#AshvsEvilDead S2E3 Review: Last Call

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Ash Vs Evil Dead, S2E3: Last Call

Original air date:  October 16th 2016

Warning: Spoilers


Poor Ash, his Delta is still missing. Who has it? The punks we saw last week and their girlfriends are still around, and  one of them turns out to be the Sheriff’s daughter—that rebel. Lacey (the Sheriff’s daughter), her man Blake, and their pervert friend Marcus leave Amber and Tyler to have some alone time in the Delta.

What does Amber do while alone with her boyfriend? She reads from the Necronomicon. Why? To prove she can read I guess— why else would someone read aloud from a book that is in a weird language and has pictures of demons? An evil from the book is summoned and Amber is possessed. Amber gets frisky and Tyler doesn’t mind. No Tyler! Abort! Abort! Amber gets a little too toothy and Tyler loses some of his favorite body part.

“I can’t fart without tripping over that thing, and I fart a lot.”

Ruby wants the book and is set to go looking for it, but Ash has a better plan. Let the book come to them. How? Well, it starts with Pink fuck and ends with one hell of a party.

This is where No Fret Chet (Ted Raimi) comes into play. What is Pink fuck? It is “a proprietary mix of liqueurs, and spirits and garnished with orange rind and nutmeg…and a shit ton of Ketamine.” Chet is a bartender at the Elk Lounge and Ash’s old friend. They plan on throwing an epic party, luring out the kids that stole the Delta.

Back at the Delta, Tyler and Amber are missing and the others are looking for them. Lacey gets into the Delta, turns on the lights and illuminates Tyler; Lacey is then trapped as the Delta decides to go Christine on them.

The Delta pursues Marcus and throws a hub cap at him, leaving him with one giant hole in his chest. Then it sets it sights on Tyler and Blake.  They hide and the Delta turns off.  Tyler thinks it is safe to run– it isn’t.

In the meantime, the party is going well and is attracting everyone, including Ash’s dad.  Ash wants Ruby to distract Brock so he doesn’t scare the “cool kids” away, while Ash goes digging for information and runs into Amber.

Pablo is not feeling the party; he is too jumpy from not sleeping and worrying about his visions. Chet’s advice is to drink the bad thoughts away, while Kelly thinks Pablo needs to face his problems head on. As Kelly builds up Pablo, he unintentionally knocks her down. Kelly goes off, taking Chet’s advice.

The Delta is still hunting down Tyler. It plays with him for a bit, and then kills him with a tire to the face.

The Pink fuck is doing its job. Amber is toying with Ash. Brock is putting the moves on Ruby and she isn’t having it; prompting her to leave and hunt for the Necronomicon her way.14671363_649319895249806_7938864856010667422_n

Brock and Ash have another family spat.  Looking for some resolution, they decide to compete on the mechanical bull. (This is a traditional means of dueling, dating back to the early 1990s)

“Then let’s go kill your kids.”

Kelly is outside the bar, drinking and trying to come up with another plan to get the book back; in this, Ruby sees an opportunity, and plays Kelly, convincing her to help kill her spawn.ash-vs-evil-dead-lee-majors-slice-600x200

Brock dominates the mechanical bull challenge and gets Amber as well. Fueled by alcohol (and Ketamine) the two finally just say what they had been holding back: Brock blames Ash for taking Cheryl away from him. Brock apparently thinks Ash killed her, along with the other kids, and thinks the only monster that is real is Ash.  Ash, meanwhile, thinks Brock is a miserable old man that ran his mom away. Amber reveals she is a deadite and Ash goes to drink away his pain.

The Delta is continuing its killing spree.  Bye-bye Blake.

Pablo tells Ash basically what Kelly told him. It works, and Ash kills the Amber-deadite and finally his father believes him. A kid sees Ash holding Amber’s head and tells everyone that “Ashy-Slashy” is back and going to kill them all, thus ending the party.

Ash and Brock are reconciled; Brock knows the truth and tells Ash he is a hero. Ash gets the validation he has wanted for so long and the two can move forward. Brock has something to tell Ash, though, something he has been keeping from Ash; something vital. What is it? Brock doesn’t get a chance to say, however, as the Delta kills him before he can say. No!

Whoa—I did not see that ending coming.  The Delta has become a real dick.  Will this change Ash’s relationship with the Delta?  Will the Delta somehow frame Ash, or for that matter, Lacey?  If Lacey lives, will her father believe what happened? If Sheriff Emery believes her, then will he believe Ash? Will he even live long enough to do either?

Kelly does ask Ruby a pertinent question:  Why does Ruby need Ash? Ruby told Brock that Ash had something “special” inside of him.  Brock was going to tell him something life altering.  What is it that makes Ash the one that can defeat the deadites?

Let’s do the head count for this episode! There are four killed by the Delta.  One decapitated deadite and the only body fluid we were subjected to was blood.  Though, the Elk Lounge was probably pretty sticky after that party.

Oh! For those of you who want to know–the recipe for Pink fuck: 3oz Vodka, 2 second pour of strawberry liqueur, a splash of Grenadine, half cup of lemonade, orange zest and nutmeg. (I do not recommend adding Ketamine).  

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