3 Backyard Renovation Ideas for Comic Book Nerds

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Just because summer is over doesn’t mean the outdoor fun has to stop. In fact right now is the perfect time to start planning your next big backyard renovation project. Sure, you could just head to the usual home goods store and pick up some new seat covers for your deck chairs. But this time, why not try something a little different? Remember, your backyard is your backyard. It should reflect your sensibilities—not just the latest design fads. Renovation should always start with the things that you’re passionate about. If you’re a fan of comic books and superhero movies, there’s no reason why your outdoor space can’t be a place to celebrate it. In fact, a whole world of design ideas are out there to inspire you. Need proof? Here are three fabulous backyard renovation ideas for the comic book nerd in all of us.

Start With Your Backdrop

Superheroes love to hang out on rooftops. It’s a great way to keep watch over the city or get a little fresh air after a hard day of fighting crime. But even if your backyard is on the first floor, you can still capture the rush of being a hundred floors up. Use your wooden privacy fence as a canvas for creating a cityscape mural. You can even lay false brick part way up to add to the illusion of being on the roof of a skyscraper. Don’t forget to add a ton of familiar landmarks into your comic-inspired skyline, like the Daily Bugle or the Avengers’ headquarters. Blick even sells this Chroma Acrylic Mural Paint that can stand up to harsh elements like heat and moisture but is also non-toxic so you don’t have to worry about your Superdog or Thundercat getting into trouble.

Hulk Out Your Pool Lighting

You definitely don’t want to leave your swimming pool in the Fortress of Solitude when it comes time to give the backyard a kryptonite-fueled redesign. In fact, the pool will mostly likely become the centerpiece, but it all starts with finding the right lighting. Good pool lighting isn’t just about safety. It’s also about creating a distinct mood at your next party, barbecue or backyard comic convention. If you have the latter in mind, you can’t go wrong with InTheSwim’s solar powered underwater light show. The six multicolored lights are ready made for a comic-themed event. They even have a built-in hanger if you need a little extra light outside of the pool. And with eight hours of power on a single charge, you’ll have just enough time to watch all three “Iron Man” movies.

Add a Touch of DIY

When it comes to creative renovations, thinking outside the box often means doing it yourself. It can definitely create more work, but it also heightens your sense of satisfaction when the project comes together. Instead of buying expensive lawn furniture, consider recycling some old chairs and giving them a DIY-makeover. With a stack of old comics and a can of of decoupage you can easily recreate these colorful and vibrant chairs. They perfectly capture the spirit of the theme and will be perfect to include in your loungey, outdoor comic book reading room. They’ll also make the perfect sidekick to this super awesome “Bam!” rug. Holy Comic Themed Backyard, Batman!


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