Flash: “Rupture” (Season 2, Episode 20)

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Flash: “Rupture” (Season 2, Episode 20)

WARNING: Spoilers

Wow, so a LOT happened in this week’s episode! And if this episode is any indication, our remaining episodes will be quite excellent. My game plan for this episode’s review (and most likely, each review I do here on out) will be to break down the major points of the show, and give both my explanation and opinion on what’s going on. So, without any further preamble, let’s get into what happened!

First, we discover at the very beginning of the episode that the Flash is back! He is chasing down villains who are involved in a high speed car chase. Cut to S.T.A.R. Labs and we discover that it is not actually the Flash chasing them down, but Barry and Cisco using a holographic projection system. Doctor Wells comes in after their success in stopping the villains, to remind them that what Barry actually needs is his powers back. Zoom, or any other intelligent villain, would see right through the hologram trick. Barry resists, stating that the particle accelerator wasn’t contained when it went off last time, and that it devastated the city. He isn’t willing to risk that without proof they can contain the blast. Barry makes the safe choice instead of taking the risk. This is actually the leitmotif, as it were, of this episode: the safe choice does not seem to yield the required results. What was most interesting to me was that this episode reintroduces us to Barry’s father, Henry, who moves back to Central City after Barry visits him and explains what’s happened. Henry is obviously anti-Well’s plan, being concerned for the safety of his son and what re-creating the experiment might mean. This episode also gave us Iris professing her newly admitted feelings to Barry, just before he goes through with Well’s recreation of the Particle Accelerator explosion. And, while it seemingly ended poorly for our hero, who disappeared in a flash of particles–no pun intended–I believe that this will vindicate Iris, Barry, and ultimately, Doctor Wells, who will undoubtedly be taking the brunt of the anger that will come from Henry, Joe, Iris, and Cisco.

Next up, we tackle Zoom and Caitlin. Making good on his promise from the previous episode, Zoom comes to our Earth with Caitlin to begin his inglorious reign of evil. He begins at the Central City Police Station, but Caitlin begs him to spare everyone’s life. Zoom seemingly relents, instead telling the officers to disperse and spread the word that Zoom has come to take over. Then, Zoom tells Reaper (Dante Ramon’s Earth-2 doppleganger) to kill the CCPD instead. Caitlin secretly gets a message out to the team, allowing them to stop Reaper using the hologram technology. All this does is enrage Zoom, who kills a majority of the CCPD at Jitters, and then Reaper for failing to do his assigned task. Honestly, other than the fact that Zoom is our “big bad,” I found this to be the least compelling part of this episode. I do not feel the chemistry between Caitlin and Zoom that would make this more interesting to watch. On top of that, Zoom isn’t a good person who is making poor decisions. No matter how much the show flashes back to his traumatic childhood moment, they have not done enough to make me empathize with their villain. As much as I enjoy Teddy Sears’ performance as Zoom, I will be glad when this arc is over.

Lastly, we have a re-emphasis on family, which I found to be just as entertaining during this episode as the main story point. There are two different angles that the show approaches this from. The first is Cisco. This episode has Cisco reuniting with his brother, Dante. And though it is rather clunky in terms of execution (because the show mainly brings Dante back so they have an excuse to bring in evil-Dante aka Reaper), I think it offers good insight into Cisco as a character. We get to see him struggle with the fact that he isn’t close with his family the way that Barry and Iris are close to Henry and Joe. We also get to see both his and Dante’s reactions to the letter Cisco wrote to them, should something have happened on Earth-2. That, and their mutual encounter with Reaper, brings them closer together, and also provides Cisco with some much needed direction. The second half to the family element are those that I was lamenting about needing more to do. As previously stated, Iris finally admits that she is not only over Eddie, but in love with Barry. We also see Wally and Jesse finally hit their stride. After being placed in the “Time Vault” by Joe to protect them from Zoom, Jesse breaks them out. While this isn’t a massively large piece of the episode, both of them are hit with stray particles from the experiment right after Barry “disappears.” Hopefully, we get to see more of them now that they should have powers! I know that I’m intrigued to see what the show has in store for them.

As previously stated, this episode had quite a few moving parts to it, but overall, it was a fantastic one that kept the pace moving. I’m excited to see how everything we got to experience in this show changes things going forward with The Flash. I’m also excited for next week, in which we get to view Kevin Smith’s directorial debut with The Flash!

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