Penny Dreadful Series Finale Review

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So here is the last Dreadfully Yours of Season 3. The Series Finale. Not just theĀ SEASON finale, guys….but the SERIES. And I can’t lie: I’m disappointed. Horribly, terribly disappointed. This is/was my favorite show on television, and these last two episodes (Perpetual Dark and Blessed Night) were disjointed, disappointing, and just not a fitting end for our characters and a show that has been such a shining example of what television could be.

So please watch our review and discuss.

Spoilers Below!


  • Why do you think JL destroyed his own show like this? It’s been three months and I need some closure! Your reviews are great.

    • Honestly I think a lot of it has to do with Showtime cancelling the show, and then JL having to scramble to do something with it. He just didn’t have time to take what probably was a very cohesive vision and turn it into something else. I want some closure too, believe me! I just sadly don’t know if we’re ever going to get the full truth/full closure.

      And thank you so much! Penny Dreadful has always been my favorite show, so this really saddened me–I’m still sad about it, frankly. But we still have S1/S2!

      • Thank you Lindsey! That makes sense. I bet Showtime is regretting that decision now. It actually makes me feel better to see so many new fans howling about that ending on Twitter. This show was so much better than anything else on network tv.

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