The Flash Roundtables at SDCC 2016

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Hey guys, it’s taking us a while, but finally we have our Flash videos up from SDCC! Two of our videos got corrupted, however, and I’ll have the transcripts up of those up, tomorrow. These were great interviews, that mainly talked about Flashpoint and what will be changing now that Barry made his pivotal choice in the season finale. There will be spoilers so if you haven’t caught up in the show, I wouldn’t watch these videos!

Grant Gustin (The Flash/Barry Allen)

Grant talks about how Barry’s impulsive decision shapes the upcoming season and will effect the other CW DC shows (Arrow etc), what Flashpoint might mean, and what it is like for Barry to be actually happy for a while, having his family back.

Tom Felton (Julian Dorn)

Tom talks about what it’s like to join the cast, his new character Julian–and how similar he is to Barry. He will be an antagonist!

Tom Cavanagh (Harrison Wells)

Tom talks about what it’s like to play two sides to the same character, what Flashpoint means for Harrison, and how much fun it has been to play off of Carlos/Cisco.

Jesse L. Martin (Joe West)

Jesse discusses how Flashpoint changes Joe (and how miserable he is), and what it will be like having another son as a speedster–this time one truly related to him.

Carlos Valdes(Cisco Ramon)

Carlos talks about how much fun it’s been to play Cisco, how his new powers will come into play, and what Flashpoint might mean for him.

Danielle Panabaker (Caitlin Snow/Killer Frost)

Danielle talks about how much she loved playing Killer Frost, what she would hope from a Supergirl crossover, and what we might expect from Flashpoint from her character.

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