#AshvsEvilDead S2E2 Review: “The Morgue”

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Ash vs Evil Dead S2E2: “The Morgue”

Original air date: October 9th 2016

Warning: Spoilersimg_2947

“That is horrible, and also awesome.”

That is the one line that can sum up this episode.

Never did I think Ash Vs Evil Dead could one-up itself, but this episode did just that. I wanted to gag, but I couldn’t because I was laughing too hard. This is the highest compliment I could give the series. There were scenes so graphic that I felt like I could smell them.

The episode opens up with Brock getting ready to entertain. Ash interrupts his dad’s pregame with the news that he and his gang are sticking around for a couple of days. Brock’s only house rules are the fairly typical ones: no “horseshit” about demons, and stay out of the way while he entertains.

Upstairs, Ash recalls his last memories of his sister, Cheryl. She died in the first Evil Dead movie. The memories are wrought with sadness and remorse–something we rarely see from Ash. Kelly chalks it up to a bad LSD flashback.

“Pablo is a vagina?”

Good news Pablo, you are not the father–only the vessel the spawn exited from.img_2953

Ash’s room is a time capsule from thirty years ago. A Shemp’s beer neon light and cut out, rock posters, and high school pennants. It’s his trailer, just an earlier version. Ruby has no time to reminisce.  Her spawn is smarter and more powerful than the other deadites. They need to destroy them. To do that she needs the Necronomicon, which she has hidden. Where? Well, guessing on the title of the episode, I’m going with—the morgue.

Cut to the Necronomicon inside a body—at the morgue. The lone coroner is performing an autopsy and gets interrupted by something coming out of cold storage to nab him.

Why hide the Necronomicon in a corpse? The scent of decay masks the scent of the book from Ruby’s youngins. Pablo and Kelly don’t trust Ruby. (Who would, really?) They think she is hiding something. Why would the almighty Dark One need their help? Pablo agrees to watch Ruby while Ash and Kelly go grab the book.

As Ash and Kelly leave, Ash sees Lillian Pendergrass walking to the house. He reminisces about some good times they had in the back of the Delta–Kelly thinks he is having a stroke. Turns out father and son have the same taste in beer and women. Lillian is there to see Brock. Seems like this isn’t the first time the two have shared the same lady friend.

“I’m going to be like a ninja losing his virginity, quick and discreet.”

Two words I wouldn’t use to describe Ash. Shit is about to go down.

Ash goes to get the book as Kelly plays guard dog. Ash finds the morgue full of bodies. Not knowing which one has the book, he starts sawing and digging. Blood and guts start to fly.

Back in Ash’s room, Pablo has an ulterior motive to be alone with Ruby: he wants to know what is going on with him and his visions. When he presses the matter, Ruby claims ignorance. She then quickly overpowers Pablo and starts asking her own questions.

“Look first, cut later.”

After dissecting five bodies, Ash uncovers the sixth body clearly possessing a book shaped object in their abdominal cavity. Out in the hallway, Kelly gets a visitor: little Sheriff Tommy Emery. The Sheriff tries and fails to intimidate Kelly. Kelly gives him a hardy knee to the groin and head-butts him unconscious. Way to kick ass!ash-vs-evil-dead-season-2-20

“Oh god, I’m in the butt.”

Ash frees the book from the body, but the book had an effect on the body. Ash gets attacked by a toothy intestine. This is where things get nasty. I mean nasty.  The Evil Dead series gave us eyeballs flying into people’s mouths. They gave us the tree-rape scene. Now, they give us the butthole scene. Let me just say: if you are squeamish—then you are probably not watching the show, so no need for a warning. There is an excessive amount of bodily fluids, inappropriate use of orifices, and more penis shots than a Game of Thrones episode.  I laughed, I cried, I gagged, I laughed some more, then I pondered my mental health, and went back to laughing.

Ash discovers that Lillian Pendergrass actually died of pneumonia and where her body should be there is the dead coroner. Uh-oh. I don’t think the evening is going to go the way Brock planned.

Ruby and Pablo are still in Ash’s room. Ruby wants to know what exactly is happening to Pablo. The book never attached itself to a human before, so this is unknown territory. She gets from Pablo that he is having visions before she head-butts him unconscious. (With as many times as I have written “butt” and “head,” I am picking up on a theme here.)

Ash leaves the morgue, collects Kelly, and shows her how to make sure the Sheriff doesn’t say anything about his ass-whooping. Back in school when Tommy was beat up, he would pee himself. Ash recreates that with some soda and they are on their way home to save Pablo.

Lillian and Brock have so far spent the evening watching TV. She keeps asking about Ash and Brock keeps making his moves. When they hear a noise from upstairs, they assume it is Ash. Lillian thinks she is about to get what she has been after, and so does Brock.

Kelly asks Ash why he only said they needed to save Pablo and not his dad. Ash is comfortable with him being collateral damage. Preoccupied, Ash almost runs over a couple punks. They have words and Ash drives away.img_2950

In a vision, Pablo sees Ruby kill him with a very sharp and long fingernail. He wakes up just before the Lillian deadite comes in looking for Ash. There is some puke, there is some blood, and then there is the first decapitation of the episode.

“Yup. Right up the pooper.”

Pablo tells them about his vision and it gives Ruby insight as to why her children want the Necronomicon–they plan to raise up their father (Baal). Speaking of, where’s the book? Safely locked up in the Delta. Where’s the Delta? Being jacked by the two punks Ash almost hit. Where’s Brock? Looking for Lillian. She was taking so long, he got started without her.

Kelly and Pablo brought up a good point earlier: why does Ruby need their help? Did her spawn take some of her power? Will killing them return it? If she needs the Necronomicon to destroy them, why part with it in the first place? What will happen when and if her kiddos are killed?

What will Brock think about the decapitated Lillian in Ash’s room? Will he become a believer or not? I am sure Ash’s family rivalry will continue with Brock, but for how long? Will father and son find some accord before the season is over?

Now, just for a moment, I would like to sing the praises of Kelly. I love her, I want to be her. There are few female characters that are as strong, witty and self-confident as she is. She is a great addition to the Evil Dead universe and to television. I want to see more characters like her. I want to see more characters like Jessica Jones. I want female role-models that aren’t perfect, that aren’t princesses, that aren’t Kardashians. They can drink, they can swear, they can kick ass, they wear normal clothes, and yet they are still feminine. Okay, I am off my soap box now.

So what was the head count for this episode? Well we have one dead coroner. We have one decapitated deadite. We have six (already dead) bodies sawed open and strewn apart. There’s one case of projectile vomit, and Ash was subjected to fluids from the other end. I can’t wait for the next episode.

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