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Legends of Tomorrow Season 1 Episode 6 “Star City 2046” Review

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Legends of Tomorrow

Season 1 Episode 6 – Star City 2046

Spoiler Warning….


After spending several episodes in the past, we finally travel forward, like, to future Star City in 2046. Star City is now post-apocalyptic. showing us a grim future. I would have liked to spend some time exploring it a little bit more, like we have in the past few episodes, but the episode keeps up a quick pace.

So, ok, I changed my mind about how I felt last week: I was doubting Oliver Queen and the appearance of the future Green Arrow, but the spoilers and photos going around convinced me. The opportunity to explore and expand my knowledge of Green Arrow became very alluring.

As we left off last week, the gang encountered the future version of the Green Arrow. It’s not Oliver Queen, but who is it?  The future Green Arrow is Connor Hawke. Connor’s version of Green Arrow does not really share too much in common with the one we know currently. In fact, he reminds me more of Justin Hartley’s version from Smallville. At first I would of thought it was Oliver’s son William, but in fact it is Diggle’s son, John Jr. It’s believable and completely ties into the current story on Arrow.

Connor is out in the city, fighting alone; he’s fighting the likes of Deathstroke and all the criminals that turned Star City into a wasteland.

In the moment we were all waiting for, at Team Arrow’s old Lair, hiding there is an older and more bitter Oliver Queen missing his left arm. Stephen Amell did a great job playing this role, and the fans also got to finally see the trademark beard they’ve been asking to see for years.

Oliver was defeated by Deathstroke’s son Grant 15 years ago. Most of team Arrow is dead and  Felicity left. This is where it is not adding up to me: Oliver wouldn’t give up. He’s lost people before, he’s lost family before, but  nothing stopped him. Even given what happened in recent Arrow episodes, I can’t even see Felicity leaving for good. This is where the writers missed the mark. Oliver says they were beat because Ray and Sara were gone. They needed to expand here, and show us a little bit more so we can understand. How is everyone dead? How was Team Arrow defeated? What even fueled Grant to pose the attack in the first place? I know the future can and may very well change from this, but it just left me a bit baffled.   

The bond between Jax and Stein is pretty cool. But the outcome this week, let’s just say… awkward. Jax all of a sudden gets feelings for Kendra and is jealous of Ray flirting with her. But really Ray doesn’t even realize this They are still playing Ray a little too clueless for such a genius. Stein feels Jax’s feelings, only to talk to Ray about it which makes Ray realize he likes her and then asks her out. However, she is an Egyptian princess, destined to be with another man. Just because he’s dead, doesn’t mean someone else has a chance. It’s been so ingrained in our heads, I wouldn’t even want to see her with someone else.

Heatwave and Dr. Cold are up for doing some bank robbing, and they are just so good at it. In this future, it’s gonna be too easy for them. In fact, Heatwave likes it so much he really wants to stay so he can be the leader of a gang. Surprisingly, Snart seems to be having a change of heart. He still wants to be bad, but helping his team toward their goal is finally on his agenda– he wants to be a hero. It causes a massive rift between the two of them, which will be the main story in next week’s episode.

Rip forgot to use his team again. He let her go in alone to try and save Connor from Deathstroke– he needs to  learn that  they need the whole team. Sara showed tonight how truly loyal she is. She fought for this Green Arrow, even though she didn’t know him.I really liked that about her, even thoughI haven’t always been her biggest fan. Being the White Canary seems to fit her well.

So finally the whole team shows up to help defeat Deathstroke, and it was glorious. The shock and horror on everyone’s faces when Heatwave and Dr. Cold come in with guns shooting was classic.

In the end, Connor and Oliver agree to work together to try and combat the criminals in their city. Seeing this future, and what could happen to Star City is very unsettling. Here’s to hoping the writers come back to explore this future relationship more. I know I cannot get enough.

My final thoughts waver on whatever is left for Stein, Jax, Ray, and Kendra. It is too weak of a story for them is waste with a triangle romance. I don’t think anyone is feeling that. Had more time been spent giving us a background, we would of had one of the best episodes yet. Last thing to note is we didn’t see Savage in this episode. Which didn’t really matter, actually. I actually found it kind of nice, in fact.  
Overall I’d say it was a 4 out 5.

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