Game of Thrones S06E05 “The Door” Review

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“The Door”

Warning the following is dark and full of spoilers

This week’s Game of Thrones had me in actual tears. “The Door” was really heart wrenching and tragic. There was some excitement, particularly from my girl Sansa and some new information/set up, but other than that I was left pretty heartbroken. It has been a really long time since I felt really sad about a character who has died. Sure Jon Snow was killed at the end of last season, but I never actually thought he was dead. Oberyn was disgustingly killed in season four but he was introduced that season so there wasn’t too much time to really love him. I think the last time was Robb Stark at the Red Wedding: that death really killed my soul for a while. This death didn’t hurt me as much, but man this was really sad and I don’t know what to do with my strong feelings just yet.


Let’s get the other minor segments of the episode out of the way. In Meereen, Tyrion and Varys contacted a new character, Vinara, to help with spreading the word that Daenerys is still the best queen in the league. Vinara is the new Red Priestess for the God of Light. She had brunette hair though; being a Red Priestess has nothing to do with your hair color, it just bothered me a little. Varys was skeptical about this lady’s powers and the God of Light– with good reason since the last time a Red Priestess, *cough* Melisandre *cough* swore that someone was the chosen one they ended up being terribly wrong, i.e Stannis. Vinara walked right up to him and dropped some truth bombs about how he became a eunuch and that some voice whispered something to him in the flames. If she wasn’t powerful, how could she know all of that? I really like this Vinara lady– she seems like she is going to be a fire cracker. I’m also really curious what he heard in the flames!

On the Iron Islands, Yara Greyjoy was standing in front of everyone pledging that she would be the next ruler following her father’s death. Theon actually stood up for her and said she is the Queen of the Iron Islands. It was a great redeemable moment for Theon; he could have been like hey, I’m the only son of the late Balon Greyjoy so yeah I’ll be king, but he didn’t because he knows his sister is better. Yara has been there this entire time defending the Iron Islands and helping her father. She deserves this more than anyone. I was so excited for this; everyone was in agreement that she would be Queen. But of course, Euron Greyjoy, Balon’s brother (who murdered him), arrives to claim the throne. He makes all these promises of how he will turn everything around for the Islands. He promised that he was going to sail with everyone over to where Dany is, marry her, ride one of her dragons, and give her his ships and men. This seemed really promising for the other men and they began chanting his name instead of Yara’s. Sure, all of his promises sound great, but they are so unrealistic that it’s rather funny. Dany would welcome the ships but she wouldn’t marry him: she’s above all of that. Poor Yara. She was so close to having everything she wanted. She had her brother back and still some loyal supporters, though, and they stole the best ships and sailed away while Euron was drowning in order to become King. That is a such a weird and dangerous way to become King; like actually drowning, why would anyone sign up for that? I guess the Drowned God saved him and made him worthy but, still, what if he had actually died? I wonder where Yara and Theon are going– maybe to get to Dany first? that would be cool– or to support the Starks, that would be even cooler!

We also finally found out how the White Walkers were created. In a Bran Vision we see The Children of the Forest pushing a piece of dragonglass into the heart of a man, turning him into a walking icicle of destruction. They claimed it was because they were tired of the First Men on their land so they needed an army to destroy them. So now they have these White Walkers, who have the ability to put together zombie armies, out there in the world. This was an awesome reveal– a pretty big one at that– but kind of made me mad. Why would you create something so powerful? Those things always come back to turn on you! I’ll get to that later though.

One of the more sad segments was Arya’s. She’s trying so desperately to prove that she is truly no one and wants to become Faceless. But Jaqen wants her to be really sure, so he sent her on a mission to bring him the face of an actress in Braavos. Arya goes to see a theater troupe performance of the War of the Five Kings. It was really painful for Arya (and for us) to watch, because it depicts Ned Stark as a dishonorable man, and to turn the knife even more, shows his beheading. Arya’s face was just so devastated but she knew she had a mission: she had to get that face or she wouldn’t be able to prove she was Faceless. I think this was the beginning of her maybe choosing not to be Faceless, or at least it was pulling her in that direction. She does still have her sword “Needle” hidden somewhere in the rocks, which is a tie to her identity as Arya. She definitely wants to be no one, but I can still see it’s a difficult choice.


I said in the beginning that excitement came from my girl Sansa and it sure did. She gets reunited with Littlefinger and brings Brienne along with her to the meeting. This is another example of the way that GoT has gotten rid of travel because he got to here fast! He only said last episode that he was going to go meet up with her. Anyway, Sansa finally gets to be face to face with the man who put her with Ramsay in the first place. The man that saved her from the Lannister’s, who killed her family, only to betray her by putting her with the Boltons, who also killed her family.

This scene showed so much of Sansa’s strength. She stood there in front of Littlefinger and stood up for herself. She had all of the power, something that Littlefinger is not used to at all. She made him feel all the guilt for selling her to the Boltons. He just kept saying he was sorry– like that is going to cut it buddy. She made him tell her out loud what Ramsay did to her. Even though she should have never trusted Littlefinger in the first place, this was the biggest moment for Sansa. She has come such a long way from season one. If you had told me in season one about this scene I would’ve laughed in your face. She’s made a complete 180 from who she was. She also has mad strategic skills too; she knows which Houses she can get back on her side and Littlefinger did something good by telling her her uncle has an army in River Run with House Tully and she got Jon to agree to ride to get those families. This was probably Littlefinger’s plan all along: to manipulate Sansa into leaving Castle Black. Littlefinger always has a motive. I have come to respect Sansa Stark; she is the best Stark right now, in my opinion. That is something I never thought I’d ever say. I was just so happy when she put Littlefinger in his place– someone had to. She said, “I can still feel it … I can still feel what he did in my body standing here right now.” This scene gave me chills.

In a brief scene, Dany finds out that Ser Jorah has Greyscale and will kill himself before he becomes fully immersed. In an emotional moment Dany orders him to find a cure and return to her once he does and stand by her side. He agrees and rides off. I hope he does find the cure and comes back in a heroic way. He deserves all the happiness for all the good he’s done.


So now here we are: time to discuss the tragedy of this episode. Bran thought it was a good idea to go on a vision quest by himself and he ended up getting touched by the Night’s King, and is now being tracked. The Three-Eyed Raven told him several times to be careful, and he does something stupid anyway. The Night’s King, his fellow White Walkers, and a giant undead army arrive– rather quickly I might add– and begin entering the cave. Bran is still in a vision with the Three-Eyed Raven back where a young Hodor is. Meera is trying desperately to get Bran out of there and Hodor is having an episode. Hodor eventually gets it together with the help of Bran entering his mind. The White Walkers kill the Three-Eyed Raven and Meera throws a sword and kills a White Walker in an awesome moment. Summer stays behind to fend off the undead and gets brutally murdered. That was the first tragedy! I can’t handle it when animals die, you could hear her whimpers! Meera and Hodor drag Bran frantically down a long hallway while being chased by the undead. They get out of a door and Meera yells at Hodor to hold the door over and over again to keep the undead from getting out. Inside of Bran’s vision he can hear Meera yelling, “Hold the door!” Apparently so can young Hodor, because he starts having a seizure and repeats “Hold the door” over and over again until he only says “Hodor”. Grown Hodor holds the door long enough for the undead to rip him apart and although we don’t see him actually die, he has to be dead after that. So it is revealed that he can only say “Hodor” because of the escape of Meera and Bran in the present. I don’t even know how to handle this scene. The past and the present are linked in more ways than we could have ever imagined. It’s all so confusing and my soul is just done. What does all of this mean? So many questions! Summer is dead which might be a metaphor for winter actually arriving (and the notorious cuts to the production budget). Winter is no longer coming, it is here. Now there are only two Dire Wolves left: Ghost and the missing Nymeria. Hodor died heroically though, which is all we can ask of a death I guess. It was just so devastating; I don’t know what to do with my feelings.

So in true Game of Thrones fashion, the happy feelings from last week’s Jon and Sansa reunion have been replaced with sadness. This was an exciting episode though, and shocking in all the right ways. They are still quickly moving along and not stopping anytime soon. So much has already happened in five episodes so the last five won’t be any different I’m sure. Everything is just weird and supernatural now. Game of Thrones knows how to play with your heart strings that’s for sure. Something big is coming. I keep being left with questions though– I want answers. In the meantime I will mourn the loss of Summer and Hodor!

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