SDCC 2016: Sideshow Collectibles


The Sideshow Collectibles booth has always been a destination for many Comic-Con International attendees. This year is no different, boasting their largest line-up yet. The booth features displays from the many licenses that they represent, alongside the product lines that they distribute.

The Hot Toys section shows off figures from the upcoming Suicide Squad film from DC/Warner Bros, as well as the upcoming figures from Captain America: Civil War. Also featured is a new Ripley figure from Alien, and figures of Marty McFly and Doc Emmett Brown as they appeared in the new Back to the Future Part 2. The long awaited Daredevil figure was finally shown as well.


Sideshow’s convention presence wouldn’t be complete without a peek at their upcoming Premium Format releases. They debuted a number of these incredible sculpts, including characters from Guardians of the Galaxy. Also on display are new figures from DC Comics and films, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.


Star Wars figures, including various Hot Toys and Premium Format figures, and a gigantic 1/6 scale Hot Toys TIE Interceptor were on display as well.

Also of note is the increased presence of Sideshow’s own original property, Court of the Dead. The many statues from the series were on display, and on Friday and Saturday, there were cosplayers dressed as some of the characters, like Shard.

Sideshow also debuted their first project with the new Sideshow line called ‘Sideshow Collective,’ a series of projects that are more artist centric, the first of which involves New York based designer Andrew Yang. The collection centers around high quality clothing on a set of dolls inspired by characters from DC Comics’ Batman. Sideshow’s plan is to involve more artists and to allow them a chance to do collectibles that are outside what they usually produce, and at the same time, invite new collectors into the fold.

With a nice mix of old favorites and their new offerings, Sideshow continues to impress, and win over the large crowds of Comic-Con. The booth is a nice reminder of what’s coming soon. Add in all the giveaways and offers that the booth has, and their awesome staff, is it wonder why the Sideshow booth is one of the busiest and beloved booths of the convention?





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