Flash: “Escape from Earth-2” (Season 2, Episode 14)

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Warning: Spoilers?

I’m going to kick off this review by saying that this episode was not nearly as good as its two predecessors. I’m also not terribly surprised by this turn of events, as Flash has never been terribly consistent about stringing together great episodes. That being said, it was still enjoyable, and once again, we had two story lines that moved the overarching plot forward.

On Earth-2, we begin with Barry trapped in a cell near Dr. Well’s daughter, Jessie, and a mysterious, masked third prisoner. Barry and Jessie begin to figure out that the masked man is trying to communicate with them, only to have Zoom interrupt them and give Barry a beating for being impudent. Meanwhile, Cisco, Wells, and Earth-2’s Iris and Barry go to convince Killer Frost that she should help them free their friends from Zoom’s clutches. This part of the episode ends with a showdown– Earth-1 Barry has to leave the mysterious masked prisoner behind as Killer Frost turns on Zoom for killing Earth-2’s Ronnie.

On Earth-1, the Geomancer continues to wreak havoc on Central City as his obsession focuses in on Jay, who is now posing as a new Flash  in Barry’s absence. There is also the side story as Caitlin attempts to figure out the cure for Jay with the improved superspeed drug, Velocity-9. To top it off, Iris’ new editor is basically Flash’s J. Jonah Jameson. And, of course, somehow, the Geomancer locates them at S.T.A.R. labs and attacks, damaging the device they’ve used to stabilize the wormhole. Honestly, this is is all secondary plot and is used as cut aways from the primary plot.

The two plots recombine at the very end of the episode. Cisco, Barry, Dr. Wells, and Jessie come through the wormhole being chased by Zoom. Jay closes it with the device they created, but not before Zoom sticks his arm through the wormhole ala TMNT Shredder and drags Jay back with him.

This episode was interesting, but poorly paced. Additionally, the Earth-1 plot was very clearly filler. There were many too many convenient happenings for me to be fully drawn in. Killer Frost is initially unconvinced to help them, attacks them– only to later agree to help. She then double crosses the team but ends this episode by assaulting Zoom. Earth-2 Barry somehow convinces our Barry to phase out from a cell that he has been unable to break out of all episode, with a great pep talk. When the mystery stranger begins tapping on the glass, Barry clearly recognizes it as a POW code despite not being able to figure it out before then. Too much happened for plot’s sake, and it brought down the episode. Anyone who didn’t see Jay Garrick getting yanked through at the end of the episode coming has never seen a horror or comic book movie. It’s a real shame that this episode was so off kilter in comparison with the previous two. However, it did get the job done, and introduced us to some very interesting concepts going forward.

PS- My prediction is that the mystery stranger in the mask is somehow also Jay Garrick.

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