Gotham S3E3 Review: Look into My Eyes

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Warning: Spoilers


So three episodes in, it seems we are finally meeting the overarching villain of the season: The Mad Hatter. We open on a young Jervis Tetch performing a hypnosis show in Barbara’s club, showing his talent for getting people to do whatever he wants them to do with just a few words and his special watch. We also see him whispering some trigger words to his volunteer, which I am more than sure will come back up later in a nefarious way. I’m not quite sure what I think about Tetch’s design–he looks very much like every guy who really liked top hats in high school… but I suppose the more harmless he looks, the better. This show is about how villains get their start, after all.


We cut to Bruce and the clone having a nice little chat, where we find out he’s called Five; I know this was shot before Stranger Things, but his name, plus some of his strange abilities just remind me a bit of the Netflix show. Apparently Five has no memory of his life before he woke up in the hospital a year ago, and he basically acts like an injured bird, which appeals to Bruce’s sensibilities. So against Alfred’s wishes, the clone kid stays–to cause trouble, I’m sure. I have to give credit to David Mazouz. He’s doing an amazing job playing both of these roles; previously I hadn’t been overly impressed by his acting skills.


The aftermath of Valerie and Jim plays out, and Jim tries to get a second date–or dates–but Ms. Vale simply wants nothing to do with it. Jim really doesn’t how not to be in a relationship, honestly. It’s not healthy, but nothing about what he does these days is healthy–and I love it.


Back at GCPD, Jim runs into Lee, who has taken her job back at the station, and man is it awkward. She has a fiance now, and Jim is disgruntled about it–but really, they were never that compatible. Good for you for moving on, Lee.


True to my theory, Tetch goes to his volunteer’s house and uses the code words like he’s a handler for the Winter Soldier, and gains possession of his house by inducing murder/suicide. While it’s a fun little scene, I feel the actor is hamming it up a bit too much, which, on this show, is always riding a fine line. Tetch is in town to try and find his sister, Alice, who we see has some sort of poison in her blood. It reminds me a lot of Poison Ivy, but it seems to be something else entirely.


Aubrey James seems to think that he can just become mayor again without an issue–a simple press conference is all that is necessary, right? Well, Penguin isn’t going to have that. Showing up with his little posse, he calls out Aubrey and declares that he will be running for mayor himself. Now this, I’m incredibly excited for. I haven’t hidden my love of Oswald, and truly, when he’s on screen the show is better for it.


Bruce and Five spar a bit with Alfred, and we find out that Five, 1) has amazing reflexes and 2) doesn’t feel any pain. Which is interesting. Creepy, but interesting. He also has a strange scar at the base of his neck that Bruce is determined to find more information about. Selena shows up during this, though, and he makes Five hide. Selena, being an amazing friend, is determined to try and find Ivy–which means asking Bruce for help. Bruce doesn’t want Selena to find out about Five though, so it all goes a bit pear-shaped. The real take away is this: Five was watching the entire time, and starts to mimic Bruce’s voice and mannerisms. We knew he was fixated on Selena before, and now…well. That’s a bit more clear.


Jim, after being hired by Tetch, goes to the bar that Alice used to work at, which has apparently been set on fire. With her blood. How that works, I have no idea–but it’s pretty damn cool. The bar owners come in and try to give Jim a hard time, but in good shady-Jim form, he beats the shit out of them. This is the Gordon I think is the most interesting and most fun. No one really likes boring ‘good’ Gordon, am I right? He did gain a little injury and in the hospital he gets patched up by a doctor named Mario.


Who just happens to be Lee’s fiance. …Awkward.


Penguin and Aubrey go have lunch together to try and work things out. Aubrey clearly tries to outwit Oswald, but it doesn’t work. While Aubrey does have some men pull guns on Oswald, Oswald has the entire restaurant pull weapons on Aubrey. I think that’s what we call a checkmate, buddy. Oh, and what is Oswald’s campaign slogan? “Make Gotham safe again.”


Jim ends up finding Alice in her apartment and she is adamant that Jervis not find her. Whatever her brother wants her for–it can’t be good.


While Bruce sleeps, Five stands over him creepily with scissors–but don’t worry, he doesn’t want to kill him! He just wants to give himself a haircut so he looks like his clone, exactly. And sure enough, when the morning comes, Five has disappeared, and stolen one of the cars–clearly going after Selena.

GOTHAM: Cory Michael Smith in the“Mad City: Look Into My Eyes” episode of GOTHAM airing Monday, Oct. 3 (8:00-9:01 PM ET/PT) on FOX.  ©2016 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Jeff Neumann/FOX.

Meanwhile, Cobblepot goes to Arkham to request that Edward Nygma be released, because he needs a right hand for his campaign–and who better than his best friend?


I can’t help but just feel so warm over their manic, horrible friendship. Because when Edward gets out, there is Oswald to pick him up, all smiles. Who doesn’t love them?


We see a bit more of Tetch hypnotising people, including Barbara–which doesn’t go that well, given her jealous streak. He also manages to hypnotise Gordon, and gets him ready to jump off a building. The only thing that saves him is Alice, who shows up in the nick of time. I don’t know her deal, and I’m sure it won’t be good for anyone, but I genuinely love her, already. She seems like a good little super-powered-girl. Let’s hope they can keep her safe from Jervis, though.


There is a small interlude that informs us that Mario’s father is the old crime boss Falcone, so…that’s interesting. We’ll see where it goes, but for now, just know that he doesn’t trust that Lee is over Jim.


Our last scene is Five picking Selena up to go look for Ivy. She recognizes that something is off with him, but she’s too intent on trying to find her friend to really care. I really wish I knew where Five learned to drive–and if he’s just really fixated on Selena, or evil. Or both.


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