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We have another guest article, this one from Anne-Marie Pritchett.

You prefer a game controller to a football in your hand any day. Your international dream trip is a visit to the CERN Center in Switzerland so you can experience the Large Hadron Collider firsthand. You love comics, you love science and your brain actually thinks in code. You are a geek, and when it comes to vacationing, you must live up to the stereotypes and clichés expected of you. That means: Find the geekiest (and most awesome) domestic vacation destinations and get thee to them.

International Spy Museum

If you’re looking for some education on espionage, Washington, D.C.’s International Spy Museum is a good place to start. Visit the School for Spies inside the museum to interactively examine over 200 spy gadgets including weapons, bugs, vehicles and other rad technology.

You will also learn about the secret history of spies from the ancient days to the Cold War and into the present time. Visit the new Bond Exhibition and participate in Operation Spy (an active experience in the museum) and Spy in the City (a spycentric operation outside of the museum).

NASA Road Trip

Pack up the Prius and kiss Mom goodbye because you’re going on a road trip. Geekytravel has designed a 14-day self-drive tour that follows the southern coastline and visits the coolest space landmarks, from Cape Canaveral to NASA Headquarters in Houston.

Road trip tips:

  • Plan ahead. Don’t wing it.
  • Get an overall checkup, a new set of reliable tires and a working full-size spare that can handle the amount of road you’re about to cover.
  • Have maps on hand (yes, paper maps).
  • Keep a tire iron, bottled water, first-aid kit and flares in your trunk for emergencies.
  • Join a roadside rescue service … just in case.

Center for PostNatural History

Perhaps the antagonist of the Natural History Museum, the Center for PostNatural History in Pittsburgh showcases an array of curiosities. The museum houses a collection of organisms deliberately altered by selective breeding and genetic engineering from transgenic mosquitoes and alcoholic rats to domestic pet alterations and a Biosteel goat. Stories of scientific studies are told by skins and skulls.

Computer History Museum

Pop up to Silicone Valley to venture into the Computer History Museum that dates computers as far back as 2,000 years old. Play Pong or Spacewar! See over 1,100 historic digital artifacts and amaze at the giant computers of the 1940s. Share your passion for technology with like-minded tour guides and visitors. Current exhibits include:

  • Revolution: The First 2,000 Years of Computing
  • Where To? A History of Autonomous Vehicles
  • IBM 1401 Demo Lab: The Dawn of an New Era
  • PDP-1 Demo Lab: Creating the Hacker Culture

Pennsic War

The Society for Creative Anachronism hosts a medieval camping event at Cooper’s Lake Campground in Pennsylvania. Geeks as far away as Sweden and Australia come for this annual event where the Kingdom of the East and the Middle Kingdom battle it out to the “death.”

Other activities include melee battles, archery, dancing and medieval classes galore. This event is fun for the whole family.

NASA Space Camp

There is a place where adults can go and get their full astronaut on. The Adult Space Academy two-night experience in Huntsville, Alabama, includes training on astronaut simulators such as the gravity chair and multi-axis trainer. Stay on-site in the Habitat facilities and eat in the Crew Galley.


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