Arrow Season Five Episode One “Legacy” Review

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Warning contains spoilers

Arrow is back and season five has begun! I added the exclamation point because already I feel like we are off to a better start than last season as a whole. I was so glad when season four was over and honestly wasn’t counting down the days until season five started. This week’s premiere had a lot of energy though, and I feel that it could really turn into something new and refreshing for this show.

When we last saw our characters, Team Arrow had fallen apart and everyone had gone their separate ways: Diggle went back to the army, Quentin and Donna left town, Thea went to have a normal life, and Oliver became Mayor and continued as Green Arrow with Felicity by his side. Each character moved on in their own way and that fact was still true in this week’s season-opener.

Moving on was the theme we were presented with in Legacy. Laurel’s death really shook up the team; each character struggled with moving on from it, so it was fitting that the team fell apart. I am really glad that the original team didn’t just miraculously quickly reform in the beginning of season five. I was almost expecting that to happen, since Arrow has a pattern of introducing conflict just to have it thrown out next episode. Oliver still keeps hope alive that he could get the band back together but that seems very unlikely as the episode progresses. He just isn’t ready to move on and gather a new team. Felicity has a whole file of people who are well equipped to join, but Oliver is very stubborn. Instead, he thinks he could be Mayor and fight crime all by himself, which isn’t an easy task. He is constantly late for mayoral appearances and is tackling way too much. You can’t save the city by day and by night without a little help, which Oliver soon realizes. We all learn the hard way that delegating is the way to go.

Remember that awful episode last season where Laurel died? How can we forget, right? When she was laying there in the hospital bed talking to Oliver, she told him something that we didn’t get to hear. I was very anxious to find out what she said. It must’ve been important, seeing as it was her dying wish. Tonight—in the form of a flashback—we find out what she said: for Oliver to promise her that she wouldn’t be the last Black Canary. That was just completely out there to me; it was such a let down and I was quite disappointed. I mean, I loved seeing Katie Cassidy again–don’t get me wrong. It’s just that when you wait to hear someone’s dying wish, you want it to be something huge. It honestly felt like a throwaway line to me. We’re still not getting the Laurel Lance closure we all deserve. Her memory is still alive, though, which I guess I can settle for. This episode was about moving on, and maybe I should too. I guess the point of showing that was to provide a way for Oliver to remember that he promised to find a new Black Canary, so he has to let new people into his team.

Quentin Lance’s way of moving on isn’t too surprising: he’s gone back to the bottle. It seems that he and Donna broke up over the hiatus and he returned to Star City, off the wagon. I can’t really blame him–he lost his job, he lost his daughter, he lost his girlfriend–that’s a lot of loss for even a non-alcoholic to deal with. He says that “alcoholics need a reason to be sober” and I guess he doesn’t have a reason yet. Oliver still sees potential for Quentin to come back to the land of the living, so he asks him to come to Laurel’s memorial. Oliver says this speech about how Laurel’s memory would live on and that she will always be the Black Canary and then he unveils a statue—a horrible one, I might add. This awakens something in Quentin, and he realizes that he has to stop hitting pause on his life and continue with Laurel’s legacy. And thus he agrees to come back to Team Arrow.

There is a new villain in town this season and his name is Tobias. It seems his plan is to unite all of the villains to take down The Green Arrow. I hope he does more as the season progresses–he kind of gets overshadowed by the other characters’ development in this episode. I’m excited to see more of him though; what we did get tonight was brilliant. He kidnaps Mayor Handsome—as Oliver is referred to by civilians—at Laurel’s memorial. Oliver tries to fight back but figures out quickly that that is a bad idea and could reveal his vigilante status, so he gives in. He is almost tortured whilst being held captive but that doesn’t work out in the tormentor’s favor, and he ends up dead just as Thea dons her Speedy get-up once again and arrives to save Oliver. It seems as if she’s back but when she saw him kill that guy she remembers why she gave it all up in the first place. For the first time in a long time she wasn’t a vigilante, she wasn’t a killer, she was normal. She finally knew what it was like to be normal. Seeing Oliver kill again really reaffirms her decision to leave for good this time. It seems all too easy for her to use her arrows again, so I’m sure she’ll find her way back later on. (Four-show-crossover anyone?)


We get to see a little Diggle and Oliver interaction which is so heart warming. Even oceans away they are still bros for life. Oliver basically asks his permission to create a new team and what he thinks about it. I hope Diggle makes his way back–what he and Oliver share is one of my favorite relationships in this show!

Speaking of favorite relationships, it is revealed at the end of the episode that Felicity has a new man in her life that she lives with! It’s a new detective on the police force and it is just so great. I’m sure it is short lived and “Olicity” will be a thing again—much to my dismay—but at least, for now, it’s still not a thing. I was expecting them to be back together already, but even though Felicity stills works closely with Oliver, she has moved on! I will say it is kind of in poor taste to live with your new boyfriend in your ex’s apartment that he gave to you, but whatever. Olicity is still dead. Everyone knows workplace relationships don’t work, especially if you’re fighting crime. The show isn’t about romance, so I hate to spend time talking about it, but this was important news! So I hope, as long as they are working together, they won’t be together. Please?

It seems that a new team is forming. Oliver is going to start recruiting new vigilantes. He promised Laurel, and a promise is a promise. The one new vigilante I am most excited about is none other than Curtis himself! I was wondering how his new series regular status was going to play out since Felicity is still Overwatch, and this is better than I could have ever imagined. Curtis is smart and has some awesome fighting skills that we got a glimpse of last season, so I’m stoked for him to be the first recruit for New Team Arrow. I don’t really know what to think about any of the other recruits. I’ll have to learn more about them and hopefully Arrow gives me enough reasons to care about each of them as much as I once cared for the original team.

It won’t be the same obviously, but I think it’s a welcomed change. The old team was not working. The show was not working. They needed something different to bring new and refreshing dynamics to the series and I think this could be the ticket.

At the end of the episode we see another new villain that looks a lot like The Green Arrow: Prometheus. We don’t get to see much of him so I can’t say much about him, other than that he looks scary and has already killed someone in his introductory scene. Maybe he’ll team up with Tobias or maybe he’ll do his own thing–we’ll have to wait and see. I just hope they don’t tackle too much to the point where storylines fall short or don’t get enough attention. Like I said earlier, Arrow: delegate, delegate, delegate.

All in all, I didn’t hate Legacy. I have my reservations because Arrow has let me down numerous times in the past, but I am actually hopeful. This season feels different, it feels better–maybe not season two better, but refreshing better. Let’s hope Arrow can change its legacy with this new season.

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