Game of Thrones S06 E07 “The Broken Man” Review

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“The Broken Man”

Warning the following is dark and full of spoilers

This week’s episode was—in my opinion—one of the best this season, if not the best so far. It felt different than the previous episodes; it felt shorter, yet jam packed. It even had a cold opening which is rare for a Game of Thrones episode. This was also yet another episode that saw the return of characters whose stories were left up in the air. So much of this episode was important for the characters involved; so much is still left a question. So let’s dive in and talk about “The Broken Man”.


I’ll just jump right in and say it: The Hound is back. Is anyone surprised? This has been speculated as we never saw him actually die; he was just left. He is alive and sort of well, helping a man named Brother Ray, a septon of The Faith of the Seven. Brother Ray apparently found him, saved him, and now is trying to help bring peace to his existence. He told him “There’s a reason you’re still here …The Gods aren’t done with you, yet,”. There GoT goes again with the Gods talk; there are so many Gods and they are all in on something. Brother Ray has been a part of his fair share of violence and just wants to live a peaceful life. He leads a group of people and wants to achieve a better life for himself and them. He is actually a good man, and these—just like cold openings—are few and far between, so it was refreshing to see a character who chooses peace over violence.

Three men from the Brotherhood without Banners came by their camp to take money or food from Brother Ray. He—being the pacifist type—seemingly talked them out of it and they were on their way, no harm no fowl. Later, while The Hound was in the woods chopping wood, the men came back and slaughtered the whole camp, including dear Brother Ray. It was a really sad sight! The Hound was trying so hard to have something that resembled a normal life; he tried to put his past self behind him. Instead, The Hound will now have to channel his anger—the anger he said that keeps him going—into killing the Brotherhood. The last we see of him in this episode has him picking up an axe and strutting out of the village.. There are so many axe puns I want to make here, but I’ll refrain. The Hound hates bullies, and the Brotherhood is being just that. From what I heard from book lovers, this could mean the return of yet another character in a new form as Lady Stoneheart. Seeing as they aren’t following too much from the books anymore,this is all speculation, but it sounds pretty cool to me. Why not bring every character back this season?


Speaking of bringing characters back: Bronn’s back! I love Bronn so much and am so glad he was back this week. He and Jaime have some great conversations and banter. My favorite moment was when Jaime turns to Bronn and starts to say, “A Lannister always pays his debts”, but Bronn cuts him off by saying, “Don’t say it! Don’t fucking say it!” This team up makes me miss the Tyrion and Bronn days though. I’m just a big fan of male duos.

Jaime, Bronn and 800 of their closest army friends stroll into Riverrun to try to take back what Blackfish as taken. Frey’s men are already there trying (unsuccessfully) to do the same thing. They stand up there with what looks like maybe 20 men and hold up Edmure Tully, threatening to kill him if Blackfish does not surrender. Blackfish is not a dumb dude and he’s states he isn’t  going anywhere; he calls their bluff. Jaime basically laughs in their face and tells them to leave it to the big boys. Let’s talk about Freys for a second: what a bunch of idiots. This is the power Walder Frey wants to show? These men—if you can even call them that—are pathetic. Blackfish does not care one bit; he’s got Riverrun and two years worth of provisions, he’s done. I felt embarrassed for them when Jaime showed up with his giant army. Then I felt embarrassed for Jamie when he tried his hand at threatening Blackfish. Has no one learned that he has a step off attitude and no one can touch him? I really don’t think this is a battle you can win Jaime. You are better off teaming up with him, or you should take your army back to King’s Landing and stand up for yourself.

Back in King’s Landing, Margaery is continuing her manipulation tour. She’s playing the reformed girl really well; she’s just trying to survive the best she can. That talk she had with the High Sparrow where he was telling her she needed to perform her wifely duties in the marriage bed made me gag; it was so cringeworthy. His advice on the subject was just appalling. I know that those were the ideas during that time period, but it was still hard to listen to. Anyways, Margaery has a talk with Grandma Olenna and tries to get her to leave Kings Landing. Olenna doesn’t want to leave without Margaery and doesn’t understand how she turned into this righteous person. Margaery secretly gives her a note that has a rose on it; this was code for “I’m still loyal to House Tyrell,” but to me it just looked like a rose. Margaery seems pretty stuck though. I’m not sure if her manipulations will be enough to save her. Please, GoT, don’t kill Margaery– kill Tommen, and just leave her alone!


Sassy Olenna Tyrell makes a lovely appearance this episode; she says some real winners. She sasses the pants (skirt? dress?) off of Cersei Lannister. Some highlights include: “I wonder if you’re the worst person I’ve ever met.” and “You’ve lost, Cersei; it’s the only joy I can find in this misery.” Cersei is just trying to protect her son and it seems she needs Olenna’s help. The two are gearing up to be teammates, it seems. They hate each other, but the enemy of my enemy is my friend seems to apply here. Down with the High Sparrow! I’m kind of scared about what is brewing in Cersei’s mind, though. Again, please don’t kill Margaery!

Let’s take a moment and have a pity party for dear Theon Greyjoy. He’s in a place where there is alcohol and naked woman and he, how do I say this, lacks the proper equipment to handle things the way he used to. He’s terrified and has to watch his sister—dang she is smooth with the ladies—and his men fondle these ladies and have fun. His sister has a real talk moment with him, telling him she needs to old Theon, not this sorry excuse for him. If he can’t be the old Theon he should just kill himself right now, because he’s useless to her. Give him a break Yara, his manhood was stripped from him, literally, and he doesn’t know how to live anymore. She was able to get through to him though, and they are, indeed, on their way to Meereen to meet up with Dany, her dragons, and her giant army! I was totally right about that one! She’ll need ships and boy do they have them for her! Seeing as GoT has done away with travel they will probably be there next episode!

Alright let’s talk about Arya and her stupidity. Arya, dear sweet, Arya, what were you thinking? You manage to pay your way onto a ship heading to Westeros and you stop to take a look at the horizon with your back turned?! Never turn your back, Arya, never! You betrayed The House of Black and White and The Waif is after you! The Waif found Arya and stabbed her multiple times; she did a number on Arya in the stabbing department. The last we saw of Arya she was walking through town holding her bleeding stomach. They can’t kill Arya. They wouldn’t have set all of this up just to kill her. Game of Thrones is smarter than that. Arya is a trained ninja assassin now; she has to survive and go back to Westerns and join the fight. I want her to go kill Cersei herself and the Mountain (can he die again?); She can’t do that if she’s dead. I read that Arya is George R. R. Martin’s Wife’s favorite character, so that means she can’t die right? Right? I’m scared, those wounds looked pretty bad. Maybe she’ll run into someone she knows and they will save her at the last second, or bring her back from the dead. On the other hand, what is her role in Game of Thrones now? Sansa’s is to reunite the North and that’s why her character was redeemed, because she has a purpose. Arya’s purpose is becoming more and more non existent and that scares me. Hopefully, something will be revealed next episode that will relieve this discomfort and unknowing.


Sorry Arya, but I have a new favorite young girl character on this show now: Lady Lyanna Mormont. If every kid could be like her that would be great, thanks! She was strong, sassy, and an overall bad ass. I was not expecting her to be on the throne when they arrived at Bear Island and it was an awesome surprise. She wasn’t having any of Jon Snow or Sansa’s nonsense; she saw right through them. Ser Davos had to step in with some real talk about how the dead are actually on their way and this convinced Lyanna to agree to give Jon a whopping 62 men.

Jon and Sansa continued their trek to regaining support in the North. They got to each House real fast; I don’t know why I continue to be surprised by the lack of travel. They were able to get the Wildling’s on board without the giant though—bummer. They tried to gain Lord Glover’s help, but he is still scarred from following Robb Stark and how that all ended. He said they once followed the Stark’s but now, “House Stark is dead”. This made Sansa pretty mad; she has this whole revenge plan and he ruined it! So of course she fell right into Littlefinger’s manipulations and sent him a letter. Sansa, girl, you were doing so well in the intelligence department why falter now? So much for “The North Remembers”.

The battle between the living and the dead is becoming more and more a reality. Everyone fears them and I’m not sure Jon Snow’s army is enough. I’m team Stark but we need more Valyrian Steel and more men–where is Sam? The Dragons need to get there yesterday because their fire will destroy the undead. Since travel is no longer a thing I bet they could get there in time. Maybe Littlefinger won’t be awful this time and actually help. Somewhere deep down he has feelings, I’m sure. I have a feeling this season is going to end on another major cliff hanger and we won’t see the battle until next season.

There you have it, so much packed into one episode. I think it felt shorter because it kept going back to the same character segments. This episode was really important and that’s why I thought it was one of the best this season. I’m usually not a fan of setup, but with Game of Thrones it’s all good, because I know they won’t disappoint me. The anticipation and anxiousness is all a part of the game. There was also so much sass from so many characters; I’m a big fan of sass. It just brings a little humanity to these characters when they show off their sassiness and in this show you need a little humanity to get you through an episode. There are three episodes left in season six and at this point anyone could die. I don’t think Hodor was the last death we will see this season–along with Ramsay of course. Two questions before I end though: Where is Gendry? And what happened with the Dorne women? They have totally forgotten about both of them. I don’t really care about Dorne, it’s just funny to me– but Gendry where are you man? Still rowing, I suppose…

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