Agents of SHIELD Season 3 Episode 15 “Spacetime”

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It’s that time again! Agents of SHIELD is back with more aliens, more super science, and more Coulson’s detachable hand (for real this time)!

daisy-and-charles-agents-of-shieldThis week’s focus was on the Daisy-centric storyline and we see her developing into more and more of a hero in her own right. The team has to deal with an age old science fiction problem: can one change the future or is there an inevitable outcome? A fascinating and tragic new Inhuman is introduced: Charles, a now homeless man who shares visions of a future death with anyone he touches. After Daisy touches him, she witnesses the man’s death and snippets of the events leading up to it, and promptly sets out to change the future and save his life. This gives us the wonderful opportunity to watch Fitz, bless his heart, try to explain time as the fixed fourth dimension that cannot be seen or changed to a room full of confused spies. Coulson and May look like grandparents whose grandson is trying to explain how the cloud works to them. Seriously, AoS must have heard my cry for more adorable sciencey Fitz because they been delivering the past two weeks.

Despite his attempts, everyone ignores Fitz and begin to devise a plan to save Charles without letting any of Daisy’s vision come true. Which is of course when the snippets of Daisy’s vision start coming true. We meet Charles’ wife who explains the seriously tragic story of how he left her and their baby because he could never touch his own child without forcing visions of death on her. Definition of tragic. Daisy trains May to navigate a fight she witnessed herself having in the vision, but the plan goes to shit when Andrew shows up at the bunker and announces that he’s about to lose himself to Lash for good.

Hi, AoS writers? Yeah, I didn’t need to cry three times in one episode. Thanks for that. Obviously May stays behind to spend her last moments with Andrew and it’s absolutely heart wrenching. Last week May said not to give her hope, but seeing and talking to Andrew brings out the hope that she still had buried deep down. Ming Na Wen gives a stunning performance– literally every time her face was on screen I had tears in my eyes. They give Andrew the potential cure that Simmons devised but it doesn’t work and he quite literally succumbs to the monster inside him. Sorry, I need a moment to compose myself again.

OK, I’m good. Let’s talk about the less tragic, more terrifying monster of our AoS world: Hive. This episode sees a very interesting  dynamic shift between Hive and his buddy Malick. They break into the company that helped create the tech in Coulson’s detachable hand (it’s baaack). We (and Malick himself I’m sure) thought that Malick was one bad guy, pulling all those Hydra strings and ordering people’s deaths with no remorse. But Hive sees right through him: he’s not much of anything once he comes out from behind his desk. Hive tempts Malick with power, physical power, but I can’t help but wonder what Hive’s true purpose behind that is.

screen_shot_2016-04-01_at_08.07.43When Daisy shows up to save Charles, just as she saw in the vision, Malick is there, ready to crush her with his bear hands. But, to complete his tragic arc, Charles sacrifices himself to save Daisy and touches Malick, causing a vision of death that we are not privy to. The vision must be a doozy though because Malick ends this week terrified and crying for his bodyguard, who has abandoned him for his true master, Hive. Bad things are a-coming for Mr. Malick.

wardbar640Looks like bad things are coming for Coulson, too, if Hive has his way. I am all about Hive’s revenge quest against Coulson for killing Ward. If you’ve been following my reviews you know that I’m Grant Ward trash so the fact that some part of him still exists in Hive makes me really happy. Plus it gives Hive a more personal motivation than his general inhuman collecting, world-taking-over motivation. And I just have to say that I’m still loving Dalton’s menacing performance. Sometimes I forget that there’s a creepy alien monster inside of that pretty face but then he says something like, “I said I’d show you what will happen,” and I remember.

Speaking of Coulson, possibly my favorite moment in the episode is his face after Ward shows up on the surveillance video. I laughed so hard. Understandable though, since the last time he saw that face he crushed it and left it to die on an alien planet. So looking forward to the next showdown between Coulson and Ward/Hive.

Finally, this episode introduced (or reintroduced really) the interesting idea that Inhumans are connected somehow and that their powers are manifest for a specific purpose. Daisy insists that she is meant to save Charles, though in the end she realizes that she was meant to be saved by him. Lincoln echoes this opinion to Coulson, likely influenced by Jiaying’s teachings as well. Andrew tells May that, despite the terrible things he’s done, Lash feels that he’s serving some important purpose by killing Inhumans. This is definitely foreshadowing to some larger event that will bring the Inhumans together–I just hope it’s not being used by Hive to take over the world.

Mack’s still recovering from being shot last week, Lincoln was back to being pretty useless, Fitz and Simmons held hands (squee), and Daisy has another death vision that exactly parallels the episode where we met Elena. So we shall see where this season is headed as we get closer to the real formation of the Secret Warriors and to Captain America: Civil War.

See you next week!

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