Legends S1E10 Progeny

Legends of Tomorrow Season 1 Episode 10 “Progeny” Review

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Legends S1E10 Progeny

Legends of Tomorrow

Season 1 Episode 10 – Progeny

Spoiler Warning….

This week finds the Legends in a moral conundrum: kill the up and coming Hitler-like figure as a child or let him live, and hope he can change his ways. Every week forges a similar struggle– the balance of good vs. evil is a challenge for each Legend. Half way through the shortened season, the show is still developing an identity. It’s somewhat messy but has a good amount of potential.

Ray is clearly shaken about the fact that his technology has been used to outfit the feared Kaznian Army, which fits in with the moral theme for this week by showing how time can change and twist something so good into something so bad. If that isn’t bad enough, he believes he had a child in 2016. Firefly’s Jewel Staite guest stars as a descendant of what we believe is Ray’s family. As far as he knows since they left 2016, the timeline has been altered, and they all disappeared from the world they knew. The reveal is that it was Ray’s dorky brother that did all of this, leaving the viewers slightly disappointed, but possibly relieved?

Rip is struggling whether or not to kill the child who starts the apocalypse. The child’s name is Per Degaton and he will become the leader of Kaznia, after her murders his weak father in cold blood. His mentor is none other than Savage, who has been grooming him to become this evil figure– someone who murders millions by releasing a virus. Rip thinks by kidnapping or killing this child, history can change for him and the rest of the world. Rip is supposed to be a hero, not a murderer, and the fact he is even considering this proves how driven he is to change the timeline. The writers were very convincing portraying Rip in this way, making us believe he would kill the child. Rip’s reluctance in the end makes the situation worse and the virus is released years before it should’ve been.

Kendra is the most wishy washy character. Every week you want to like her. She’s sweet, but the girl cannot make up her mind. She is experiencing memories of her and Hunter together, remembering the bond they share, lifetime after lifetime. Then feels like she is cheating on him when she’s with Ray. Hunter is dead in this timeline and Ray is a genuine guy who loves her. She keeps pushing him away. However, they spent 2 years together stuck in 1958. You cannot ignore that. At the end she changes her mind again, and decides that Ray is real, not a memory, and she really does love him.

The best part of the episode was the “fight to the death” between Rory and Snart. Last week it was revealed that Rory was masquerading as Kronos to get back at Snart by kidnapping him and delivering him to the time masters. Throughout the episode Sara was pressing both of them, trying to prove to them they have brotherly feelings toward each other and that they shouldn’t give up hope.  Snart let’s Rory out of his cell, but we know from last time he won’t kill him. They fight and the opposite happens. Rory cannot kill Snart. It’s not a happy ending by any means. Rory tells the Legends they are being pursued by The Hunters to be eliminated for good from all timelines. So on top of Savage, they have a new threat, way worse than Savage could ever be.

This episode was good, more filler than excitement, just like last week’s episode.

Overall I’d say it was a 2 out of 5.


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