Arrow Season Four Episode 16 “Broken Hearts” Review

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Warning: Spoilers


Arrow arrives back to our living rooms after a three week hiatus with my favorite insane lady, Carrie Cutter, aka Cupid. The Cupid I knew and loved was in love with love, but this Cupid has a new mantra: “Love is Dead”– which I can totally get behind.

This is the follow up episode to the dramatic walk out Felicity performed when she broke off the engagement to Oliver, ending the relationship that has been quite the annoyance of season four. So having a mantra like “Love is Dead” is very fitting and I loved how the superhero aspect of the episode tied in with the personal one. Those two have been mostly mutually exclusive over the course of the series, and  I believe that does the show a disservice because it’s easier to follow a storyline and care about it if there is a purpose for the overall premise: saving the city.

Cupid’s mission on this week’s episode was to kill celebrity couples in Star City. Oliver and Felicity were a high profile couple after all, so her mission works well to correlate the two storylines. When we last saw Cupid she had fallen in love with Deadshot and then he was killed. So no wonder she had a vendetta against love itself and anyone in love. One might say this is a horrible case for Felicity to jump in on immediately following her breakup because the word love is thrown around quite a lot. But one could also say it was the perfect case, because she can understand Cupid (even if she is insane). Oliver didn’t get blown up or anything, but he did blow up their whole future when he didn’t trust her enough with the information of his secret son. That shattered her whole world. If Cupid wasn’t a murderer I’m sure Felicity and her could sit down and bond over their lost loves. I’d watch that spin off.

Strong Felicity continues her reign this week with standing her ground with the break up. I am so happy with that fact. They could have easily thrown out her entire walk out last episode and put them back together by the end but instead they moved on and moved foreword.


The fear of them reconciling by the end of the episode was especially apparent in the fake wedding scene. Let’s talk about that very peculiar scene for a moment. Oliver thought it would be a great idea if they staged a fake private wedding of him and Felicity to draw Cupid out. Cupid was targeting high profile weddings and killing the couples soon after they were married. So this plan would be perfect if it weren’t for the fact that: 1. They aren’t engaged anymore, how insensitive would that be and 2. It would be completely dangerous for Felicity, who is still recovering from a spinal cord injury. No one seems to understands how stupid Oliver’s plan is, so they go through with it. Felicity puts on the beautiful wedding gown that she was supposed to wear in her actual wedding and walks down the aisle to the man she was supposed to marry. Talk about strength. Their fake secret wedding was leaked to the paparazzi so Cupid is able to learn of it. She shows up just after Oliver delivers his vows where he states that he will never lie again and basically uses this time to ask her to marry him again. (Oliver, there is a time and a place.) She shoots him with an arrow, but surprise! he was wearing kevlar underneath his suit. He gets armor while Felicity, who again is recovering from a spinal cord injury, gets to wear a strapless dress– where is the safety in that? Where is the sense in that?

Felicity saves the day with her speech about love, and the love Oliver and her have. It was touching enough to turn my girl Cupid back around to the idea of love. It was touching enough for me to fear that Felicity was flip flopping back to Oliver. Something that would not be entirely too surprising for Arrow, which has gone through great lengths to keep this couple together but they didn’t this time. She finally understands that Oliver is who he is, and she can forgive his decision making when he’s the Green Arrow, but when it comes to their life together, she can’t. He will continue to make decisions alone and that’s not the relationship she wants. Even if he can’t let her go, she’s already gone. Hopefully this whole situation will finally make Oliver take some real steps towards change.

Felicity left Team Arrow though. I don’t understand why she had to leave. Oliver has been gone so many times and the team has functioned so well without him. I mean he died, twice. Felicity said they’ll be fine without her which is so not true. Team Arrow needs Felicity– she just got her codename and everything! Oliver really does ruin so many things. Hopefully like most Arrow storylines that won’t last long.

The other semi big story of this week’s episode that is worth mentioning was Damien Darhk’s court hearing. Laurel Lance was able to show some of her power as assistant DA and just an overall awesome woman. So if that scene had any importance that would be it, because she was able to actually do something. The court was to determine if Damien Darhk was going to be held for trial or if the charges would be dismissed. Due to lack of physical evidence Laurel had a tough time putting together a clear case. Her father, Quentin aka Detective Lance stepped up and faced possible incrimination in order to testify against Darhk. Lance worked for Darhk early on in this season because he threatened Laurel’s safety. This testimony was the breakthrough Laurel needed and Darhk was sentenced to be held in custody for trial. If it weren’t for the sweet moments between Father and Daughter, Laurel’s power, and Paul Blackthorne’s continued amazing performance as Detective Lance I would’ve forgotten this was a part of the episode.


Not sure what is going to happen with Darhk, but putting him away is definitely not the end of him. They are just trying to slow things down as we approach the end of the season. I mean he apparently can cough up magic rings as we saw at the conclusion of the episode so that needs to be explained.

Arrow didn’t disappoint me too much this week. I’m confused and angered but not disappointed. I do wish there was a bit more of Cupid in this episode though. Amy Gumenick does a great job of portraying insanity without going over the top and in a way that makes you almost feel compassion for her. It’s very compelling to watch.

Arrow may not have done the Olicity relationship completely right but they put together an end to it that made for great storytelling. I applaud them for that. For better or for worse the broken heart that Arrow left is beginning to mend. 

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