Lucifer- “The Would-Be Prince of Darkness” (Season 1, Episode 3)

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Warning: Spoilers


We are back to a one episode per week review! This episode of Lucifer was significantly better than the previous two. That being said, I still have many concerns when it comes to this show. However, I am getting ahead of myself. Let’s discuss the episode, shall we?

This particular episode begins with Lucifer tempting a young party girl to jump off a roof…into a pool. As it turns out, Lucifer is at the party of an “associate”- a star quarterback named Ty,  who also happens to be a virgin. Lucifer tells Ty to indulge himself with a beautiful red head, while he engages in a night of wild debauchery with three women. Lucifer’s morning is less pleasant, however, as he is woken up by Ty to find the redhead murdered in the pool.

…And thus begins the worst part of this show, the police procedural. Lucifer, of course, calls Chloe. The police show up- and find evidence that appears to point to Ty being the killer. During the course of the investigation, we meet Ty’s manager, Joe, who points Lucifer and Chloe towards Ty’s “crazy” ex-girlfriend. The girlfriend has become the target of threats by a notorious Hollywood fixer who exposes Joe, as both her employer and the murderer. Turns out the girlfriend had Ty’s best interests at heart all along, which put her at odds with Joe. As you can guess, with all of this evidence, Chloe and Lucifer go to confront Joe where he works.

There was a second, smaller plot of a Lucifer impersonator “sullying” Lucifer’s name throughout the episode, but it really amounted to nothing. Lucifer had the Fixer catch said impersonator…only to frighten him and let him go. We are constantly told about Lucifer’s fixation with punishing the wicked, and yet, the unspoken story we are being told is that Lucifer is misunderstood…and not really a bad guy. Which is frustrating because that is quite literally the charm of it all. Lucifer, as a show, remains very two dimensional, with only occasional glimpses into that desperately needed third dimension. Outside of Chloe and Lucifer, the rest of the recurring cast aren’t so much characters, as caricatures.

The other, rather large, problem is that the writing remains sloppy and inconsistent on so many levels. Admittedly, the acting in the show is solid, which makes it watchable on a shallow level. However, there is no way that any of Chloe and Lucifer’s cases could feasibly work the way they do. There are always far too many convenient discoveries, which always screams lazy writing. Not to mention, in this episode, Lucifer lays it all down for Ty…who at the very beginning of this episode didn’t know who Lucifer was. And yet, when he’s in trouble, he goes to Lucifer immediately. Illogical, lazy, sloppy writing.

To top all of this off, Lucifer is supposed to be the Devil. He’s supposed to be a bad demon who is totally fine doing bad things and has a reputation for doing so. Instead, our writers have written him as a sex-crazed, misunderstood, anti-hero, dilettante. It is incredibly frustrating because all of Lucifer’s hellish associates fear him and his reputation. Yet, we, the audience, have yet to really see our devil…be the freaking devil. Maybe I am a hopeless idealist, but to me, a far more interesting story would be that Lucifer is okay with, and does, bad things on a whim and it’s Chloe who pulls him away from those choices. However, as it stands, Lucifer is…anything but his reputation. Once again, I saw the flashes of brilliance (mainly due to acting)but Lucifer has a long slog ahead of it to be as an a truly good show. When advertised in various forms of social media and television, we were promised that Lucifer something new, witty, and different. To quote–“hot as hell”. So far, this show has shown glimpses of its potential…but I’d rate it at lukewarm currently.

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