12 Monkeys S2E1 Review: “Year of the Monkey”

“Year of the Monkey” Warning: Spoilers   [Note If want to see some interviews I conducted last October regarding this upcoming season, check out this post: https://whennerdsattack.com/2015/11/05/cant-wait-for-season-2-of-syfys-12-monkeys-tide-yourself-over-with-these-interviews-from-nycc/ ]   So […]

Vikings S4E9 Review: “Death all ‘Round”

“Death all ‘Round”   Warning: Spoilers   We open with the vikings rolling their boats through the forest. They are making ample progress now, and everyone is working on something. […]

Vikings S4E8 Review: “Portage”

“Portage” Warnings: Spoilers Hey guys, we’re back from Emerald City Comic Con, and here with a (late) Vikings review, getting you ready for episode 9 on Thursday! Like I’ve done […]