Lot S1E8 Night of the Hawk

Legends of Tomorrow Season 1 Episode 8 “Night of the Hawk” Review

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Lot S1E8 Night of the Hawk


Legends of Tomorrow

Season 1 Episode 8 – Night of the Hawk

Spoiler Warning….

Vandal Savage is back this week. He is giving teenagers a serum that causes them to be hawk-like. This includes large talons, with big vampire-like teeth and a big head–the whole package. Possibly a more sinister incarnation of the the same thing that changed Kendra and Carter into hawk soul-mates. Savage is too easily eliminated in 1958, by being shot by Ray and plummeting through the window.  What happened to his body? Is he dead?  So many questions but not enough answers. Our Legends saved the day, and the hawks this week from further destruction.

The Legends don’t always make the best decisions, though. Judging by this episode, there are two broken hearts left behind, along with a trail that leads Kronos right to them.  

There is no mention of where Mick got left behind or if he is alive. Snart was super allusive, but Rip, even with his partner jokes, is no fill in for Mick. Snart plays an FBI agent in this episode, enhancing his good guy image. He continues to show no signs of being a killer. Jax believes Mick is dead, but in the what feels like the same breath, Snart does not take the opportunity to kill Jax after he was injected with the serum that caused him to be caught in a nest with the other hawk creatures. So apparently, Snart is turning good? It’s possible he is taking a liking to the kid (Jax), as he is with the rest of the team.

Ray and Kendra were thrown into another flirty situation this week. Playing a married couple, purchasing a house and finding out Savage is living next store as Curtis Knox? They couldn’t of planned that better. Savage is still very cartoony–ot believable as this big bad he’s made out to be. In fact, he is still just plain creepy,  seeming to pop up at just the right time, while his memory is intact. He know’s he is still in love with Kendra. Meanwhile, Ray and Kendra are a bit corny together, but deciding partnership is their best bet until they can reconcile their feelings and talk about that kiss from last week. This episode reminded us of how closed minded it was in the 50’s. Kendra was looked upon badly because of her race, along with Jax. It’s pretty hard to wrap your head around that in this day and age.   

It was great to start seeing Sara experiencing some down right, real emotion. After she was brought back from the dead, it has been muted. Now, everything  is like feeling for the first time over again. We could just feel it emanating off of her. Her attraction to nurse Lindsay leads her to try and initiate her sexual awakening,  showing us another not-so-pleasant side of the the 1950’s.  

We are left with a few questions this week: the mention of the side effects of time travel on the human body, will there be medical issues that arise? Is Mick dead or alive? How can the team rise up and defeat Kronos for good? They are down three members, currently, as well Ray, Kendra and Sara have been abandoned in 1958. Will the team recover to stop Kronos’ invasion and get back to get the rest of the team? How does it tie into 2016 and the future of our universe?

Final thoughts on the episode: it was entertaining. Lots of time is being spent in the past and  it’s enjoyable and enlightening at the same time.

The show is taking its only break of the season. It will be back on March 31st. See you then.

Overall I’d say it was a 3 out 5.

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