Flash: “Trajectory” (Season 2, Episode 16)

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We’re back! Trajectory, this week’s episode of The Flash was a very entertaining not-quite-an hour of television that allowed the writers to splash back to season one’s more…shall we say campy nature of things. It also tied into the overarching plot towards the end when ‘Team Flash’ is made privy to the big reveal that audience saw before the multi-week break.

The episode opens with the team conducting a speed test, incredibly reminiscent of season one’s opening episodes. Barry attempts to jump a rather large, canyon-esque gap, not quite making it before Cisco’s drones save him. The next scene is the team out clubbing, with Caitlin and Cisco busting out  with incredibly awkward dance moves. Ahhhhh, nerd-dom. However, their day of fun and relaxation quickly screeches to a halt when a mysterious speedster, Trajectory, bursts on to the scene.

Trajectory is the newest speedster, intent on nothing more than a simple life of crime. Good times. The woman behind this latest super-powered menace turns out to be one of Caitlin’s colleagues from Mercury Labs, who helped her formulate Velocity-9. I’ll be honest, I won’t waste a ton of your time describing the episode with a blow-by-blow. The basics are as follows: Barry is incredibly frustrated that his enemies seem to be gaining advantages over him, and why shouldn’t he use something to even out the playing field. The show moves quickly to answer that question when Trajectory temporarily traps Barry in the pipeline so that she can make off with a batch of Velocity-9 from S.T.A.R. labs. The climax of the episode shows that Barry has improved, as he is not only able to save citizens from the bridge, but also leap the river and catch Trajectory. (Stay in school, kids! Don’t do steroids!) She tries one final dose of Velocity-9– which goes horribly wrong and dissolves her into nothing…but not before showing her with the blue lightning that is common for none other than Zoom. Barry and the team begin to piece together that a sick speedster gives off blue lightning…and Jay Garrick was sick. Cisco vibes on it with the Earth-2 gear to confirm, and the team discovers that Jay Garrick is Zoom. The show tries to play this off as a blow to Barry, but I feel it misses the mark as Caitlin should be the one who is devastated the most by this discovery.

The show’s writers hit the audience repeatedly with the concept that artificial powers are bad for you. We also got the most screen time with Jesse that we’ve seen so far, which was a fascinating look into the character. Hopefully, the writers will give her more time going forward. We also got an Iris sub-plot that had her new boss hell bent on blaming the Flash for this new speedster, and Iris’ attempt to stall gets taken by the boss with romantic subtext. Awkward. It’s very clear the writers have nothing for Iris’ character currently, and it’s a shame they feel the need to throw her into another romantic angle.

For me, the best part of this episode was Allison Paige’s portrayal of Eliza Harmon aka Trajectory. I feel that she did a great job of playing a Jekyll and Hyde personality shift, and it really paid dividends in what could have been an overly preachy episode. The team also knows who the big bad is, and that can only end well for us as the audience. Overall, this episode was very entertaining, and it feels that the season is going to end on a strong note!

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