Game of Thrones S6 E02 “Home” Review

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Warning the following is dark and full of spoilers

Since the first episode of this season was it’s usual uneventful self, I wanted something epic to happen in the second episode. I, however, wasn’t expecting it, because Game of Thrones can be a slow burn– but I felt like something was coming, something big. Game of Thrones delivered this week from start to finish. They aren’t playing around this season, they jumped right in after setting everything up last week. There were some weak parts but even then, GoT has such a high production value that everything looks amazing even when the story is weak! I am I excited for the rest of the season after this episode, so here we go!

cXINmbADRAqiYpkzIp0S_GameOfTrhones_Season6_Episode2_thumbSo remember Bran Stark? He wasn’t in Season five, and last time we saw him he was a young boy.  He has aged quite a bit and doesn’t even seem like the same actor. To recap, in Season four, Bran received help with his visions from the Three-Eyed Raven…and was left under a tree, with Meera Reed and Hodor.  It seems Bran is still having visions, and that includes  a sweet vision of his late father (Ned Stark) as a child learning to fight with his (possibly) late uncle Benjen and his late aunt Lyanna. It was nice seeing the Stark family together even if it wasn’t the one we know, love and miss. We also met a young Hodor, whose name is actually Willas. During this time period he still could speak, apparently.It was adorable. Bran loved it there and he wanted to stay, but he could get lost in his head if he does. He’s supposed to be learning from these visions– not living in them. We didn’t spend too much time in Bran’s storyline but it was a nice introduction back into his world. I’m excited to see where it goes, especially since we haven’t seen him for an entire season and in this show that’s an eternity.

maxresdefaultBack in King’s Landing, The Mountain brutally murdered a drunk man after he was talking about Cersei’s walk of shame. It was unexpected and (I guess) there to show how powerful he is. It was pretty epic and quite gross. Nothing too monumental happened in this segment– just more Lannister family drama. Tommen and Jaime have a heart to heart at Marcella’s funeral about how weak Tommen is. Tommen wonders how he can be a real king and protect his kingdom well enough if he can’t even protect his wife and mother. Jaime told him that everyone fails, and basically to be a man and go see his mother. Jaime then had a run in with the High Sparrow. As much as I am bored by the whole High Sparrow story, we see a whole new side of him that I kind of enjoyed. His interaction with Jaime was almost sinister. I love Jaime Lannister so much, and I feel he has had quite the journey over the course of the series. Tonight he made me fall in love with him again. He confessed his sins to the High Sparrow in order to challenge him on his idea of atonement. When Tommen visited his mother, he talked about how she raised him to be strong– I was really confused. I she raise him to be strong? It always seemed like she babied him, so I’m unsure how that translated into raising him to be strong. But it’s Tommen, and he’s not the sharpest. What I took from this was that the Lannister’s are a family again as much as they can be, and this just showcased that fact.

game-of-thrones-season-6-episode-2-180211Meanwhile, Tyrion scared me so much. His big plan to help Meereen was to make sure the dragons (that Dany chained underneath the city last season) knew that he was their friend. Already I have wonder, why is he being so stupid? Is this really going to be how we lose Tyrion? With what is going on with Jon Snow, no one is safe in this show. I was so scared that this was going to be it, taken down by fire breathing dragons. Instead, what we got was a nice tender scene showing the dragon’s incredible intelligence and the beginning of a beautiful friendship between them and Tyrion. He told this nice story about wanting a dragon as a child and that his father said they were long dead; he was happy to see that his father was wrong. He then unshackled both of them. This scene was kind of powerful in a weird way. On his way out, though, he commented on how stupid this idea was by telling Varis, “Next time I have an idea like that, punch me in the face”. Right now he’s being used as the comic relief and I’m okay with that.

In Braavos, Arya got a tad better at the whole blind-stick-fighting-thing, but still not great. Jaqen H’ghar showed up to test if Arya was no one yet and Arya passed with flying colors. Arya officially has no name. She is now just “The Girl” or maybe “No One” or maybe she won’t be called anything at all. I will still call her Arya though since we all still know her as that. I’m glad that whole begging life wasn’t a drawn out thing. I was ready to watch Arya become a blind ninja, so hopefully she can continue her training anyway. Everything’s better with Jaqen H’ghar around.

Sansa found out tonight that Arya is still alive and you can see a glimmer of hope in her eyes. She was happy to find this out from Brienne, who then asked the tough question. What happened to you in Winterfell? Luckily you can tell everything from Sansa’s look of despair, and we didn’t have to relive what happened to her. I’ve  deemed Poor Sansa, because her hand has not been well dealt and she’s on her way to Castle Black, and still doesn’t know the fate of her brother. There was another really touching moment between Sansa and Theon– which was a goodbye. Theon isn’t going with them; he’s going home to he Iron Islands (don’t know how he can get there by horse seeing as it’s islands but you know he’ll try). Sansa basically told Theon she forgives him but Theon doesn’t want forgiveness and can’t ever make amends for what he did to the Stark family. Even though he really can’t make amends for all of that pain, this was a big redeeming moment for Theon, at least for me and hopefully something he can hold to. Their hug goodbye was intimate, emotional and sincere and I kind of wish he was continuing on with Sansa.

Speaking of The Iron Islands, did everyone forget about the Greyjoy’s? I sure did. I can’t remember the last time we saw them or The Iron Islands. Luckily they recapped in the beginning, otherwise I would’ve been lost. I realized tonight that The Iron Islands is all about the nautical theme, like I knew they were about the sea but I forgot that literally everything was either the sea, looked like the sea or was about the sea. They even pray to the Drowned God! I love this House now, I hope to see more of this. But the point of showing the Greyjoy’s was to kill off Balon Greyjoy, the King of The Iron Islands– by the hand of his long lost brother Euron who tossed him over a rope bridge. The whole time I didn’t understand why they had built such a bridge and why Balon would go out on it in a storm. I guess they understand storms since they are all about the sea, but still it doesn’t seem practical. So Balon is gone, and now a new person needs to take over– and it may or may not be Yara, Theon’s sister. I hope it is; it’s time for another woman ruler since Dany is incapacitated at the moment.

95346676-got_rooseramsay-TV-large_trans++piVx42joSuAkZ0bE9ijUnGH28ZiNHzwg9svuZLxrn1URamsay Bolton was in an all time crazy mood this week. He murdered his Dad, after finding out that his step mother gave birth to a son. Which meant after Balon was killed, two leaders were taken out to make room for a new leader. They used the same storyline twice in one episode, weird thing for storytelling but I guess if that’s the way they want to go, and want to get there quicker, why not? So Roose Bolton is gone. If it weren’t for how scary crazy Ramsay is, I would be happy to see Roose taken down. He helped take my favorite character, Robb Stark, away Game of Thrones, but mainly me! However, Ramsay is just certifiable! He continued his killing spree by having his hounds rip his step mother and brother to pieces while he watched. I can’t wait to see his demise, and I hope it’s the most epic death that ever was. Now he is the Lord Bolton, so major steps have been taken in the North here and in Castle Black.

Now to the most important part of the episode: The events at Castle Black. Towards the beginning of the episode we visit Castle Black when Alliser Thorne and his men are breaking down the door where Ser Davos is holding Jon Snow’s body. They are all ready to fight when the door to the Castle slams open and a giant runs in followed by Dolorous Edd and the rest of the Wildlings to defend Jon’s honor! All of a sudden Thorne’s followers are too afraid to fight. I don’t blame them, there is a giant and the Wildlings are crazy fighters! So Thorne and the rest of his followers are locked up. I was not expecting that! Game of Thrones is a show that just keeps surprising you no matter how much you think you know. This was almost at the beginning of the episode too, so it set a seriously epic tone!

Once again we return to Castle Black at the end of the episode. Ser Davos visits Melisandre to ask if there was a way to bring Jon Snow back to life. She sits by a fire solum, defeated and young looking again. She looks absolutely lost. I would be too if everything I thought I knew and believed in was a lie. Melisandre told him that she had seen it done before and all the magic she had used before wasn’t hers– it was the Lord of Light’s and he’s dead to her. Ser Davos believes in her though. He spoke that he isn’t asking the Lord of Light for help, but he is asking for her help, as he’s seen her make miracles happen. All he wants her to do is try. So try she does.

jon-snow-alive-deadMelisandre washes the blood off Jon’s body and cuts some hair off his head and beard and throws them in a fire while saying an incantation. She pours water on his hair and then just touches his body saying more incantations. This whole time I’m thinking “Please, Please, Please”. This scene was extremely well shot, with the way it cut to Jon Snow’s face and then back to each person. It set up so much build up and suspense. I was on the edge of my seat even though I knew it was going to turn out okay. But even so, it didn’t seem to be working. Melisandre looked so defeated. I felt so bad for her, since I too wanted this to work. She wanted it to work for a number of reasons. One, of course to save Jon Snow, and two, she to see if she could do this without the Lord of Light, if she could really be on her own and free. Both Tormund and Melisandre left the room, both upset over the ritual seemingly failing. I hated how sad Melisandre looked, especially. Ser Davos gave Jon Snow one last defeated look just in case he suddenly woke up, and then he too left. I even started to believe he wasn’t going to wake up– that is how well shot this scene was. But then, after what felt like the longest moment ever, Ghost wakes up as if he knew something and they zoom in on Jon’s face and another agonizing moment goes by. Then at the last second he wakes up! JON SNOW IS ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!

got-snow-master675In what state he is in, we still don’t know, but I don’t care at this point– he is alive! They didn’t drag it out over six episodes which I am extremely glad about! They just made it happen, and I was right. This changes everything about The North. Poor Sansa is now actually on her way to see Jon Snow again. I have a theory that he’s the Ice in Song of Ice and Fire and it may actually be a true, now that he has come back. If you listened closely enough you could hear the screams of Game of Thrones fans all over the land. Well done, well done. Now I’m sad there are only nine episodes left! I want more episodes of Jon Snow being Jon Snow. I just can’t get over how epic this episode was and that it was only the second episode. I have a feeling Season Six might end up being my favorite. Did I mention Jon Snow is alive?

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