal uses manipulation, paranoia and seduction to turn people against each other and to destroy one another. (Hey we all have that one friend that becomes like that when they drink too much.) Ruby fears she isn’t strong enough to defeat him. Kelly tells her she is not alone, together they are stronger—yay, teamwork.

“It’s just a stupid book, that talks and does evil things.”

Back in the Delta, the Necronomicon starts talking to Pablo. The book tells Pablo that their “destinies are intertwined” and that they’re “bound by the most powerful force imaginable.” (Love? Probably not.)  This prompts Pablo to have a vision.  He is impaled by a large piece of metal, Lacey is dead, and Ash comes to help—only it isn’t Ash, briefly he looks like someone else. Fake Ash forces him into the trunk saying it is the only way he can be free from the Necronomicon. Lacey wakes him from the vision and points out that they are being followed.ash-vs-evil-dead-2x04-1

“Sweet monkey Jesus, Ash!”

Sure, sure the showdown between Lucy and Lola on this week’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D was impressive, but can it compare to the Delta versus the Gremlin? I mean both had flames and crazy car stunts, but this had Ash and his boomstick. Ash goes after the Delta, but Chet puts the brakes on the showdown and wants Ash to explain himself. Ash gives him the abbreviated version.

“There’s an evil book. It possessed my car, then it killed my dad. There’s little demons that want the book. I can’t let them get that book, because if they do, they will use the book to summon a bigger demon.”

Ash thinks the Delta is going to the Smash ‘Em Up Derby (the site of the beginning of the family relationship with the car). Ash asks Chet to drop him off, then he go at it alone (probably to keep Chet alive).ash-vs-evil-dead-episode-4

“I am hard dad!”

Ash squares off with the Delta inside the derby ring. It is chainsaw versus car, Ash delivers some powerful blows and the Delta throws out Lacey and Pablo, with the book. Lacey runs away and Pablo starts stabbing the Necronomicon. It tells him to stop, there’s another way. It spits out a piece of its pages.  If Pablo reads the word out loud, the book will return to its realm and Pablo will be free. Pablo, come on man, can you trust anything an evil book tells you? The answer is no. No, you cannot.

Ash delivers a death blow to the Delta—a chainsaw through the hood of the car and into its heart (or the engine).  As Ash kills the Delta, Pablo speaks the word the book wanted him to: “AMAGI”. In the trunk of the delta (Pablo! Remember your vision!) is a portal. The portal is full of flames, growls and evil laughter—all good signs to not throw the book into it. Pablo does though, as Ash says, “could things get any worse?” Famous last words jefe.

“I gave you life, I can take it away.”

During the Delta showdown, Kelly and Ruby go inside the spawn’s nest. Ruby can feel them, but that doesn’t seem to make hunting them any easier. After some time, all of Ruby’s spawn are killed. Ruby senses that the Necronomicon is gone and seems concerned. She and Kelly hightail it out of the spawn’s nest. The last scene of the episode is a fiery demon escaping the trunk of the Delta.

As for the fate of the Delta, nothing a lube job won’t fix.

To me this episode was the slowest of the season. It served its purpose in moving the story along. Ruby’s spawn are dead and (I assume) Baal has been released. We see the beginning of Baal effect on people.  Again, I assume he was using the Necronomicon to influence Pablo. I loved Chet, but I missed the gang together. I think the best moments in the show come from our main characters playing off each other.  From the previews for next week, I believe we will get back to that. Until then watch out for gore-splattered Deltas.

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