NYCC: The Man in the High Castle Interviews!

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We at When Nerds Attack were lucky enough to do roundables with the cast and executive producer of Amazon’s The Man in the High Castle, in anticipation of season 2. They talk about character motivations, what it’s like to play in alternative history, and how the world shapes personality.

Rufus Sewell (John Smith) discusses Smith’s motivations, what the new season will bring for him, and how different situations can shape a man. One of my favorite interviews to date!

DJ Qualls (Ed McCarthy) & Alexa Davalos (Juliana Crain) talk about what changes will be occurring for their characters in Season 2, and what horrors we might do for love.

[Note: Sorry about the sound quality]

David Zucker (Executive Producer) & Brennan Brown (Robert Childan) talk about what is in store for Season 2, what Childan truly wants, and how to adapt a book like this for television.

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