Game of Thrones S06E03 “Oathbreaker”

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Warning the following is dark and full of spoilers

Here we are, third episode in, and we get candy dangled in front of us only for it to be taken away. This was a build up episode throughout. They throw in little foreshadowing lines and moments that excite us just to move on to the next character. If this was any other show I would be upset and angered but this is what GoT does and they always deliver, so I’m not worried.

Sam and Gilly arrive to the game finally, better late than never. We don’t really learn too much from them other than they aren’t on their way to Old Town like Gilly had been excited about. Sam reveals they are traveling to his home of Horn Hill. We also find out that Sam’s word isn’t all true. Last season he promised Gilly that wherever she went he would too, but he revealed that he is going to leave Gilly and baby Sam in Horn Hill where they are safe and go back to helping Jon. Sam’s heart is in the right place but he really shouldn’t break promises like that, as much as I love his loyalty to Jon Snow.


In Braavos, Arya goes through training.The ninja training montage I wanted to see actually comes to light. She starts out as a weak fighter, but as time goes on, she chips Arya away bit by bit. She is becoming stronger and is able to succeed and fight back like the little ninja I know she could be. The wraith beats her down emotionally too, until she no longer is confused by her life and tells the exact truth. She succeeds, and my boy Jaqen H’ghar arrives to have her drink from the pond in the House of the Black and the White that has killed anyone who drinks from it. But since Arya is truly no one, she won’t die. She drank, and her blindness goes away! She became blind because she abused the power of the many faced God and killed someone from her past showing she was still Arya. So now that she has shed herself of the Arya persona, she can be whole again and her truest self. This whole segment was really existential and deep.

Next we have Bran Stark who is still on his vision quest with the Three-Eyed-Raven. This week we get only a tiny tease into The Tower of Joy. This is a mystery that book lovers have apparently been waiting for, forever, or so I hear. What we see is Ned Stark and his friend Howland Reed fighting Ser Arthur Dayne in order to save his sister. Together they take down Dayne. They hear a woman crying in pain from the tower and Ned runs to investigate. Was that his sister? Bran runs after him disobeying the Raven’s (or Max Von Sydow) orders and calls out to his father, who turns around. Did Ned actually hear him? Can Bran communicate with those in his visions? Those questions weren’t answered tonight. What we did learn was that Bran can’t leave until he learns everything. What is everything? This segment brought nothing but questions; it was nothing but a tease. An exciting tease, but a tease none the less.

So let’s take a look at the Starks: Ned, Catelyn and Robb are confirmed dead, Sansa is on her way to Castle Black, broken but alive, Bran is off on his vision quest, Arya is no one, and there is another Stark we have all probably forgotten about: Rickon. Last we saw Rickon he and Osha were leaving Bran and Hodor for safer pastures back in season three. We haven’t seen or heard from Rickon in almost three seasons. Well this week, he shows back up but not for happy reasons. Lord Umber brought him, Osha, and the head of Shaggy Dog as a gift to Ramsay to show his loyalty. This hurt me so much. I can’t stand animal deaths, so was that really necessary? Ramsay has a Stark boy in his possession. This brought up so many questions. How far did they get in the past few seasons? Were they with Lord Umber this entire time? Why does Lord Umber want to betray the Starks this way? What is Ramsay going to do with Rickon? There are only two real options, seeing as Ramsay is crazy and those are: 1. Kill Him or 2. Marry Him. I, for one, hope it’s the latter because what twist(!!) but it’s most likely going to be the former. But that begs the question how long will he keep him? So many questions! Poor Rickon, I really thought you were somewhere safe!

In the Dothraki world, Dany is brought to the Temple of Dosh Khaleen. The Dosh Khaleen are widows of fallen Khals. Apparently she was supposed to immediately report there after Khal Drogo died, but instead she went out into the world and thus disrespected Dothraki traditions. Now she must answer for her actions and face the consequences. The Dothraki’s must come together from all over and decide if she lives or dies. My question is, do the Dosh Khaleen just stand there all day? It just seems like all they do is stand there and hang out. Anywho, my guess is Dany will say some great speech, say her enormously long name again (and actually have everyone care about it) and get herself out of this situation with a new army. Or her dragons will come and save her since now the other two are free from their chains.


Back in Meereen, Varys is back to his lovely scheming ways. He successfully found out who was funding the Sons of the Harpy, which are important people from Astapor Yunkai and Volantis, and they are doing this to get rid of Dany and her dragons. While waiting for Varys to get this information, Tyrion tries unsuccessfully to have a conversation with Grey Worm and Missandei. This was a pretty hilarious exchange. They aren’t the best conversationalists and don’t know how to play games so Tyrion was at a loss. I love the comic relief he adds to an otherwise entirely dramatic show.

Lady Olenna, Grandma Tyrell herself, shows back up in all her sassy glory. I was so happy when I saw her and she did not hold back the sass. She put Cersei in her place with saying, “I understand how things can get confusing in your family”. I hope she is here to stay. She is seated at the small council table with her son Mace Tyrell, and Kevan Lannister. Cersei and Jaime arrive with Zombie Mountain to claim Jaime’s rightful spot on the small council being Lord Commander of the King’s Guard, and that they can’t make them leave. Uncle Lannister spits back with cool you stay, we’ll go and they all stand up and leave. Sorry Cersei and Jaime, I guess it is really the two of you against everyone else. This is what you wanted. Also Cersei wants Varys’s “Little Birds” (children spies) to be sent to every kingdom to report on anything going on that is against Cersei. An army of children spies sounds really scary to me.

Tommen tried to be a man and stick up for his mother to the High Sparrow, but he got put in his place too. Tommen is so easily manipulated it’s not even cute anymore. He should really have a baby sitter at this point. The High Sparrow sat him down and talked of Gods and religion and all of a sudden Tommen was compliant. He went on and on last episode about how he wanted to learn to be a man, but I guess he needs more teaching– I hope it’s not too late . I hope the High Sparrow hasn’t gotten into his head too much. We shall see.

Finally to Castle Black. There seems to be a pattern in the past three episodes where they begin and end in Castle Black. Jon Snow’s story is the one I am most excited and intrigued by; up until tonight seeing as we thought he was dead for an entire year and only found out last week that he is alive! So in the beginning we find Jon trying to figure out how he is alive. He is in such disbelief and sadness. He remembers being stabbed and betrayed and he is really hurt by that. Melisandre asked him if he remembered anything after dying and he said, “Nothing”. Which was hilarious to me, because of the whole “You know nothing, Jon Snow” thing. Ser Davos stole Jon away and brought him out to address the Night’s Watch. You could tell that Melisandre wanted more time with him– I mean she did bring him back to life. This brings up so much for her and her brings back so much strength. She basically recreated Jon Snow, and she deserved more time. But alas, he struts out into the Night’s Watch and hugs Tormund and Dolourus Edd. Everyone thinks he’s a God. No one is sure if this is the real and true Jon Snow, but in some form they have him back.

At the end we revisit Castle Black and it’s time for Jon Snow to hang his murderers and betrayers. He gives them a chance to say their final words. One guy wastes his last by saying Snow shouldn’t be alive– well dude he is, and you no longer get anything else to say for the rest of your life. He says “This isn’t right” and Jon Snow throws back “Neither was killing me”. Dang, Jon Snow, back at it again with the snarky comebacks! Another asks Jon to lie about how he died to his wife: okay a little better but Jon Snow owes you nothing. Alliser Thorne had some parting words and the ones that stuck were, “But you, Lord Snow, you’ll be fighting their battles forever.” if that wasn’t a foreshadowing line I don’t what is. Olly, just stares at Jon and kind of looks like he’s going to spit in his face, but doesn’t. Jon hangs them and they die.

Jon walks up to Dolourus Edd and hands him his coat, basically making him the leader of the Night’s Watch. He said “My Watch has ended” and walks out. Jon Snow dropped the mic and left Castle Black. I mean he did die, so his watch has actually ended. They really should make some amendments to their contract if they want people to stay. Where is he going? Is he going back to Winterfell? Sansa is on her way to Castle Black– is she going to just miss him like all Starks do with each other?

Again, so many questions. So much excitement but so many questions! I love and hate this about set up episodes. They get you jazzed about the next episodes but the impatience consumes you! There are only seven episodes left now and so much left up in the air. Hopefully these questions will be answered sooner rather than later. I love the adrenaline I get from watching Game of Thrones, and all the anticipation I’m left with after episodes like this. But this might be too much to handle! I want so much to happen but I have to wait. And wait I shall, and my brain will fill with a thousand theories before next week arrives. Like “Oathbreaker” left me questions, I leave you with one as well. How awesome was it when Jon Snow dropped the mic and strutted out of Castle Black?

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