Arrow Season Four Episode 14 “Code of Silence”

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Warning Contains Spoilers

Well, this was a disappointing episode of Arrow. I go into watching Arrow with an open mind, ready to enjoy myself– I really, truly want to enjoy an episode of Arrow. The first two seasons were awesome throughout, and season three for the most part was a winner (even though it was the beginning of Oliver’s stupidity). But this current season just has moments and maybe an episode here and there that really wows. Tonight’s episode had it’s moments as well, but they weren’t enough to satisfy. The very end was the only the shock of the episode, and even that was predictable.The episode begins with the ramp up towards the debate between Oliver and his Dark horse opponent Ruve Adams. This campaign has so little focus that I forget it it is even a thing. But there we are. The debate didn’t even happen– or well they didn’t show it. That would’ve made this episode more exciting I think, and even made the campaign more exciting, because right now what is the point? It will probably pay off next season, if Arrow continues with the same patterns.

arrow-code-nauilgunThroughout the episode Team Arrow is fighting a pair called the Demolition Team, where they were doing just that: demolishing buildings. These fight scenes were fun. A new weapon was introduced! One of the demolishers was brandishing a nail gun that had really great aim. Their last task was to take down the auditorium holding the debate. They did not succeed, however, as Team Arrow hit the bombs with arrows. If you ask me, that is a very weird way to dismantle bomb. …not sure how effective that actually is. But this is Arrow(!!), a tv show where people come back from the dead, so I think I can let that slide.

I love what Arrow is doing with Felicity and Donna’s (her mother) relationship. It really has grown from when we first met Donna. Family support is a big thing on this show. I mean, Oliver has Thea, Laurel has her dad, Captain Lance, and even Diggle has his brother (where has he been?). It’s about time Felicity has a close relationship to someone of her blood line. When Felicity finds out about Oliver’s secret son, her mother will come in handy for emotional support. I also don’t mind the Donna and Captain Lance relationship. Captain Lance is a good man and all he wants to do is protect the people he loves, even if that means pushing them away. In the end he was actually totally honest with Donna– something Oliver should take note from.

Speaking of that secret of Oliver’s, it’s so painful anytime someone says how great Oliver and Felicity are because they don’t have secrets and don’t lie to each other. That’s painful because:

  1. I strongly dislike that pairing
  2. Oliver is the biggest liar!

He’s keeping the secret of his son and it’s not protecting anyone. It’s only going to hurt Felicity and I don’t really want to see her hurt. Oliver even says he’s trying to not keep secrets anymore. That’s another lie. It’s hard to watch a show where the main character is as a dumb as he is.

The cat is out of the bag for someone, though:not Felicity, but Thea. Alex discovers a check made out to Samantha, Oliver’s baby momma, and puts two and two together, realizing Oliver has a son. She’s not mad– but is  actually supportive of the whole ‘keep a giant secret from your fiancé’ thing. The whole protecting William thing comes up again, and honoring Samantha’s wishes, but again it isn’t protecting anyone because in the last seconds of the episode we discover that William has been kidnapped, anyway. So keeping the secret now is useless, but they don’t know that yet.

The ending moments were the bright spots I was talking about in my opener–the only moments that made this episode worth it, to me, were: Captain Lance being honest with Donna (sweet and a good opposite to Felicity & Oliver’s relationship), William being kidnapped (a shock) and my favorite Curtis’s engagement present to Felicity and Oliver.

Curtis created a bio stimulant that can be implanted in Felicity’s spine that will help her walk again. It was a very touching moment and I thought it was about time. Curtis is such a super hero, and he doesn’t get nearly as much credit.

A viewing experience isn’t fun if the only great moments are in the last few minutes, even if they warmed your heart and shocked you a bit. I’m invested though and once that happens there really isn’t much they can do to demolish my interest.

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