12 Monkeys S2E5 Bodies of Water Review

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12 Monkeys - Season 2

“Bodies of Water”

Warning: Spoilers


So this is the first episode where we truly know what the stakes are: keep any of the Primaries from being killed, or see the world destroyed entirely. Easy, right? Definitely not. But if anything were easy, we wouldn’t have the show we know and love, would we?


In 2016 we see Olivia go into the room of the 12 Monkeys and drink from the red tea, and for the first time, we see how communication occurs with The Witness. He seems to not appear often as a corporeal being, but instead writes stuff on the walls of the run down house.  This includes telling Olivia that in 1957-59 that the house was his home. When she protests that time was not supposed to be altered, and that the cycle was supposed to hold, he simply states, “Time evolves,” and that Olivia needs to find Cassie and prepare her. When Olivia becomes angry and states she should just kill Cassie, the Witness becomes agitated and starts to write “NO” over and over again. The scene is genuinely frightening and unsettling–it troubles me, to know that Cassandra is part of their plans, and the more we see of the Witness, the more I am worried about who he truly is. Someone that protective of Cassie–could it be Cole? I’m just speculating, of course.

12 Monkeys - Season 2

Back in 2044, Jones and Cole watch the red sky, and speak of the lack of time they all have. There is a true sense of impending doom in all of this, and in one of my most anticipated scenes of this season, Cole goes to meet with old!Jennifer. She is so happy to see him, and it’s genuinely touching to see their reunion, even if Cole is unsure of the entire situation. One thing he is sure of, though, is trying to convince Jennifer to come back to the facility with them. I love that despite the age differences between them, he is still trying to take care of her, but as she says, her army is better than any army the 12 Monkeys has. She doesn’t need protecting any more, and again she proves how awesome the women on this show are. She throws in some great little pop-culture quotes, which is a throwback to the original movie (something I love that they still do). Jennifer says that as Primaries age, their power fades as well, so if they are to find the next Primary in danger, it is imperative they go back to 2016 and get the younger version of herself–because the next Primary death will be the end of the world. Cole states he’ll go back, but Jennifer says that it has to be Cassie, as that’s how she remembers it.

Of course, when Cole relays this information to Cassie, she is very unhappy with the turn of events. Cole tries to defend Jennifer to both her and Ramse, but as Cassie says, she’s worse than bad. Things seem to be easing between the trio, at least, even if they don’t see eye to eye on this situation in particular. This episode had a great deal of humor within it as well, despite the subject matter; it was good to have the levity there.


In other news, Deacon sent some men out on a supply run, and out of the five, only one returns. Apparently a man who calls himself the ‘Foreman’ found them and killed all but the one who got away. Deacon (rightly) determines that the escapee made a deal, and as he doesn’t take kindly to traitors, shoots him dead. Ramse looks at him with disbelief and says, “You have all this responsibility, and you’re still a homicidal asshole.” Well, yes, Ramse. Sometimes people have to do what is necessary to survive. Especially in this world. I hate to say it, but I’m starting to be  #TeamDeacon. Cassie seems troubled by this turn of events, but doesn’t sway Deacon much; love him or hate him, at least the man has principles. He also has my favorite line of the episode– “Hey look, it’s time Jesus!” Yes, he calls Cole ‘Time Jesus’–this episode is on fire with the quips.

2016 Jennifer is taking medication and seems to be enjoying life–she even has gotten herself a pet: the exact turtle she has in 2044. Good to know she keeps taking care of little Terry. It’s a great, bittersweet scene, as we know that the happiness is artificial, and isn’t going to last. She seems to have friends, and takes them to the hotel where she waits eagerly to find out if Cole has taken up residence in 607. He hasn’t of course–it’s Cassie, instead. She’s disappointed, and tells Cassie that she can’t sense the Primaries anymore due to her medication. Cassie is pissed and tries to explain the situation, but genuinely, Cass, cut the girl a break. Before things can get very far between Cass and Jen, though, one of Jennifer’s friends comes up to check on her…only to attack Cassie. Seems Jen’s friends were only there to spy on her, and we get to see Cassie use some of her awesome new fighting skills as she takes the woman down, and they escape in a car.  

Once safely on the road, Cassie again tries to explain that Jennifer has to be the one to help her find the next Primary; Jennifer tells her to vet her sources better next  time, to which Cassie quips, “You were my source,” and goes on to mention that maybe every version of Jennifer is a bitch. Touche, Cass. Jennifer keeps trying to explain that she can’t trigger her visions anymore, and in a pretty callous fashion, Cassie is going through Jen’s medical file to determine what could trigger the visions again. It’s painful to see Jen struggling; it’s clear that having the Primary gift is a serious burden. Much to my surprise, Cassie seems to finally realize this and calms down…and Jennifer calms in turn. It’s a lovely moment, where they reach an understanding. They decide to go back to Jen’s summer house because, “Rehashing my darkest memories saves time and space! Why not!”

12 Monkeys - Season 2
Once at the summer house, Jennifer already starts to see visions of a wet woman, flashing in and out of her sightlines. It’s disturbing, something straight out of a horror movie, but to her credit, Jennifer stays calm during the entire situation. They visit her room, where the place is littered with her drawings–including of one when Cole was made whole again in Season One. She says that she’s been drawing these visions her entire life, and that her mother tried to drown her due to them. Cassie shares that her own mother was kind, but died when she was ten; Jen doesn’t blame her mother, as her mother thought Jennifer was going to end the world, and she was right. In some amazing character development, Cassie says that Jen’s mother was wrong, and so was she. I love watching characters grow and change as people–especially when it feels earned, and organic. All Jennifer and Cassie needed was some time alone. Perhaps that is what old!Jennifer knew, which is why she sent Cassie back, instead of Cole.

Back in 2044, Cole is trying to reason with Jones over Deacon, but Jones won’t have it–she says that Deacon is a necessary evil, and they simply have to make do and learn to work with the man, as they have bigger problems right now. While Ramse thinks that is bullshit (I think you’re bullshit, Ramse), there most likely is no way for things to be okay with the group as a whole so long as Deacon is there. Deacon, to his credit, is trying to figure out the Foreman issue, and ways that the man won’t be a problem to the facility. Cole and Ramse tell him that while he deals with that, they are going to check on an anomaly. True to form, Deacon says that he is going to go with them, as he controls the access to the cars, so if they want to drive, they have to take him along.

12 Monkeys - Season 2

On the way to the anomaly location, all three of them have a very good debate on what it means to live in the world, and how to survive. Deacon, rightfully, says that he could kill every day and never reach Ramse’s body count, and there is no point in saving the future if you can’t live in it. The boys may not like Deacon’s viewpoint, but the man…he lives and breathes this life, and has kept them alive often when others wouldn’t. It should be respected.

Jennifer, back in 2016, finally flashes back to her horrible, tragic past, and remembers the name of the Primary they need to find: Kyle Slade. He’s from the 1970s–1975, to be exact. Thank you, Pallid Man, for that exact date. He also informs them that there are two messengers there already. While Cassie is outnumbered in guns, she puts her gun to Jennifer’s head–a gambit that should pay off. After all, if she pulls the trigger, all time will end. However, the Pallid Man rightfully guesses that she won’t pull the trigger on her friend and…no, she doesn’t. Bad News Bears.

Olivia arrives and makes the Pallid Man leave, stating she is in charge of the cycle, not him. She forces Jennifer to leave the room, and as she makes Cassie drink the red tea, our doctor is ever defiant, saying that she’s killed messengers: “Eight down, four to go. And then you.” As she struggles in her own nightmare, Jennifer finds a map of time–or as it’s called, ‘The Word of the Witness’. Cole seems to be at the center of it, and Jen sees her own death, as well (September 23, 2044). It’s a beautiful, interesting thing, clearly written, and rewritten over and over again. While time seems to change, it is fixed, as well.


In what might be the stupidest thing Cole and Ramse have ever done, in 2044, it seems there was no anomaly after all–they set up an exchange. Safety from the Foreman for Deacon. I have a feeling this isn’t going to go so well. Deacon, to his credit, tells the boys that he would have done the same thing, and is beaten as the boys leave.


Cassie continues to have visions of the Witness who I swear  says his name is Erin (though I may be wrong). Jennifer, though, starts to play music, which draws Cassie out of the vision, and helps get her to safety–it’s such a role reversal from what has happened before, and again, I love watching these two help one another. The two of them do get cornered by Olivia, but Jennifer pulls a switchblade on her, and in a fitting goodbye says, “You know the one difference between you and my mother? I get to say goodbye to you,” before stabbing her, leaving her for dead. Again, it’s amazing to see Jennifer so strong and action-oriented: she not only saves her life, but the life of Cassie.


In 2044, Jones, understandably, is pissed over what Cole and Ramse have done–though really it doesn’t matter, because guess who made it back? Deacon! Hell yeah, go Deacon! He may look beaten to hell, but he survived (we also find out that the Foreman killed Deacon’s brother). He states that he won’t tell anyone if Cole won’t, and that if Cole brings back some whiskey from the past, perhaps they can talk out their differences. I think this is going to be the start of something different between the two of them–but I just have to say, this episode cemented my love of Deacon completely.  What a powerhouse!


Watching over her dying body, the Pallid Man expresses disappointment in Olivia, but does state that Cassie’s immersion was complete. That’s a horrible, terrifying thought–and I don’t think it bodes well for anyone, especially Cassie.

Cole arrives in 2016, just as Cassie is ordering his favorite drink from 1944–which he is touched that she remembers. She informs him that she is going to stay in this time, as Jennifer got hurt, and needs her; she doesn’t inform him about what happened in the vision, which troubles me. Cassie also tells him about Kyle, the 70s Primary, and that he isn’t like the others–that he is genuinely dangerous. It is clear that the two of them have started to patch up their differences. If they will ever find that connection again, well–who knows. It seems they will be split in time for a bit longer.


In 1975, Kyle Slade smiles, and says Cole is finally coming for him.
Guess we are heading for a disco boogie guys–in a very nasty, very dirty version of New York City. Let’s hope everyone makes it back alive.

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