Preacher 01×03 “The Possibilities”

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In the third episode of Preacher, things are picking up pace and more is being revealed about our dear preacher’s past as well as his current mysterious predicament. Also, more Johnny Cash.


So Jesse Custer’s finally coming to terms with the fact that something is majorly different about him and apparently it means he can control people with his voice. Of course, who else would he tell than his best mate and crazy vampire, Cassidy? After a demonstration of his power that gets Jesse looking a little crazed, Cass tries to make sense of it all. He figures it must parallel some fantastical movie storyline, his favorite (and mine) being that Jesse is probably a Jedi. Jesse is conflicted about having this power, but Cassidy tells him that he could use it for so much, considering his position.


Last week, Tulip bated Jesse by mentioning someone named Dany, and this week we meet her, albeit briefly. Little is really revealed about the specifications of this “job” Tulip has been researching, but they tease the audience with glimpses into her shared past with Jesse. Dany gives her a location that will lead her and Jesse to the man who betrayed them and caused their lives to go on different paths–a man named Carlos. When Tulip gets ahold of Jesse, this is enough to push him over the edge and agree to go with her to serve justice that tastes a whole lot like revenge.


Elsewhere, our southwestern ghostbusting duo are back, despite being quite violently killed by Cassidy last week. The two investigators meet with the sheriff and introduce themselves as undercover government agents who are here to capture a dangerous fugitive. When Cassidy sees their truck driving through town, he thwarts their plan to use their little tin can to extract the force from inside of Jesse, and by thwarts I mean he runs them over and kills them again. Poor Cass is a little freaked out when he realizes that he literally just killed the same dudes twice, and now he has to clean up the same damn remains twice, too. But twice is not enough for these gentlemen, and they reappear again, and finally explain themselves to Cassidy before being murdered for the third time.

Anatol Yusef as DeBlanc, Tom Brooke as Fiore; group - Preacher _ Season 1, Episode 2 - Photo Credit: Lewis Jacobs/Sony Pictures Television/AMC

The “government agents” explain that they need to capture Jesse’s power, but not use it. When Cassidy asks what government agency they represent, their answer is: “heaven.” Oh. Okay. Cass convinces them that he will act as the middleman and explain everything to Jesse–mostly to prevent them being murdered yet again.


Back on the road with Tulip and Jesse, they stop at a gas station where Jesse runs into Donny, still in a cast from having his ass whooped by Jesse in the bar. Poor (sort of) Donny has endured ridicule from his boss, his son, and a bus full of schoolkids because of the beatdown, and he’s at the end of his rope. He also had to have a conversation about sadomasochism with his son earlier in the day, so it’s safe to say Donny’s on edge. He corners Jesse in the restroom with a gun, but little does he know that he’s facing down a very powerful man–even more powerful than the last time. Jesse calls him a little bitch and proceeds to tell him in his creepy power-voice exactly where to stick that gun: in his own mouth. The power-voice seems to really get ahold of Jesse and it spurns him on to make more and more commands until he snaps out of it and lets Donny go.


The exchange with Donny reminds Jesse of his promise to be a good guy–holding back from going too far and ending a life like he would have in the past. This is unfortunate for Tulip because Jesse changed his mind about joining her on her revenge quest. She’s still adamant about going after Carlos together, and I’m sure we’ll learn more about exactly what went down that fateful day in the weeks to come.


Jesse, Tulip, and Cassidy continue to be entertaining and fascinating characters and the plot is definitely picking up now, promising to roll ahead at a quicker pace than the first two episodes. There are still many questions left unanswered and many things left unexplained, so we have a whole lot more to discover over the rest of the season. Stay tuned next Sunday to see what’s next for the little old town of Anneville, TX.

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