Preacher 01×04 “Monster Swamp”

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Well, if you (like me) thought things would be moving right along after last week’s action packed episode, I’m sorry to say we’re back to the snail’s pace at which we began the season. While I appreciate the gradual revelations and development of the characters, I’ll admit that this MTV-generation, ADD-TV watcher is getting a little antsy for action.


This week we learn a little more about Jesse’s upbringing through a series of flashbacks involving his father. As we all know, Jesse’s father is the whole reason he is clinging so desperately to his position as Anneville’s resident preacher-man. In the flashbacks Jesse remembers his father preaching to a full congregation, and so he sets out to fill the pews himself as well. He also remembers his father disciplining him for smoking out behind the church building with a few other kids, including a young Tulip.


We also learn a bit more about Tulip’s upbringing this week. The reason she hangs out in the town whorehouse so much is that her mother worked there and she was pretty much raised with the girls there. Because of this, she has a personal stake in the accidental death of one of the girls during some idiotic paintball sinkhole accident involving the assholes from Quincannon Meat & Power. While the girls run through the town in their undies from the men, one of the girls falls in a sinkhole caused by QMP. Neither the girls nor the men, nor Quincannon himself, seem to give much of a shit about the poor girl’s death, so Tulip takes it on herself to get justice. The QMP employee responsible for her death is upstairs enjoying the services offered by the whorehouse, and Tulip yanks him off the bed and throws him through the window. Unfortunately, it’s not the employee at all–it’s Cassady.


What is ol’ Cassady doing in the whorehouse, you ask? Well, this week sees our vamp friend wheeling and dealing with his new angel-government-agent buddies, promising them that he can bring Jesse to them, as long as they provide him a monetary incentive–which he promptly uses himself at the whorehouse. It’s a lucky thing that Tulip chose this particular customer to toss out a glass window, however, since any normal man would surely have died from the glass shard shoved straight through his jugular. Tulip rushes Cass to the hospital where he crawls off to suck the blood bank dry to revitalize himself. She catches him and… well, one would assume that Tulip is now in the know about Cassady’s true nature. She’d be the only one since Jesse clearly doesn’t believe him.


Where has Jesse been this whole time? That’s a great question. This episode had a criminally light amount of the preacher in it, for a show called Preacher. Jesse’s getting the hang of his power, and he tells Erin that he plans to ensure that the pews are full this Sunday. It’s clear that the power within is making Jesse a little coo-coo, but I guess using it to bring people to God is a good thing…? Well, either way, that’s his plan. He convinces Odin Quincannon, owner of QMP and all-around nasty old man, to come to church on Sunday. Then, in front of God and everyone, Jesse gets right in Quincannon’s face and tells him to serve God. And of course, a convert is born.


Jesse is definitely starting to go a little power mad and my guess is it only gets worse from here. The angel-agents are still on Jesse’s trail, though they admit their mission isn’t sanctioned by the powers-that-be upstairs in halo-town. They are also kind of hilariously inept, as is made clear by the fact that they trust Cassady at all. More angel-agents may be incoming soon, however, if the ringing of their God-phone is any indication.


Hopefully next week brings more opportunities for Cassady to brutally murder some people, or at least more opportunities to try and get Jesse to believe all the madness that’s happening right under his nose. Pretty much, more Jesse-Cassady scenes and more Jesse-Tulip scenes–that is all I ask.


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