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Legends of Tomorrow Season 1 Episode 7 “Marooned” Review

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Lot Maroon S1E7






Legends of Tomorrow

Season 1 Episode 7 – Marooned

Spoiler Warning….


Legends of Tomorrow has been a roller coaster ride so far. Each character has their ups and downs, but with too many repeated lessons. The best arc so far has been for Leonard Snart, “Captain Cold”.  His character is enjoyable and developing into the shows hero. Meanwhile others are being wasted. Kendra is always a wreck– moment she isn’t into Ray, while the next she is kissing him. Ray also could be so much more than the comedia, which is how he is currently portrayed.  The tension between Leo and Rory can be cut like a knife. Stein is a rockstar, as he can save the team repeatedly. Jax is filler as the other half of Firestorm. He so young compared to his team that it ends up feeling a little awkward. Rip is determined to torture himself each week with the loss of his family, while Sara just kicks some ass.  

It feels like the show is well planned out for certain characters and not for others. The Heatwave arc with Cold is in my opinion the best. Can old Leo really kill Rory? I’m not sure he can anymore. His evolution into a bad-guy-gone-good has been too relevant. Wentworth and Dominic just fit up so well together: the brothers/partner theme carries over from Prison Break and  leaves the viewers wanting more. Crossing fingers it is not the last we ever see of Heatwave. He might have the wits of a piece of meat, but you can’t help but love him.

So apparently there is such a thing as time pirates, though it ends up being more of a plot filler to learn more about our characters. In whatever timeline, we see Rip continue to try and bring his family back. The continual torture anyone would feel if they lost a loved a one is a real thing. We see the pure hurt on Rip’s face when his son told him he loved him on the recorded hologram; being a Time Master he has the opportunity to change that (It’s a nice position to be in). It could really lead to some heartbreak for Sara, though, if he is successful, as we are still seeing sparks between those two.

Speaking of chemistry — Kendra is all over the place every week. She has no idea what she wants.  She sees Ray almost die , and apparently it must have changed her mind, since last week a relationship with him was just too much to handle. This week she just plants one on him. At least this could give Ray a more forefront story. It’s tiring seeing him being wasted. It’s like saying here, Iron Man, are not the star here. Sit this one out. Right now Ray is the one who makes us laugh, but he can do more than that.

Stein is the hero this (and every)week. His smarts, combined with his team, means they can’t lose  It would of been more fun to  see a bit more action with him making his way through the Acheron, however.

My final thoughts on this episode:I loved the fact they paid some homage to Star Trek with Kirk and Picard. Even gave Han Solo a shout out. If Heatwave is really dead, will the dynamic of the show change? How can Snart be himself, without at least a little tempting to the dark side? However, it is a 16 episode season, with possible changes on the character front if the show gets renewed. I am looking forward to finishing the ride, with just over half way to go.

Overall I’d say it was a 4 out 5.

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