Game of Thrones S06 E06 “Blood of My Blood” Review

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Sam-Gilly-Game-of-Thrones-Season-6-Blood-of-My-Blood   “Blood of My Blood”

Warning this post is dark and full of spoilers

This week’s episode was a bit of a let down from the previous two. We saw the return of some familiar faces—some loved, some loathed—and more set up of what’s to come. It was an exciting episode, don’t get me wrong, just comparatively wasn’t on the same level as the Stark reunion or Hodor’s death. “Blood of my Blood” did get me jazzed for the remaining episodes of the season, as there are some big things afoot.


We begin the episode with an exhausted Meera struggling to drag Bran through the snow. Bran is still in vision land, and we see flashes of moments through Game of Thrones’s past. Some highlights include: The Red Wedding (tear), White Walkers and their undead army charging The Wall, the Tower of Joy and—the best one—our first viewing of The Mad King himself, Aerys Targaryen. We even heard him say “burn them all!”. This was major foreshadowing. Meera eventually could not take it anymore and had to drop Bran; She gave up just as the Undead were catching up to them. All hope seemed lost until a cloaked stranger came in and saved the day with fire nunchucks! It is later revealed that the cloaked stranger is none other than the long lost Benjen Stark! He revealed that The Children had partially turned him into White Walker, and since Bran is now the Three-Eyed Raven—thanks to his stupidity that caused the death of the previous one—he was able to summon his Uncle to save them. This was a huge reveal; the identity and whereabouts of Benjen have only been rumored up until now. This also sets up for the inevitable battle between the living and the dead since Benjen said his endgame was to get to the Wall and stop the Night King. This was also another reunion of the Stark family; a reunion we never really had on our minds. I was very shocked when he took off his cloak because I always thought that the long haired White Walker was Benjen; they have a close resemblance. Benjen is almost a White Walker so I wasn’t totally wrong.

We got to see an episode of “Meet The Tarly’s” and it was really sad. Sam did not grow up in a supportive environment. Momma Tarly seemed really nice, but his father was just plain awful. He was actually calling Sam fat and worthless to his face. He also hates Wildlings—which Gilly is—so this reunion was doomed from the start. Gilly stood up for Sam and gave him the confidence he needed. So they left Horn Hill and took the Valyrian steel sword named “Heartsbane” with them. This sword was the House Tarly Sword and belonged to his father, so taking it is a real power move. I’m really excited for this moment for Sam; He was able to stick it to his father. I’m really proud of him—even though he needed help from Gilly—he really showed that he is more capable than his father (or anyone) gives him credit for. Now he can join Jon and together with “Heartsbane” and “Longclaw” they will be unstoppable.


Back in Braavos, Arya had one job: poison the actress and take her face. She couldn’t go through with it though, and she gave up. She stood in that audience and watched that play portraying her family in a horrible light and probably realized she had more to accomplish. She was not done being Arya Stark so she did exactly what I knew she would do: found Needle again and left the House of Black and White. Her chances of survival now are very low though; she has nowhere to go and has a bounty on her head. My boy Jaqen put a hit out for her, saying, “make sure she doesn’t suffer”. Now she’s alone, on her own, and who knows where she will go next.

Walder Frey makes an appearance in all his terrible glory. Even though I will never forgive him for The Red Wedding–which this episode kept reminding us of over and over again–he provided some comic relief. He was berating two of his men for losing “The Blackfish”, aka Brynden Tully, and therefore allowing him to take over River Run. We also got a glimpse of Catelyn Stark’s brother, Edmure Tully,–whom last we saw was getting taken away for his bedding ceremony at The Red Wedding–as he was presented in front of Walder Frey to use against Brynden. What bothered me the most about this sequence was the fact that Edmure was in jail since end of season three and he has little to no facial hair… like are they shaving him? It made absolutely no sense to me. But I digress. I was wondering when all of this was going to come back into play since season six seems to be the bring-everything-back-that-we-never-touched-on-before season.


In King’s Landing, Jaime and the Tyrells have arrived to take Margaery back with them before her walk of atonement (shame). Little did they know, earlier Margaery had used her manipulative powers against Tommen to get him to join forces with the High Sparrow. Jaime was totally blind sided when he arrived; he looked totally betrayed and helpless. He told Tommen that as long as he wears that crown he has the power to make his own choices, but Tommen is highly influenced by Margaery’s feminine wiles. Tommen told Jaime that he has served his purpose and is sending him away. Ouch. Your own father Tommen, but I guess you don’t know that. He’s probably sending Jaime back to Casterly Rock, as well. Jaime and Cersei say their goodbyes–it can’t be just them anymore now–Cersei has trial by combat to do and Jaime is exiled. Cersei doesn’t seem worried though, she’s over it and knows with The Mountain on her side she’s got this. This High Sparrow business has gotten way out of hand. I’m excited for next week’s episode: what are the Lannisters and the Tyrells going to do? They will have to team up for real this time, completely. This High Sparrow guy is not going to take this sitting down; he’s not easily intimidated.

Dany was riding along with her Dothraki posse, when all of a sudden she says hang on and rides off. She’s gone for a good minute and everyone is confused (including the audience). Then you see Drogon dramatically soaring through the sky with Dany in tow. Side note: where did her horse go? I really thought we would see her fly in on her horse on top of Drogon. She made this epic speech asking if everyone would follow her (everyone said yes). As if anyone wouldn’t agree to follow someone who is literally on top of a fire-breathing dragon. So maybe it might actually be time for her to stop talking about taking over Westeros, and actually taking action. She’s been talking about this for 5 and a half seasons now and I’m so ready for her to burn it all to the ground. She’s been Hamlet-ing her way through Game of Thrones this entire time; all talk and no action. It’s time Dany, you have everything in place, just go do it! Just do it!

So, yeah, not the most exciting episode of Game of Thrones but a lot went on and will go on because of this episode. What I love about Game of Thrones is even slower episodes like this are still pretty great! This season is going by way too fast! I need to catch my breath with all the information it’s given me! Characters are on their journeys and aren’t wasting any time. I don’t know about you all but I’m ready for a giant battle and I know it’s getting here fast!

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