WNA Talks to Cast and Creators of Adult Swim’s Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell!

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Co Creators Dave Willis and Casper Kelly

Dave Willis and Casper Kelly discuss what is in store for season 3 of the show, including the birth of the anti-Christ, creative consultants for torture, and the possible elevation of Eddie. They also discuss Dana Snyder coming onto the show, and how different it is working in a live-action medium. Casper also discusses working in Atlanta, and how unique it is to work there. I also asked about bringing more women onto the show; Dave and Casper discuss the possibility of bringing a greater presence, calling it a ‘lost opportunity’ to not have more.


Matt Servitto (Satan) and cast member Dana Snyder (Troy)

Matt Servitto and Dana Synder talk about their characters in Season 3. Dana (Troy) is challenged about being a demon–and there is going to be a golden fiddle week with hilarious results. Satan, meanwhile, has his authority challenged. We will apparently see his ‘soft fuzzy center’ (ha!). We also discuss how much the show can relate to our own real lives.

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