Once Upon A Time 603 The Other Shoe


Once Upon A Time
Season 6 Episode 3
The Other Shoe


I’m so thankful for this episode. As an avid Cinderella fan, I always thought her story was incomplete and needed more to be told. While I still think that there is more to her story, I believe we were given some very good bits in this episode. There are several similarities between Cinderella’s story and the Evil Queen’s story. They each had secrets that were not kept, loves that were unrequited and very evil personalities that wanted their happy endings.

Regina, still trying to acclimate to making the hero’s choice, takes Hyde her famous lasagna as a way to try to butter him up, however, it becomes very clear that the Evil Queen has gotten there first. She has made him quite comfortable in order to secure his allegiance to her. The Evil Queen is very calculating and manipulative. She allows Hyde to believe that they are partners, but she stills holds the power over the situation. It is going to be interesting to see how far this story can play out. Eventually our heroes will prevail, however the means by which they prevail is what we’re after.

Not only is the Evil Queen toying with our heroes through Hyde, but she also brings Ashley (Cinderella) into the equation. Most everyone is familiar with the story of Cinderella, but in this adaptation, one of her stepsisters was not as evil as we thought. It is revealed to us through a flashback that Clorinda is only “pretending” to be cruel to Cinderella to throw her mother off from the fact that she is in love with the prince’s footman. Much like Snow and Regina, Cinderella promises Clorinda that she would keep her secret and will help her flee to the Land of Untold Stories. And just like Regina’s story, Clorinda’s mother finds out about her daughter’s love interest and “fixes” the situation by taking her to the Land of Untold Stories while the footman gets caught up in Regina’s dark curse and goes to Storybrooke with everyone else.

While in Storybrooke, we see Ashley and Alexandra again in Granny’s. Emma, Hook and Henry are sitting and talking about how Henry has gotten all of the new-comers to “sign in.” Ashley finds out that her “family” is there and immediately goes on a mission, rifle in hand. She completely disappears and we cannot find her again until Emma uses a locator spell on a shoe.

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When we meet up with her again, our powers of assumption are active because when we see Ashley with the rifle, we assume that she is out for revenge. It is not until after the flashback that we fully understand that she is not there to hurt Clorinda, but to protect her from her mother. The big show-down comes when Lady Tremaine finds them in the barn and stabs Ashley with her cane. She makes it clear that the Evil Queen has been helping her the entire time. Emma, still shaking with her tremors, tries to save Ashley with her light magic. She wavers for a couple of seconds, but when she is reassured by Hook and Henry, she regains her confidence, her magic works and Ashley is healed.

Rumple only has one scene this week, when David brings him the button to get more information on his father. David knows that the only way he can get the information is to make a deal with Rumplestiltskin. He makes a deal to deliver a taped message from Rumple for Belle in exchange for the information on his father. Belle listens to the message from Rumple, but we don’t see her again in this episode. The information that we get on David’s father is that he, in fact, was not drunk when he died (and therefore did not break his promise to David). Although this is the only information we have now, I’m sure this thread will be unraveled by the mid-season break.




One of the best things that comes from this episode is that Emma’s tough facade is being worn away, yet again, by our favorite guyliner. When Emma decides to trust Hook by telling him what she is going through, she develops enough courage to ask Hook to move in with her. This is a very big step for Emma who takes a while to warm up to any kind of change, especially a commitment like this.

One after another, these episodes unlock a different piece of these stories. And since virtually anyone can be in the Land of Untold Stories, we could see several new characters or characters that we have already seen whose stories have not fully been told. The sky’s the limit (and even then we can find a way to go beyond). This was a wonderful episode!

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