Agents of SHIELD Season 3 Episode 18 “The Singularity”

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Holy moly, Agents of SHIELD is on fire right now. After last week’s amazing reveal that Daisy was infected by Hive, the hits just keep coming. Honestly, it feels similar to the Ward-is-Hydra reveal back in season one, which was the show’s first major turning point. Could this be another game changer on the same level? We’ll see.


So this week, the agents have a few things going on. First, the team is dealing with the aftermath of Daisy’s (literally) earth-shattering dramatic exit, leaving the base severely damaged and the exits closed in by rubble. Fortunately, Agent May isn’t injured enough not to fly the bus the hell outta there. Everyone is shaken (PUN INTENDED) by Daisy’s betrayal, but no one wants to believe that she’s gone for good–it’s all Hive’s doing and they just need to figure out how to “cure” her of his parasitic infection. Coulson–who cuts my heart deep when he admits that Daisy is the closest thing he has to a daughter–is chief among them.


In an attempt to stay one step ahead of the many-headed Hydra god, Coulson organizes a team to intercept Hive in his quest to gather more Inhumans, starting with Alisha, Lincoln’s body doubling buddy from Afterlife. They head to the safe house where’s she’s been hiding out, but not before Coulson tells Lincoln that he can only come along if he wears a kill-vest lined with explosives–you know, just in case you get infected by Hive, bro! I understand the security measure, but damn. Coulson continues to be ice cold to Lincoln, probably due to the whole dating-his-not-daughter thing. It actually makes me root for Lincoln a bit more. I’d like to see him really grow and prove himself to Coulson one day. But that day is not today, because once they engage with Alisha, who has already been infected, Lincoln’s man-pain anger issues come rearing back, as literally always. Sigh. Alisha’s doubles are killed in the scuffle, but her original body is far away, hanging out with the tentacley-man himself and his new right hand girl, Quake.


03x18 AoS 3Now, before I say this next thing: I already know that it’s messed up. I’m Ward trash, you should know this about me by now, so… It’s really weirdly, sickly heartwarming to see Ward and Daisy back together! Yes, again, I know. Hive and Daisy have a strangely romantic conversation atop the beautiful Los Angeles hills and get into a lot of interesting stuff. Ward’s memories of Skye are there inside of Hive, so he knows the “fondness” he had for her. Daisy maintains that, even though she feels whole being there with Hive, she’s not sorry that Ward is dead. As creepy as it should be, I’m really excited to see these two working together (even if it’s toward an evil purpose) for a while. It’s not my fault that they have such good chemistry! Don’t judge me.


Hive and Daisy get back to work and head to whatever backwoods trailer park James the Australian Marvels.Agents.of.S.H.I.E.L.D.S03E18almost-Inhuman is still bumming around in. They hassle him a bit about some second important Kree item that he stole from Jaiying, and then Daisy chucks a terrigen crystal at him and he turns into a rock statue. Hive and Daisy don’t got time for your shenanigans. Of course, once he cracks out of his chrysalis, Hive infects him and he tells them exactly where the item is. Oh, also, he can explode stuff. This does not bode well for our SHIELD buddies.



Speaking of. All the way over in the other major plot line of the episode, Fitz and Simmons are going undercover, which is always a good time. They discover a scientist that Simmons believes may be able to help them find a cure for Hive’s parasitic infection and save Daisy (and the other Inhumans, I assume, but no one seems to really care about them). This scientist is what they call a “transhumanist” who specializes in parasites and human enhancements, and hangs out in an Eastern European club for other weirdoes–I mean “transhumanists.” So naturally, Fitz and Simmons have to infiltrate the club in their snazziest fashions (not their lab coats, Mack, gosh).


03x18 AoS 4

Throughout this season, Fitz and Simmons’ relationship has been moving ever slowly toward finally getting together romantically, and it seems they’re just about there. What better time to discuss taking the next step in your relationship than during a team-shattering crisis? Though, to be fair, that describes just about every week on this show. So we get to see Fitz and Simmons adorably banter and make out, then have a wonderfully awkward conversation about what happens to their friendship if they have sex, and now that they’re undercover, it’s the perfect time to bring it up again. They have “com interference” so Mack can’t hear them, and then Fitz tells Simmons some really sciencey reason that they belong together, which I don’t understand but is no less adorable. So basically they decide that it’s been a looong time coming and they should just bang. After completing the dangerous and important mission they are currently in the middle of, of course.


18-4-640x358Fitzsimmons are brought in to meet the scientist, who is just as much a weirdo as you may imagine–he has enhanced part-bird eyes, for example. Unfortunately, Hive and his minions arrive to abscond with the scientist for their own nefarious purposes. James, or Firestarter, or Hellfire, or whatever snappy villain name he comes up with, has a blow out with Mack in the club while Hive and Daisy deal with Fitz and Simmons in the back rooms–which just seems like an unfair match up. Hive confronts Simmons with the memories he has from possessing Will, but our girl Simmons doesn’t take any crap and she shoots Hive’s Ward-body right in the stomach. In continuing with the Ward-is-Hydra parallels, Daisy goes up against Fitz and tells him she doesn’t want him to get hurt but she will straight up crush him to death if she needs to. But don’t worry, Fitzsimmons get out unscathed and go back to the rendezvous point to bang. And all the Fitzsimmons fans gave a collective cheer that was heard ‘round the globe.


Philinda fans got a good dose of the Coulson-May friendship this week too, which I always enjoy. During the debacle with Lincoln’s kill-vest, May reminds Coulson that they both share in the responsibility for their actions. She does his dirty work, but his hands aren’t clean. The fact that May can tell him this and keep him accountable as the Director of SHIELD illustrates the strength of their friendship, and goes to show that behind every great man is a woman rolling her eyes and kicking him in the ass. Coulson later saves them both by busting out his AWESOME ENERGY SHIELD that deploys from his DETACHABLE HAND. Yes, I am excited for this Captain America reference and I will not apologize for it.


This episode definitely ramps up the intensity, continuing the journey to Civil War on May 6, and the SHIELD season finale on May 17. With Talbot and the ATCU supposedly eradicating the world of Hydra cells for good, SHIELD will hopefully only have one major threat to deal with. The threat will indeed be major, though, since Hive reveals his plans to perform the original Kree experiments that created him and the Inhuman population. We can only wait and see what kind of global catastrophe awaits and hope that Coulson and the team will be able to prevent it with minimal casualties. Unfortunately, there will be some casualties, as we know from Daisy’s vision and the fact that they’ve been promoting the rest of the season as “Fallen Agent.” Stay strong, SHIELD fans. We’ll get through this together.


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