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Legends of Tomorrow Season 1 Episode 5 “Fail Safe” Review

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Legends of Tomorrow

Season 1 Episode 5 – Fail Safe

Spoiler Warning….

This episode picked up where we left last week– the 80’s part deuce. We really didn’t see or feel the same vibe as we saw in the 70’s. It could have been such a fun retro episode with big hair, leg warmers… you get the drift.

Stein completely carried this episode, while everything else was mostly in the background. From the minute he woke up in captivity, discovered that Cisco (The Flash) is an impostor, to saving Ray and Rory from further torture and death in the prison, Stein is slowly proving that he isn’t just trying to just keep himself alive, but that he also cares for the welfare of his team.

I have to ask, though, why didn’t Stein recognize Savage? Isn’t that the real reason they are on the mission in the first place?

Savage is just your regular villain: threatening, of course, but nowhere near spectacular. I expected him to be one of the darkest we’ve seen. It’s a good plan to create a nuclear bomb before it’s time, but that isn’t putting him up very high on my villain list. If every episode consists of different Legends being captured with no real progress towards killing him, it will get boring quick.

Kendra and Jax pushed to the sidelines again, but they are the ones who ultimately make the decision that leads to saving Stein. Rip seems to forget that even though Kendra and Jax are inexperienced, they have ideas too.

I also don’t understand why Alexandria would want to be Firestorm? She ignores every warning and even asks Stein if he’s ever merged with a woman. We all know it’s almost impossible to find an exact, compatible, match to create Firestorm in the first place. Instead, she sacrificed her life for one moment of glory.

Sara is pure warrior. She can take out a room full of men, but Snart and Rip can’t just take out one each? I was hoping we’d see more of a change in Snart after how things ended with his father, but he  is still ruthless as ever. He tells Sara to look Stein in the eyes while she strangles him… umm ok?

Ray provided the only (much needed) comedy relief for the episode by cracking jokes hoping to be socially accepted in the prison.  

Along the way Mick is growing fond of Ray, even though he doesn’t want to. Ray was brave enough to take a beating on his behalf– would change my view, too.

The references to Prison Break TV show are witty. I used to watch it and am looking forward to the reboot.

My original feeling about Rip is coming to fruition: he caused the death of his own family by bringing them to the forefront with Savage, and he is being taunted every episode.

The real twist is the chemistry between Rip and Sara. If he falls for her while trying to save his family, will he be interesting to see how his decisions change.

Sara rescues Stein with Snarts help. It’s obvious that she is not the assassin she once was.

As a group I think the main four gel together, while Kendra and Jax are still trying to find their place. Rip finally realizes his team are not all pawns in a chess game and he gives his team– all of them– the opportunity to help rescue Stein.

A few of the team have seen a glimpse of the future if they don’t stop Savage, and it definitely isn’t positive– their 2016 will no longer exist.

When the Legends are sent to 2046, they are confronted by the Green Arrow. At first they think it’s Oliver, but  clearly it’s not. But the man with the beard is. They are finally giving Stephen Amell (Arrow) a chance to have the Green Arrow beard, like the original comic book character. I’m not really as excited as I should be about this.

Overall I’d say it was a 3 out 5.

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