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Here is the schedule for Marvel Studios/Comics for SDCC 2016!! Check it out!! 


11AM – This Week in Marvel Live (Live podcast) – Neil Morgan Auditorium

1PM – Marvel: Breaking into Marvel Comics (Talent Scout, Q&A, and advice panel) – Room 25ABC

4PM – Marvel: Death of X (Comic creator panel and Q&A) – Room 5AB

4PM – Spotlight on Jason Aaron (Q&A) – Room 25ABC

5PM – Captain America: 75th Anniversary (13ft Statue unveiling) – Room 9

5:45PM – Marvel’s Luke Cage (Cast Q&A and first trailer reveal) – Ballroom 20

7PM – Marvel Goes SteamPunk (Fan art and Cosplay panel) – Pacific 24


10AM – Marvel: Civil War II (Comic creator panel and Q&A) – Room 6DE

11AM – Star Wars Publishing (Comic creator panel and Q&A) – Room 7AB

12:30PM – Marvel Now: Divided We Stand (Comic creator panel, Q&A, and new info reveals) – Room 5AB

1PM – Captain America: Civil War (Q&A with the film’s screenwriters) – Horton Grand Theatre

3PM – Marvel Television: Agents of Shield (Cast Q&A and new footage) – Ballroom 20


11AM – Marvel Download: Digital House of Ideas (Marvel Apps panel and Q&A, includes Marvel Unlimited, Future Fight, and more) – Room 7AB

12:30PM – Marvel Animation (Panel, Q&A, new footage, and project announcements) – Room 6A

3PM – Marvel: Cop O’ Joe (Q&A with Marvel chief creative officer Joe Quasada and guests including Jason Aaron) – Room 6A

4PM- Hasbro Marvel (New Marvel toy and figurine reveals, Q&A) – Room 25ABC

5:30PM – MARVEL STUDIOS (Kevin Feige presents ‘Doctor Strange’ cast appearances and new trailer, ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2? cast appearances and first footage, plus more) – Hall H

7PM – The Psychology of the Marvel TV Universe (Q&A with writers of Aos, Agent Carter, Jessica Jones, and Daredevil) – Room 5AB

8:30PM – Captain America Vs Ironman (Civil War analysis) – Room 26AB


10AM – Jack Kirby Tribute Panel – Room 5AB

11:15AM – Spider-man and his Amazing Friends (’Dead No More: Clone Conspiracy’ Q&A and comic creator panel) – Room 5AB

12:30PM – Women of Marvel (Panel of female Marvel creators and producers, Q&A, spotlight on female characters) – Room 6DE

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